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Epilogue: In my field of paper flowers

It had been at least a month since the final battle. Peace had returned to fuedal Japan, though battles still came and went between humans.

Sango was planning on marrying Miroku in the spring, neither of them could wait. Sango had known for a while that she had had feelings for the lecherous Monk, but for a while she had cast them aside. It wasn't until he had laid dying after using his wind tunnel to save Sango and her brother after he had been warned that his next time would surely kill him that she had realised how much she truly cared. Sango had kissed him, preying that he would pull through, that he'd be alright. It seemed that the gods really had been listening to her for once. The newly engaged demon slayer had come from loosing nearly all her family, to falling in love and saving her little brother Kohaku from a notorious half-demon.

Shippo stayed in the village, helping Kaede mostly, but still assisting his friends and family in any way he could. The little Kitsune had really grown up since his first encounter with Kagome and InuYasha.

As for the young priestess, she had been able to continue travelling back and forth between the two times. Kagome had made a promise to Kikyou that she would protect the Shikon-no-tama, and she planned on keeping that promise. As the newly appointed gardian of the jewell, it did mean she had higher responsibilities to forfill, as well as expectations from the villagers. Kagome had forced herself to train harder, and she was slowly getting better. Though not perfect with her bow and arrow, she had made a massive improvement, and was far more accurate in aim than ever before.

InuYasha still remained close by, notebly close to Kagome. The villagers would watch the two as they spent time together and it reminded them of a bond that had formed between the half-demon and their previous Miko, Kikyou. Their relationship had ended in tragedy, and they could only hope that this new one would not meet the same doom. Something inside them however, had told them that it was different this time round. The half-demon and Miko from the future seemed to truly trust eachother, and though there were still the occasional arguements between the two, they really did seem to genuinely care for one another. Their priestess, Kagome, loved the half-demon as he was, and the villagers knew, that no matter how kind and excepting of InuYasha Kikyou had been, she had still desired for him to become human for her. This was something they knew Kagome would never ask for him to do, and they knew how much he appreciated that in return.

For now, life had returned to normal in the fuedal era.

-Kagome's time-

About a week after the battle, Kagome had returned to her own time. She couldn't wait to see her family again, though she wasn't so sure how they'd take the news of her near death experience or the fact that she was responsible for protecting the Shikon jewell and an entire village.

They had taken it okay though, sure she could have done without her gramp's ranting and her mother's pestering but she knew that they only did that because they cared for her, because they worried. Kagome loved them so much for that.

Kagome was currently reading an epic novel under the shade of a Sakura blossom tree. She tuned out the hustle and noise of the city of Tokyo and concerntrated on reading her book, though true to say her mind was else where.

" I wonder how everyone's doing " Kagome thought as she casually flicked through a couple of pages.

" I've been gone nearly a week now, I hope their all okay. I will have to go back soon, I have a village to protect now, and I want the villagers to know that I'm gonna give it 101, even if it means I come back here to my own time once in a while. I mean, as big a duties as I have there, I do still have a family here to. "

Kagome put her book down, and gently rested her head on the trunk of the tree, closing her eyes. There was a slight breeze that gently tossed her hair, smoothly caressing her face. Kagome enjoyed the feeling as she began to relax in the park air.

Her mind started to wonder with thoughts of InuYasha. He had hardly left her side after the incident, as they liked to call it. Generally, everyone just wanted to forget the horrors of that day but they were still fresh in both Kagome's and InuYasha's minds. InuYasha had explained to her how truly scared he had been that day, how afraid he was of loosing her. Kagome was pleased he told her that, it showed that he really did care for her. She couldn't stand the thought of leaving or loosing InuYasha herself, and told him so aswell.

Kagome loved having InuYasha with her, even with the occasional bickering. It was like they could enjoy eachother's company without feeling uncomftable or worried about the prying eyes of their friends. Kagome did have the job of keeping demons out of the way now. Kagome chuckled lightly. She knew no demon would ever find its way within a hundred yards of her, InuYasha would always get them to them first, keeping Kagome out of harms way. Infact, InuYasha had was always there with her when she went out patrolling the village outskirts, never letting her out of his sight. Though she was thankful and pleased at his protectiveness, it did get a little annoying at times, but only sometimes. Kagome really did just enjoy being by InuYasha's side while he stayed by hers. Kagome really did love him.

Kagome sat up from under her spot leaning on the tree. She stretched her arms high, before standing up and making her way steadily out of the park. The breeze was still there, and Sakura blossoms were falling all around her, mingling a little with her hair, creating an astonishing contrast of pink and black.

Kagome heard and noise from behind her, a slight russle. It scared her for a moment, but the fear dissolved when she spied a spot of deep red mixed in with the branches of the tree she had been laying on. She smiled, glanced back over her shoulder one last time, before picking up her bike from by the swings and wheeling it towards the gate.

From behind her, a golden eyed figure watched over her intently. His keen eyes hadn't left her form since she'd first sat under the tree. He wasn't about to let anything happen to Kagome ever again.

InuYasha thought to himself. Sure maybe he was being a little over-protective but who could blame him? He'd almost lost Kagome a few days ago and he wasn't going to forget it too soon. That whole experience, though terrifying for him, had taught him to appreciate what he had with Kagome. He knew he wouldn't take her being with him for granted anymore and valued every second he had with her now. InuYasha was happy being able to spend as much time with her as he was, keeping her out of danger and helping her with her new Miko duties. Kagome seemed to enjoy his company as much as he did hers too. That made him happier than he'd been since he got her back, saved her from certain death. He hoped that bastard Naraku would rot in hell for what he tried to do.

As InuYasha watched Kagome wheel her bike away, wind tossing her hair gently and mixing it with the falling blossom, InuYasha couldn't help but think how he'd never seen anything more beautiful in such a long time. He himself knew now, that he loved Kagome. He had loved Kikyou, a part of him always would, but Kagome was the one infront of him now, not Kikyou.

InuYasha made a silent promise to himself, as he watched Kagome turn round and look up at his spot on the tree, then smile to herself. He smiled in turn, as he watched her retreating figure walk steadily back towards the shrine she lived at. He jumped down to a lower, more visable and stronger brach and continued to watch Kagome until she dissapeared from view. He then made his way back toward the well at the shrine himself, awaiting her return as usual.

He smiled once again to himself, as he replayed his promise to Kagome inside his head.

" I promise I'll never leave you Kagome. I promise I'll always be by your side, for as long as we both live, for as long as you let me. Just as you have always done for me. "


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