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The snow was lightly falling around Konohagakure. The holidays were just around the corner as everyone was in the festive mood.

A scream cuts through the normal babble of the town.

"Oi, Sakura chan, SAKURA CHAN!!"

Naruto was practically on the verge of tears. While the pink haired kunoichi was in a fit of giggles, dodging in out of the trees of a very familiar training ground. What could be making Naruto so obsessed you ask? Well, Sakura managed to a sneak a free serving of ramen from Naruto ( his pride and joy ). He's now on a wild goose-chase to retrieve it.

"Oh, pleeeaase Sakura chan, I'll do anything!!! Just please give it back."

UMPH. Sakura has come to a complete stop, slighting hiding behind a tree.

"Uh, Sakura, why did you stop running?"

"Oh, Naruto just look at them." He did look then he faced Sakura. She had a look of yearning in her face.

"Sakura, it's just some people who are just showing affection for eachother."

It was a guy and a girl. They looked in love and couldn't keep their eyes off of each other, or their hands for that matter.

Sigh "Why can't I have that Naruto?"

"Ummm…" He seemed troubled by her question. He went to a nearby tree and slid down the base to the ground, to think over her question. Sakura followed and mimicked his actions. The ramen was forgotten.



"How did you know Hinata was the "one"? You know, how did you know she was the one you wanted to be with."

He let out a sigh of relief, expecting worse.

He proceeded with a little smirk, and a look like he was thinking of something precious to him.

"Hinata, she had this air about her that attracted me, and then once I got a taste I couldn't stop. I became addicted and just couldn't get my fix. She was in my head 24/7 and wanted nothing more than to be with her every second." He looked at her with a cheesy grin. "I guess thats how I knew."

Sakura looked at him and just couldn't help but smile too.

"I can tell, whenever you're around her, you act a little different. And the way you look at her, it's like she's the only one their".

"I do? Hmmm..I never noticed." He answered scratching his head. "Sakura I'm sure you'll find the right guy. Or girl, whatever you're in to." He began to grin from ear to ear and chuckled to himself.

"Thank y-" it took her a split second for her to realize what he had just suggested. A perturbed look formed on her face. "NARUTO!!! You little weirdo!"

She cocked back her arm ready to punch a scared Naruto in the face.

"Oh, oh Sakura chan, it was just a joke. Please don't."

"AGH!!! Sakura it was just a joke." he said with a whimper.

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