Rejection of the precious

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Chapter eleven... Whether the Weather

Gohan shuffled uncomfortably under the hot rays of the sun. For the last three days, the weather had been unbalanced and had been a mixture of rain, sun, wind and even sleet. He had no idea what time it was, but guessed it to be around mid afternoon. His dragon friend was off scavenging for food, and had left a while ago whilst the good weather lasted.

The only person he had ever spoken to in these passing months was the dragon. Considering the dragon wasn't a very good conversationalist, his world became that bit more anti-social. Time had shifted so slowly that the short time he had spent with his father before being isolated in the middle of nowhere became blurred, and he could not remember certain parts of conversations they had shared.

In fact, the only time Gohan could remember his father's face was when he glared at his own reflection in the nearby stream. His sharper eyes were just lifeless copies of his father's, and his hair had the same colour, wildness and liveliness. They even shared the same expression when angry –flushed cheeks, dark and violent eyes with teeth bearing.

Gohan wondered if they had the same smile or the same frown –or going as far as wondering when his father laughed properly, did he have a full and unembarrassed toothy grin like he once had?

He wondered so many things about this mysterious man. No human being was perfect, but Goku was constantly smiling for him, worrying for him –being there for him. He was a totally selfless being.

It made Gohan's stomach churn.

It angered him that someone could be so wonderful. It annoyed him to the degree that he desperately wanted to see this man commit a selfish act, say something horrible. He wanted Goku to be a disgustingly bad person.

Of course, as much as he wanted this –it couldn't happen. It wasn't in Goku's nature to be nasty. He couldn't help what he wanted, though.

"I want him... I want my GOKU!"

Gohan shuddered, closing his eyes as he absorbed the heat from the flickering sun.

"I need to see him before I die! Let me see him!"

"Ms. Chi-Chi, please don't shout. You're son is outside these doors, you don't want him to see you like this."

But he had already seen everything.

"My husband is a wonderful, wonderful man!"

Her eyes became distant and she stared at the wall in front of her like it was the most interesting thing she had ever seen in her life, still smiling. She was completely bald, bags were collecting under her dark eyes and she looked double her age.

"My husband will save us, he always saves us."

The poor nurse could only smile reassuringly. A fake smile, of course. There was no hope.

"Send my son in; I need to tell him that my husband is a hero!"

Gohan exhaled a breath he forgot he took in. The dragon still wasn't back and the sun was disappearing behind grey clouds. Time was drawing on, and he couldn't wait forever for the dragon to get back. It looked like a storm was brewing –he couldn't risk staying longer.

Droplets of rain then made an appearance. It started off as trickles, and then turned into strong and heavy rain. Shelter was his only option. He knew that there was a close cave nearby. Gohan had been there previously at one point or another, exploring it and considering whether or not a dinosaur at once lived there. But it was empty now.

When he eventually found the cave after looking around endlessly in the area, thoughts of the dragon stayed with him as the only company he had was his own shadow, and the loneliness made him slightly on edge. On the way in, he managed to grab a few dry twigs and sticks he had already stored in case of foul weather, and gathered them into a pile. Minutes passed and a fire blazed in the once cold and damp cave.

Gohan was still alone, however.

"I'm so lonely. I want him..." The groan was disturbing and lowered the atmosphere.

"You're son, Ms Chi-Chi?"

"My husband..."

Gohan didn't mind being lonely. It was far better than being desperate.

The fire continued to flicker and Gohan watched the flames, transfixed. Still no dragon. Gohan swallowed and wondered when he, himself, had last eaten. Perhaps it was sometime yesterday, back before the dragon had gone. On cue, his stomach released a faint growl in dissatisfaction. Eyes were torn away from the fire only to look outside to the worsening weather; there would be no animals to hunt now.

Months had dragged by now, and he had been alone for so long. Was this a punishment? He was sure his father could have done something to save him if he truly wanted to. Did he really want Gohan to suffer this much? In a way, he took a sick satisfaction to his father's actions. He had finally caught the man doing something which made him hurt, something which did not make him to be the god-sent man his mother had often talked about-

"You'd love him, Gohan." His mother had hold of his hand, and he refused to ever let go. "He's such a wonderful person. Kind, considerate... strong."

But if his father was so brilliant, then where was he?


Did he come to her when she screamed out his name in her sleep?


Did he consider her when she was lonely, and Gohan couldn't fulfil her need of companionship?


Did he appear there, beside her bed, when the last breath she drew was when she tried to utter his name one last time? Still desperate for him to be there. Not Gohan, her son, but him.

If this man, Goku, his father, some kind of God, was so wonderfully great, then where the hell was he?

The fire went out when a gust of wind managed to blow into the cave. The planks of wood he had been using as a door had fallen in defeat. The wind had been too strong and he had built his camp to close to the entrance of the cave. He was alone in the blackness and nothing but the rain hitting the ground outside could be heard. He was alone in the dark because he hadn't protected the fire properly.

...Had he protected her properly?

She was ill, in the body, in the mind, and in the heart.

"You look just like my Goku, but you aren't him."

He wasn't him. Gohan couldn't protect her, like he could.

"You're not my Goku! Who are you? Get out! You demon! You're not my Goku! Where's my Goku?"

"Ms. Chi-Chi!" A nurse had exclaimed approaching both of them. Another nurse appeared and started tugging Gohan by the hand to leave.

He eyes were frantic and Gohan could only stare at her with his innocence.

"Get my Goku, get rid of his imposter! I need him." She completely broke down. "I need my... Gok-u."

The doors closed behind Gohan and he could his mother's soft crying in the opposite room.

The dragon still wasn't back. How long had passed? An hour? Two? Maybe a minute for what the boy could tell. The rain was still going strong, however. Was that thunder he heard?

Gohan's cheek simply rested in waiting on the cave floor, dirt clearly evident on his pale skin. He had never been able to tan properly; he had always had his mother's creamy complexion. Paleness was maybe the only thing he had inherited from his mother. Everything else seemed to have come from his father.

Well, except from his brain.

He laughed dryly and quietly.

His father was not a bright bulb. His mother wasn't extremely clever, either. Neither was his grandfather –and he hadn't heard of any of his other relatives working as doctors, teachers, scientists and so on. He wondered where his own intelligence came from. Gohan could only manage to put it down to his mother's possessive studying. She had been frantic that he was to do something efficient with his life.

The only thing he was doing now was rotting in a dank cave.

... And that damn dragon still hadn't come back!

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