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Chapter 1: The old treaty and a warm welcoming

A girl with bubblegum hair could be found at training ground seven. It was Tuesday so Sakura was training alone, no Tsunade or Shizune. Just her and the calm silence. Three years ago she would have embraced this silence, but not anymore. She was sick and tired of this thick, overwhelming silence. Mostly because she missed her loudmouthed friend Naruto that now had been away for three years. God how she missed both him and Sasuke, she was the only one left in Konoha from team 7, she and their old sensei Kakashi. Sure, Naruto was going to come home again. In not too long time either since if he took too long it would be too late to save Sasuke. He would then become Orochimaru's new body, it was the faith he had chosen in his blind search for power. Over these past three years tough she had realized that she missed Naruto more. When Sasuke had gone away Naruto had been there to comfort her, and in the process of doing so they had grown a band between them. They were in their hearts similar to brother and sister.


In the forest that surrounded the village where Sakura lived you could see three figures racing towards Konoha. The largest one had white spiky hair, green and red clothes and a big scroll on his back. The smallest one and only female in the group had fiery red hair and dark green eyes. The third and middle one in the group had blonde spiky hair and sky blue eyes, his clothes were a blinding shade of orange. A color he had worn most of his life. It was Uzumaki Naruto on his way home after three years abroad.

After just minutes of running the three persons came to the front gate of Konoha. You could see truthful smiles take its place up on both the faces of the males. The kind of smile you get when you get home after a long time.

"No place like home, right Ero-Sennin" the blond one said calmly after a short while. "You're damn right" Jiraiya answered. "Yeah, yeah. Just let's get this over with" the small female said after awhile. Obviously uncomfortable with reaching their destination.

"Don't be so impatient Rin-chan" Naruto said with a slight hint of irritation in his voice. Why did she have to ruin thisHe really didn't see why she had to bee so nervous!

"Well, you know Naruto, this time Rin is actually right" Jiraya disrupted the two teenagers before they started to fight. With that said they started to walk in to Konoha and towards the Hokage tower.


Tsunade was seen pouring some sake in to a glass as Shizune exited the room with a bunch of letters in her hands. Tsunade turned her chair and gazed out the window down on the village. It was lunchtime and most of Konoha's habitants were eating, either at home or at one of the village's many restaurants (a/n some tourist information XD). Herself she finished drinking her own lunch and turned around to do some more work.

Right then the door opened and in entered her old genin-teammate Jiraiya and his apprentice the number one surprise ninja Naruto. "Jiraiya, Naruto" she said with obvious happiness in her voice "and... ehh" she said with confusion. She had just noticed a girl with them both; she had long fiery red hair and dark green eyes. Her clothes consisted of a tight white polo shirt that stopped just below her breasts, a pair of dark blue pants that went down to her knees and a pair of dark fingerless gloves that went up to her elbow. She also carried a big knife fastened at her left hip. The thing that caught Tsunade's eyes were however the forehead protector on her left arm, it had no village mark on it. "This is Rin-chan Oba-chan" Naruto answered the Hokage's unsaid question. "It's an honor to meet you Hokage-sama" Rin said as she lightly bowed to The Hokage. "She wants to join Konoha" Naruto said gladly to Tsunade. "Oh, really? Well how come?" Tsunade asked the girl. "You don't want me to join you Hokage-sama?" The girl asked with a hint of fear and disappointment in her voice. "No, don't take it that way. I just want to know your reasons" Tsunade hurried to explain. "Oh, well as you can see I don't belong to any hidden village" she said pointing at her forehead protector, "But I've always wanted to do so, and when I met Naruto and Jiraiya a year ago I decided to try to join Konoha. Since I grew fond of them, and... I know that you accepted Naruto"


When Sakura was done training she went to the Hokage tower to report to Tsunade. When she knocked on the door to the Hokage's office she heard Tsunade call out to her to enter.

