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As the World Falls Down

Chapter One

I'm terrified. It's a hard thing to admit, especially when you live in a Nation that has gone through nothing but war. We've all lost so many people-myself giving a mother, an unborn sibling, my uncle and three cousins to the list of casualties in this war-and the single threat that we could all be attacked and die in a single moment has been common knowledge since I was able to walk. Then why is something that should be considered an honor bringing fear to my heart?

My name is Katara-princess of the Southern Water Tribe, and in two months, marking my seventeenth birthday, I am to announce an engagement to a man found acceptable to my people. But in these times of war, the selections aren't as abundant as they used to be. When I was four, I had been promised to the seven year old prince of the Northern Water Tribe, Amorak. I had grown up hearing his name, and it had become a comfort zone, knowing that among the lowering population that I wouldn't be forced to marry anyone. In my eyes, Amorak was my hero. Finding true love was hard now days, because everyone was too fearful of losing their partner. Yet I was fortunate enough to be spared the search. Or had been.

Two years ago, a meeting had been arranged-one between Amorak and I. It's very rare that any of the different tribes have an opportunity to meet, and since our marriage was set for my sixteenth birthday, they thought it would be best for the two of us to meet once before; to get an understanding of each other. I spent the three weeks waiting for his arrival on the edge of my wits. What would he think of me? Would he be arrogant? Does he love someone else? Will he love me? When the ship finally docked, I did my best to keep up formality rather than strain for a site of him on my tip toes like the little kids and young girls. The second my eyes caught sight of him, I felt my heart leap into my throat. I didn't even have to speak with him-I knew from the very moment I saw his face that he was all that I had heard.

At the age of eighteen, he was a well-defined soldier-it was almost obvious that it was the crowned-prince of the Northern Tribe by the mere aura he seemed to give off. His face was well defined, and I couldn't deny the fact that he was gorgeous. I could hear some of the other girls from my tribe sighing softly and blushing if it seemed he had glanced in their direction, only causing our young warriors to either look at him with jealousy and contempt or sheer awe. And when he turned to face me, or eyes locking, I froze inside. What was I supposed to do? Should I speak or shake hands? Was it the Northern custom to go down onto my knees and bow at his feet?

Before I had a chance to even attempt at improvising, he had turned his attention to my father, bowing at his waist in greeting before straightening up.

"King Hakoda, it is an honor to be welcomed so warmly into the Southern Tribe," Amorak had greeted with a smile that showed he meant every bit of what he said.

"It is an honor that you have made this journey here," my father responded before gesturing to myself and my brother, Sokka, introducing him first before turning to me. I can't help but clam up again, wondering if Amorak feels as awkward as I do. After all, I had no idea what he had been told about me. For all I knew, I was a disappointment to him.

Either way, he didn't have a chance to really find out. Within moments we were torn away from each other as he was led off to the war room to discuss each of our Tribe's current standings against the Fire Nation. Both of our Tribes had tried in several occasions for the aid of the Earth Kingdom and Air Nomads. Unfortunately, the Earth Kingdom was in the middle of natural disasters-a famine had struck and the nation was slowly starving. We would have helped if it wasn't for the fact that our only source of food wasn't seal and fish-both things that spoil quickly in the humid climate of the Earth Kingdom. As for the Air Nomads, they lived far too peaceful and considered their spirituality higher that helping us in some war that didn't concern them. A war that not even our people remember how it started; only we know that it was through a deception of the Fire Nation.

For the entire week and a half of Amorak's stay, I didn't get any opportunity to be alone with him-which, I had foolishly thought, was the point of his visit-until the last night.

That night he came into my room. The guard's had let him through immediately, and I couldn't deny the fact that I was in complete shock that he was there. Sometimes it felt like he was a figment of my imagination, something I had made up in an attempt to make this terrible world feel safer.

I barely heard his knock, and when I opened the door, I nearly dropped the brush I held. His mouth was half open, as if he had something on his mind. He seemed hesitant to speak at first, but when he did, I was lost in his voice.

"Are you disappointed?"

He spoke carefully, as if he was uncertain of which words to use. This surprised me. He had been so sure of himself before-stood so tall before the elders of my tribe. Why was he acting almost nervous by me? Then I realized that this was a first for him too. He hadn't married before, either, and was probably thinking the same thoughts I was-would we be able to be together, to not spend each day avoiding each other?

