Title: I'd Lie
Author: Vain Valentine
Rating: T
Summary: Sam/Spencer friendship drabbles. Slightly one-sided at times. Based on Taylor Swift's "I'd Lie." Maybe a bit OOC?

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

1. "I don't think the passenger seat, has ever looked this good to me…"

He drove me home one night when an episode of iCarly ran late. I remember we were at a stoplight, waiting for it to turn green. It seemed like we'd been there forever. Spencer was going on and on about one of his "works of art" and I was trying to pay attention. I remember that he said I looked "upset" and he reached over and squeezed my shoulders. I don't know why I looked that way, but I didn't care. Somehow, all I cared about was the fact that his arm was around me.

Right before he removed his arm, because the light had finally turned green, I could feel myself slowly melting into the passenger's seat…