Rejection of the precious


She slapped her lover's face, a hollow sound echoing throughout the rooms of the small house. His face fell slant wards and a red hand mark was present on his tanned cheek. Holding her silky hand, she rubbed her fingers tenderly, a twinge of pain glistening in her dark and heavy eyes. Tears slid down her pale complexion and she looked up from the ground to her husband. The man's usually warm and carefree feeling in his orbs was long gone. She could no longer find any solitude in those eyes; for they only filled her with sorrow.

"Goku," she began in a gentle, yet trembling tone. "I c-can't do …this. No. Not anymore."

Her partner, the one she vowed to always love, nodded numbly.

"You're always gone," she then pointed out. "You're either training or fishing, and I feel like I'm withering slowly and alone under this depression."

"Chi-chi…" Goku muttered her name under his breath softly. He then went to take her hand, but she pulled it back viciously like he was poison. "I love you," he eventually confessed, still using a hushed tone. "I don't know what I would do without you. In the short time we've been married I've felt this bond between us grow stronger and stronger. I could never love anyone or anything as much as I care for you. Please Chi…"

Her eyes darted back down to the floor like magnets. "I wish…" Finding enough courage to let go of her pride, she let another droplet trek down her skin. "I wish that I could believe you, Goku. I wish we could forget about this night and begin again. I wish that I could see myself with you for years to come. But even these wishes aren't able to be granted by the Dragonballs, Goku. These wishes are just little specks of hope, specks that will never be reality."

"Please, I can-"

"You can what, Goku? You can change?" a sadistic laugh escaped her rosy lips. "If I had a zennie for every time someone said that to me…" She sighed quietly. "I've had plenty of guys interested, but I turned them all down. Because I knew you, Goku, had promised your heart to me. But that was only because you had misunderstood what I had said, and was idiotic enough to think marriage was some kind of food! My heart shattered that day. The day you told me that you hadn't really proposed to me."

"But," he protested, his voice desperate. "But then, on that stage in front of everyone, I did propose to you, for real. And then you said yes! We were soon married and moved to this cosy house your father had built for us."

"Yes," Chi-chi agreed. "I love you, Goku, I honestly do. In the four months we have been together I can honestly say I've never felt so protected. But if you love me as much as I love you then you'd let me go." She then gracefully took his hands and stared up into the man's empty, hurting eyes. "Let me go, Goku. Let me go…"

The young man swallowed the lump at the back of his throat. He went to speak but only a stuttering noise was released. He then went to nod but only a tear fell. His face scrunched up as more salty drippings slipped from his orbs, powerful hands unconsciously squeezing her fragile ones tighter.

Leaning up on the tips of her toes, Chi-chi pressed her lips against his. Knowing he found satisfaction in the sweet kiss, she deepened it. She began to slide her fingers out of his slowly and elegantly, before wrapping her arms around his neck. Her lover's own arms were around her slim waist. Eventually, she pulled back gently and wiped away the remains of his tears.

"Thank you…" she whispered caringly. "There will be a part of me that will always love you."

He stayed silent, and embraced her for what to him seemed a fleeting moment. When she pulled away, he realised there was no point in her wiping his cheeks dry. But when she left, he was glad she did, for he would never feel those delicate fingers caress his skin again.

This isn't really a G/CC, but I needed to start the story with the couple. I was kind of worried when I did this chapter too, I've never done romance before. This story is about Gohan, then followed by Goku. If I could have a third character I would pick Chi-Chi, but I can't so hey. But if anybody knows me then they would know I wouldn't really write about any other character other than Gohan. Anyway, thanks for all the reviews so far on 'A Hero's Time Warp', I'm surprised how popular it's become. I just hope this story is just as popular!