"No," I answered, although I myself was not positive. After all, we hadn't had an actual chance to talk. "Are you?"

Sighing, he stepped away from my door before shaking his head. "I am not. I just don't know what to think. The whole point of this traveling was for me to get to know you. The only thing I've done here is talk about the war and plan attacks." He paused, as if unsure whether or not there was anything left to say. "And I leave tomorrow morning. I only have a few minutes to stay here before I must pack and get things into order."

My heart nearly broke. I'm sure it skipped several beats. I had known he wouldn't be staying long, but I had hoped at least for enough time to get to know him a little bit. And even with that knowledge, we said nothing. Instead, we sat in silence, occasionally asking questions-meaningless things that would in turn be the world to me. I was still amazed that someone so strong, a man so well spoken of in bravery when it came to the war, could come across as so nervous when he was speaking to me.

Before I knew it he was standing up, telling me how unfortunate it was that he had to leave. Nodding silently, feeling a numbness coming over me, I wondered how I could last not having a chance to speak with him until our wedding. Standing up to walk him to the door, a custom out of politeness, I smiled weakly as I watched him leave, his back straight and ridged while my guards bowed towards him.

I didn't sleep that night. I lay awake, wondering how long it would be until the sun rose-how long until I had to give a formal goodbye. All the things I should have asked him while he was here flew through my mind. Why had I frozen when I had had the chance?

It took eons for the light of the sun to slowly raise across the tundra. Dawn. I knew that soon, he would be leaving. Putting on my boots quickly, never having changed into my night clothing anyways, I raced throughout the corridors of the ice palace until I saw where his ship was docked. Amorak stood by my father much like the first day of his arrival, only this time these were the handshakes of men who had now become well acquainted. Acquainted in ways that I wish I had had the chance to speak with him.

I stood frozen to the ground when he spotted me, his icy blue eyes meeting with my own. He courteously nodded to my father before walking towards me.

"So...I guess that these past weeks have been totally pointless."

I quickly shook my head, shocked that he would even suggest something like that. "No...I mean, I've spent years wondering what you were like and whether everything I've heard was just some sort of fairy tale. Now I know it's real, and that it's not going to be torn away from me just because one day I decided to wake up. I just have to wait a year for it to come together."

At that moment I was certain a flash of understanding crept into his eyes, almost as if he had been left to thinking the same thing.

"It won't be long," he promised me, although I knew it was an attempt to make me feel better-more sure of it all. And then he sealed those words with a quick kiss to the cheek. Such contact was rare among our people. Our usual affection was to the extent hugs.

And then he was gone. With one long year until the two of us would be married.

It took one month to tear down all those dreams, because that was how long it took to get a messenger boat to the South Pole. How long it took to get past the recently established barricade the Fire Nation had made with its ship-the barricade that had led to the sinking of Prince Amorak's fleet-and the death of all on board.

That was the day that I stopped believing there was an escape from this war, a chance for happiness.

Katara felt her eyes fly when she heard the sudden knock on her door. Groaning, she clenched her eyes tightly, wanting nothing more than to burrow back into bed. She had been up late the previous night-there had been word that a single Fire Nation vessel was making it's way towards the South Pole, only a day or so off. What shocked them most was that it hadn't been a fleet like last time. It had been spotted by a scouting boat, which the ship had no chances of catching up to it with a Waterbender on the board. They had gotten back in minutes. Several hours of planning had been in order, and while she normally would have been going about her day already, it had put her back on her rest.

"Yes?" she asked groggily, trying to clear her throat.

"Don't tell me Miss Rise-and-Shine is still in bed."

The moment she heard that particular voice, Katara couldn't help but laugh. Pushing back the covers, she pulled on some clothes before opening the door to greet one of her closest friends-Jet. He was from the Earth Kingdom, but during a search for Water Tribe refugees, his family had been killed by the Fire Nation. 'That is how far the hatred between the Nations have come,' Katara thought with a cringe, always feeling an extended guilt every time she saw him. 'The Firebenders were horrible enough to kill innocent bystanders to get rid of us.'

But there was never anything innocent about the war.

