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Summary: Ayilie is a seventeen-year-old girl living in the city of Teirm. She was raised by a sympathetic soldier named Rinarch, but he was killed while trying to break up a riot when she was only thirteen years old, leaving her to fend for herself.


Ayilie entered the old tavern called the Silver Moon. It was a dark and somewhat grimy place, but she had her fun there. She liked to talk with Empire soldiers that came into the old tavern ever so often, as she was raised by a soldier, about things that were going on all throughout Alagaesia.

She sat down at the bar. "Hello Jacob. How's your day been?" Ayilie asked the owner of the Silver Moon. "I've been pretty good 'ere, Ayilie. And you?" The bar men, Jacob, started to pour Ayilie a mug of hot tea.

"I've had a fine day, though I must ask, who is that man over there? He looks like he's up to now good." Ayilie asked and jabbed her thumb behind her at a man wearing a black cloak that covered his face and the rest of his body. He was tall she could see, even though he was sitting down."No one knows. He's been here for three days now but he has yet to cause any trouble. He just sits there in that corner looking over some maps or something of that kind. And the soldiers seem to respect him well."

"I think I'll go and see who he is." Ayilie said and stood up, but Jacob grabbed her elbow and sat her back down. "That probably wouldn't be the best of ideas on your part," then Jacob switched to an undertone, "This man is powerful. Like I said before, the soldiers respect and obey him. You'd do best to stay away from him."Ayilie leaned forward, more interested in this mysterious man. "Has he spoken at all?"

"Yes. He was putting these up." Jacob moved over so Ayilie could see a reward poster on the wall behind him."A man named Eragon. There's a huge reward on his head. The king'll bestow an earldom on whoever captures 'm, but that he's extremely dangerous."

"Well, who hasn't heard of the new Dragon Rider Eragon?" Ayilie laughed.Jacob let out a hardy chuckle. "Well, apparently he was in captivity here in Teirm a few months back, but escaped with an accomplice."

"And his dragon."

"Well, it looks like you know as much as I do 'bout that."

"Yes, well, I've got to get to work now. I'll see you later, Jacob!" Ayilie said and put one gold coin on the bar before she turned around and left the tavern. After she walked outside, it took Ayilie a few minutes for her eyes to readjust to the sun light. She made her way to the smithy's shop where she worked. Her specialty was swords and daggers.

She had long, brown hair that went down to her mid-back and beautiful brown eyes. She wore a white tunic and black leggings with boots that covered her calves and small feet and had a dark cloak on over it all.

She entered the forge and threw off her cloak and rolled up the sleeves of here tunic to her elbows. She tired her hair up with a leather chord and started up the fire. Just then, the owner of the smithy, Calin, entered the forge.

"Why hello, Ayilie. You're here early." He said with a smile. "Yes sir. I see I'll be making a sword today along with my other projects."

"Yes, I forgot to tell you. Yesterday while you were eating, I got these orders from a man about your age. He specifically asked for you to forge them. He was from Uru'baen, he said. Said he was sent by the king. He wouldn't give me name and he had a hood on so I couldn't see his face. And put some extra work into it if possible. I know how fine you make your swords."

"Hmm… that's interesting. Well, in that case, I'll get started then!"

She worked all day and Ayilie finished the extra orders along with her other projects. On her way home, she pondered about the mysterious man and why he had specifically asked for her to forge the blades. She still had some daylight left, so she went out of the city and bathed in a small stream.

When she got back to her small apartment-sized house, she threw her small pack down on the floor and removed her boots. She pulled out her own hand-and-a-half sword that she had forges herself and wiped the dust off of the long blade. She quickly sheathed her sword and ate a small meal of bread and thick cheese.


When Ayilie got to the forge the next morning, she started the fire as usual and once again, Calin came in right as she started the fire. "The man should be coming here for his blades today, so just be aware of that. Have them out and ready with the sheathes."

"Yes sir. Where are you going?"

"Oh, I have some business to take care of in the east side of town, so I'll be back later on this evening. I expect you can handle the forge for the day."

"Yes sir. Have a good day."

"You too, Ayilie."


Later on, as expected, the man came back to the forge. He still had a hood on but his eyes were barely visible. She went into the backroom and brought out the sword. She had crafted them as beautifully as she knew how. The sword had a silver wire wrapped hilt and the pommel had an onyx set in it. The sheath was black leather. She unwrapped it from a cloth and handed it to the man hilt-first.

He took the sword.

"Thank you." The man said in a smooth, deep voice and held out his had.

When Ayilie reached out and shook his hand, the man grabbed her hand and pulled her close to his face so that they were eye-to-eye with each other. Ayilie saw a flash of recognition in his eyes. It seemed as if he was going through her mind just by gazing intently into her eyes. He didn't say a word. Instead he released her and paid her for the sword as well as thanking her.

Then, he was gone.


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