I don't really know. I was looking out the window and about to close the curtains and then I realized the beauty of autumn. I really, REALLY love autumn. :) So I wrote this.

This is what Axel is thinking of Roxas.

He was autumn

His hair is (was) Golden. Much like the crisp leaves that flutter down to earth each year come autumn. Pushed simply from their branches by something so mere, such as the gentlest of breezes. Gorgeous yet feeble.

His eyes are (were) cold. Just like the first of gales that can never miss the beginning of autumn, always there. Cold yet forgiving. Enticing.

His voice is (was) the early darkness that sweeps over and envelopes one, bringing comfort and maybe even warmth at the end of the day. The thing that you cannot sleep without.

His face is (was) the sweet fragrance of foods; meals well cooked. Pies, ciders, pumpkins, fat turkeys, and gingerbread. Something that wipes away all evil, promises only good.

He is (was) autumn. Something you love with everything you have. Something irreplaceable that you cannot mimic. Here one moment, but gone in the next. Now chased away by the frigid, nipping winter. Mounds of white snow- crisp, clean, cold- covering the grounds that once were autumn but now are not..

You cannot bring it (him) back.

Because he was autumn.

Btw, incase you all thought I died because I haven't updated in forver, I'm working on the next chapter of Because I Love you. :x Eep...I know...DONT KILL ME! SCHOOOL! It's super super supppper long...like 5000 words. :O

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