After losing his family, he had been quick to get away from there, in search of any place to call home. When some Water Tribe warriors saw the 12 year old boy he was at the time, they took pity on him and brought him to the South Pole. While most from the Earth Kingdom chose to stay out of the fight, using the warring nations as an advantage-selling their services to the highest bidder-he instead dove right into it. He even trained to be a member of the army and eventually was placed into Katara's guard a year ago. He was the only member of the Royal Guard who wasn't of the Water Tribe-and even more astonishing, the only one who wasn't a bender. He was so fiery and passionate in his fighting; no one ever questioned his motives. They all trusted him one hundred percent.

Before he had joined her guard, they had met together, him being someone she could talk to when everyone was too busy focusing on the war. He had been the one to help her get out of her stupor when Amorak died-when no one else knew how to stop her crying or bring her from her shell.

"What was that about Rise-and-Shine?"

"Oh, you heard me. And you know what I'm talking about."

On days when he wasn't training, Jet usually enjoyed his afternoons by sleeping-an activity that Katara usually ruined by waking him up. "I'm sorry if I was up all night while listening to instructions about what we're supposed to do if a direct invasion does happen."

The last raid the Water Tribe had been entirely unready for. In all the confusion she had lost both her mother, the child she had in her womb, as well as other relatives. An attack led by Lu Ten, son of the General Iroh. Not two seconds later he had been killed by my own enraged father. The blow was hard. It wasn't uncommon for those of royal decent to not last long. In fact, in any such attack, they were targeted first. Just seven months ago they had returned the favor to the Fire Nation. Fire Lord Ozai had been killed at the hands of her own brother-even with his lack of waterbending, Sokka had managed to deliver a final blow to one of the most reputed Firebenders in the world.

"You mean all that old news?" Jet yawned as if it bored him. "Yeah, we were briefed in this morning. Rumor has it that their Prince Zuko is among the soldiers of the fleet headed our way."

Katara let out a most unladylike snort, finding complete disbelief in the statement. "Don't tell me that you're suggesting their royalty actually does more than hide behind walls?"

For that was where Sokka had succeeded in killing Ozai. Both her brother and father had fought on the front lines-thankfully the two had lived to tell the tale as well. None of the Fire Nation's direct heirs had ever been known to step out from the comfort of their stone palace. In fact, if she wasn't female, she would be out there as well. Outside of a few waterbending tactics she had picked up from watching the warriors and the healing classes she had taken, she knew nothing of combat. This was because females from the Water Tribe were not allowed to step into a battle unless they were there for the purpose of healing.

"Yes. I've even heard tales that they know how to dress themselves, too."

"Scandalous! So they're not complete barbarians? My whole beliefs in society are changed here," Katara feigned shock, putting a hand to her chest.

Grinning, Jet shook his head. "And people say Waterbenders are mindless beings unable to show any emotion whatsoever."

While the legend did have a basis, it really wasn't fair for everyone to say that they were emotionless. Sure, they didn't cry much. It did become uncomfortable, however, when the tears would freeze to their eyes. Instead they had learned to suppress it.

"Ha. Ha. Ha," came Katara's sarcastic reply as the two headed out of her room. "So where are we off to now? Am I stuck for another day of boredom watching you swing around your hooks and act like you know what you're doing?" she teased.

In all truth, she loved watching him fight. Besides her brother and father, he was the one soldier she worried about every second of the day-wondering if he would one day be forced to die, to die for her, as so many soldiers had been led to die for the Royals. That was not exactly what she wanted her best friend's fate to be.

"Unfortunately, no. Apparently, with this growing threat, all leaders of the Royal Guard are required to report to their respective charge. No one is sure when the Fire Nation ships will dock, so we're on standby until then. All other guards are required in training, so as to be prepared for a surprise attack."

The way he said it made the situation seem real to Katara. More than it had before. People were going to die. That was something she had grown up with, but she wasn't sure if she was ready for it again. She had learned not to grieve as each ship arrived with the bodies of their fallen. But how would she respond to it being on her home land, just like that day when it had ripped so much of her apart? It had been all she could handle, losing her mother like that, along with her unborn sibling. And when she had lost Amorak...that had been the moment she realized there was nothing more than death in the world. Hope was an illusion.

"Do you think they'll succeed this time? That they'll kill us all?"

It had been a thought, but somehow she had voiced it. She found her eyes widening in shock, slowly glancing towards Jet. Knowing him, he would be insulted at her suggestion that they couldn't handle it.

But he didn't. Instead his expression was blank for once, all except for his eyes. One glance told her all she needed to know...he understood. Even the mask he wore out of requirement of all soldiers couldn't hide the fact that he was scared of dying, too. No answer was needed, and he seemed to understand that she had caught the look as well. They chose instead to walk silently through the city. Their fur boots didn't even make a sound against the snow-a fresh layer hadn't fallen for over a week and all of it had been packed to make one with the ice below.

Walking in front of the worried people, however, made her feel uncomfortable. Even in times like these they couldn't seem to stop their gossip. Ever since Prince Amorak had died, there had been rumors floating around about who Princess Katara would marry now. And most of those led to talk of her and Jet. Now that there was no legible male royalty in the Water Tribe left, why not the mysterious boy who had made a shocking leap forward in the army? He had become the very same princess' personal Royal Guard after her past one was sent as Captain of her father's Guard. That why Jet had previously stated 'leaders' of the Royal Guard, because even though he was her personal Guard, he hadn't been named Captain. Yet. It was only a matter of time, since there were hardly any other legible choices. She was under the impression it took a while only because it made it seem like they had a hard choice among men, when in reality that variety was slimming down. They had lost the majority of their skilled warriors.

Her father's Captain of 14 years had died three weeks ago, shocking everyone. It was rare for anyone's military career to last that long, but in the eyes of the Water Tribe he had been dubbed immortal. How wrong they were. In the case of an invasion, it was her Guard's job to ensure her safety, and if they were all that was left, it was Jet who led her off to escape while the rest stayed behind, slowing the enemy as best as they could.

Just the idea that it would come to that sent chills up her spine.

In the beginning the two had laughed off the rumors. They were best friends, why did everyone think that had to lead to more? But as the years had went on, Jet had stopped laughing. So had she. The reality was that most likely, he would be the one she would marry. She couldn't claim that she was horrified by the idea, either. Not many had a chance to marry someone they were close to, and since he was a high ranking soldier, there was no question that he was suitable-possibly more of a match for her than anyone. Still, there was no denying the fear. If he died, she wouldn't just lose her husband-she would lose her best friend.

That was also only if he wanted it. She had to agree on someone soon, and while they had discussed it on occasion, they always set the topic aside in laughter, as if the day would never truly come. In all actuality, it was very near. That thought itself was enough to drive her mad. She didn't want to be married yet, but it was a necessity. Because times of war were when an heir from all royals was needed, no matter which spot in line they were. Princess Yue, Amorak's younger sister, had been betrothed to Sokka a mere month after her brother's death. Since Amorak, the eldest male Royal, wasn't alive to marry her, the next older male, her own brother, was then set to engage the next eligible one from the North. A year ago, around the time Jet had joined her guard, they had been married.

It was a quick wedding on Earth Kingdom territory-no one dared to get through the Fire Nation blockade. Once this war was over...if it ever ended...they had agreed to have a proper ceremony. By the Spirits' will, Katara would do anything in her power to make this happen. Sokka deserved some happiness after all this. The married couple, however, was only together a total month throughout the year. It was their time to get to know each other, and for Sokka to train in the ways of the Northern Tribe-if anything happened to Chief Arnooks youngest son, Kota, that meant that Sokka would be Chief. And that Katara would be left to rule the Southern Tribe with her husband.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Huh?" Katara asked, glancing up quickly.

Jet grinned, ruffling his hair slightly. For someone who wasn't born in the South Pole, he really liked to show off, proving that he could handle the cold. His parka hood was off his head while his gloves hung out of his pocket. Even Sokka thought he was crazy, and she knew for a fact Jet was cold. He just didn't like the constrictions of the fur outfits. That was his only regret about leaving the Earth Kingdom, as he said; having to wear these bulky clothes.

"You have that face-that one where your eyebrows get all scrunched up and you look like a Wild Hog Monkey."

Katara found her jaw dropping. She knew it was an insult, even if she had never seen a Hog Monkey before. Wondering whether to dump a bunch of snow on his head or swat at him, Katara quickly chose the latter. Now wasn't the time for a full-out snow fight that she knew he couldn't win, even if it was a boost to her ego. Maybe later.

"This coming from a guy who thinks anything not having to do with fighting tactics is a waste of time. Sorry if I bore you."

"What makes you think you bore me?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "You're quite possibly the only person here who doesn't try talking politics to me as if it's actually fascinating."

Katara had to give him that. She had seen several Captains of different branches try to engage him in his opinion on the different situations of the war, especially covering areas about food and what he thought the Earth Kingdom would be willing to take in exchange for services in the war. Jet, in this moment, could only be seen nodding a lot. People seemed to forget it had been seven years since he had come to the South Pole and he wouldn't know the status of the country anymore.

Jaw dropping, Katara feigned yet another look of shock for the day. "If I don't know any better, I'd say that the stubborn, self-absorbed Jet just gave me a compliment."

"Self-absorbed? Is that really the description you have in mind regarding one of your faithful soldiers who has sworn to die for you if it comes down to it?"

Frowning, Katara averted her eyes. "Thanks, as if I needed to hear that right now."

A look of sincere apology crossed Jet's face. "Sorry, I was joking."

"Well, one would think you'd come up with a better joke when there is a fleet of Fire Nation vessels prepared to dock in less than two days. I don't need to think about the fact that you could die, and that it would be because of me."

"Dying for you is the way I've wanted to go since I was fourteen. It's much more honorable than being a twelve year old brat who was wandering throughout the streets of his charred city, slowly starving to death. Besides, you're kind of pretty, too. I could have ended up with some ugly charge and have to lie to her constantly about how beautiful she is."

Katara blushed slightly but found herself smacking his arm once again, knowing it wouldn't cause any damage through the layers of clothing.

"That was another compliment!"

"Yes, but you didn't have to word it that way." For a fleeting moment, she wondered if Amorak had thought so-had thought she was pretty. Worth dying for. That was not how she wanted to be thought of, but for some reason she never seemed to get that off her mind. What could have been, had Amorak not died.

Had he not died, her brother would not be married to the Princess Yue, who he always managed to bring up in conversations. Did Yue think the same things that Katara did of Amorak? Katara definitely couldn't help but to feel sorry for the girl. They would get along for sure, if they have had a chance to talk. She couldn't help but think how nice it would be to have a sister. She was always stuck around men besides her Gran Gran, who was great company. She was just too old to do much of anything, which Katara knew was hard.

"Fine! Katara, you are very pretty and it is a pleasure serving under you. There. You happy now?" he scowled, rolling his eyes as if she had been the one being immature.

"In that case, thank you. But if you do die, I'll never forgive you," she smiled, and he returned it.

What had the world come to that they could talk too easily about death? Katara knew it was right to joke about such things, that they might just happen. But her whole life was death, and there was no way to escape it. For all she knew, tomorrow she could be dead. Or her brother, father, Gran-Gran, and Jet. Maybe that was why the elusive Prince Zuko had finally come out of hiding. To get revenge for his father.

"I'd like to see him try," she muttered to herself, before blushing at the estranged look Jet shot her. "What?"

"You are such a dork. Everyone's going to think you're insane if they hear you babbling to yourself like that," he snorted.

"Well aren't you just plain charming," Katara grumbled, shoving a stray strand of hair out of her vision.

"They don't call me Jet the Lady Wooer for nothing..."

Katara was unable to contain her sudden burst of laughter. "Ha! That's something you can only dream about, no girl in their right mind would-"

"Princess Katara!" their conversation was interrupted as a lower level guard raced towards them, eyes wide. Had it been a regular messenger, he would have been out of breath, but he had trained well enough to keep up his pace. "Chief Hakoda has requested your presence in the War Room. Immediately."

In that moment, she found herself freezing entirely. She was very rarely called into the War Room. She couldn't even remember the last time her father had requested her presence there.

Hurrying back towards the Royal Quarters, Jet easily matching her stride, she burst into the War Room in a mere 3 minutes. Immediately her eyes sought for her father's.

"What's going on?" she asked, a familiar sense of fear rising in her stomach.

Glancing at Sokka, Hakoda took a deep breath. "The Fire Nation vessel is approaching faster than anticipated. Our calculations aren't positive, because their ships are made out of iron rather than our wood-but they could arrive in just a few hours."

This comment alone was enough to send chills down her spine. Frowning towards her father, she rose a questioning eyebrow. "How can they be...there's no way they could go that fast..."

"Unless they had an advancement in technology," Sokka read her mind. That would be bad enough, thinking that they had fire and an array of weapons. Something about the look passed between father and son, however, made her think there was more.

"What?" she wondered, could be worse than that.

"That," Hakoda paused. "Or they have a little inside help."

"Katara," Sokka finished for their father. "We think there might be some Waterbenders on board."

There was nothing that could stop Katara's spluttering before she shook her head. "How do you know-there's no way that..."

Her thoughts were cut off, however, as a young soldier, probably entering his first days of training, burst into the room. His appearance caused an uproar amongst the guards, claiming his entrance to be unacceptable when addressing the Chief. Hakoda, however, raised his hand to calm them down.

"What is it?" he asked slowly.

The bow immediately bowed his head, taking in deep breaths. "Forgive me, Chief Hakoda. Some scouts returned and they have a Fire Nation messenger with them. He wishes to speak to you."

Wondering what else could possibly happen in that day, the Chief nodded to his guards before the Royal Family took off towards the dock where there were at least seven soldiers surrounding a man clad in red.

"While we were keeping an eye on the enemy vessel, a boat was dropped down, containing four Fire Nation solders and this messenger. He said he was sent to relay a message to you from the soon to be Fire Lord Zuko."

Said messenger had both hands tied behind his back to ward off any firebending. His disheveled robes suggested that he had been searched for weapons.

"Chief Hakoda," the man nodded awkwardly, as if he wasn't sure how to address royalty of the Water Tribe. "My Prince has requested that I speak his message, and then be sent back with your response."

Nodding once, the messenger was prodded to continue. "Prince Zuko, heir to the throne, has requested that himself, three advisers, and eight guards be permitted to dock. He wishes to have a conference with the Royal Family and your counsel. All other soldiers will stay boarded and your army is expected to keep watch over the ship. That is all I was asked to speak."

Frowning, Hakoda closed his eyes, as if trying to decide what could come of this. Asking for the Royal Family, the whole Royal Family, to arrive was suspicious. Inside, however, he couldn't help but wonder if this would be helpful in the long run. He had almost no choice but to agree. "Fine, you may go, following all in that agreement. You men, take him back to his ship."

Everyone, including the messenger, seemed to be in shock that he had decided to go along with the plan.

"F-father?" Sokka spluttered, eyes as large as saucers when Hakoda came to speak to them separately.

"There's no time to discuss my decision. Right now I want your guards organized. I must speak to the generals. Gather your Royal Guard and make sure all members are ready to report at the Fire Prince's arrival. Meanwhile, I would like each of you to dress appropriately, a meeting like this hasn't happened in years and I won't have my family dressed in a way that could lead to mockery by the Fire Nation."

With that and a supportive grin, their father left, patting them each on the head like children as he headed towards the barracks.

"Great," Katara muttered, walking with Jet, Sokka, and his personal guard Fiku, towards their quarters.

"I know," Sokka joked, grinning brightly. "What will I wear?"

Katara responded by sending a shot of snow into his face.

"Haha, very mature of you Katara. So princess like!" the taunts followed her, and she smiled to herself while she heard Jet snickering beside her. Her brother liked to be the serious warrior, and was very good at what he had trained to do. He could still be such a doofus.

Name: Prince Amorak
Age: 18 (deceased)
Nation: Northern Water Tribe
Bender: No
Hair: Dark brown, kept longer but the typical ponytail.
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5' 10"
Anime Lookalike: None as of yet, he's one of the few I
haven't thought a character for. If anyone gets any ideas,
don't be afraid to suggest someone. I love having a face
to refer to when writing a character.
Background: Amorak was once the crowned prince of the
Northern Water Tribe until he was killed by a Fire Nation
attack on his ship. He was set to marry Katara,
Princess of the Southern Tribe. Years ago there was
an assassination attempt on him that failed
when his younger brother instead was poisoned.