As she did she heard someone almost scream "Sakura-chan" happily and in an instant she had somebody hugging her hard. "I've missed you so much" the hugging person said, he then removed himself from her and reviled his face. 'Naruto?' she taught as she was looking at the boy in front of her. Slowly a huge smile took its place on her face as she bursts out in a "Naruto-kun is that really you? Oh, I've missed you too!" and embraced him in another hug. "Hello Sakura" Jiraiya said after a while, "Hello Jiraiya-sama" she answered his greeting. "So, how have you been Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked her. "I've been good, mostly training hard under Tsunade or Shizune". "She has really done much progress" Tsunade cut in there "To bee honest, I've never seen somebody with that kind of chakra control, or that had been that quick to learn how to use it". A smirk entered Rin's face "Well I guess you have now". Tsunade lucked stunned at the girl, surprised by the girl's guts. To actually dear to say against the Hokage herself, and without knowing how good Sakura was at it too. "Oh, yeah. Tsunade, Rin's full name is Kizume Rin" Jiraiya tried to explain. Apparently Tsunade understood this, because the expression that now settled on her face was pure shock. "I should've known when I saw the forehead protector" was the first thing she said "Combined with that hair and those eyes" she then added without losing the shocked expression. Sakura was the only one that looked confused at this, Rin and Jiraiya had during their traveling explained this to Naruto so he understood what they meant. Because of this Sakura got frustrated and suddenly said "Can somebody care to explain what that means to us dumb heads?" a little harder than maybe she ought to've said it, but she was too frustrated to care. This brought Tsunade out of her shock and you could instantly see Tsunade's eyebrow twitching. She hadn't just taught Sakura how to fight and heal, she had taught her other important things too. Things that were important to know, and for her to call herself stupid was like insulting Tsunade as a teacher. Sakura should've predicted how Tsunade would react, but she didn't. Because of this she now wished she hadn't said it, but it was too late. "HARUNO, what have I said about calling yourself stupid?" Tsunade suddenly exploded "Do you not think that I have been a good teacher?" To this both Naruto and Jiraiya sweat dropped at the immense anger that could be sensed from Tsunade from something so ridiculous as that.

Rin on the other hand looked shocked at Sakura. "Ha...ru...no?" she said after a while. This made Tsunade stop her scolding and turn towards Rin as the others also looked at her. Rin slowly walked over to Sakura without losing her shocked expression. She started to walk around Sakura taking in every detail about her, and just as Tsunade hade done with Rin earlier she now started to state certain things about Sakura's look out loud. "That hair and those eyes, you really must be a Haruno. But how is that possible? My grandfather claimed he killed them all 40 years ago, and still yet one is standing her in front of me". As she was ranting she had gone two turns around Sakura and now came to halt in front of her. When she stopped she bent down on one of her knees in a deep bow in front of Sakura and said "I'm sorry for my earlier impoliteness my lady".

This certainly shocked the rest of the people in the room. "What are you doing? And what did you just call me?" Sakura asked when she had regained her senses after the shock. To this Rin slowly stood up and looked confused and suspiciously at Sakura "You mean you do not know of the old treaty between the Haruno and the Kizume clans Haruno-sama?" "What are you talking about? The Haruno clan?? As in a shinobi clan?" Sakura asked her confused. "You don't know about your own clan's history Haruno-sama?" "I don't have a clan, the only family I have are my mother and my father" Sakura said now a little irritated, 'What is she talking about?' Before Rin could reply Sakura spoke again "Tell me what it is you are talking about! What do mean Treaty and the Haruno clan?" "Hai, Haruno-sama. The Treaty between the Haruno and the Kizume clans is based on the fact that the Kizume clan descends from the Haruno clan. This made the Haruno clan think that the Kizume clan should listen to them, they fought them and won. The Kizume clan was now the Haruno clan's servants. At this point they discovered that the members of the Kizume clan could unlock the kekkei-genkei of the Haruno clan members. Therefore they gained a little more respect and a treaty was made. The Kizume clan would counting seeing the Haruno clan as their masters and stay there to unlock their kekkei-genkei as long as the Haruno promised not to use them as mere servants anymore". At this the whole room went quiet and tried to take in what Rin just had said. "You mean I had a whole, noble clan? And that I might have a Kekkei-genkei?" Sakura asked after a while "Hai, Haruno-sama"

After a while of more questions from Sakura it turned out that the clans used to live in a smaller shinobi village in the Fire country, that's why she'd never heard of them. Rin's grandfather, 40 years ago, had betrayed both clans and freed the Kizume clan by organizing his clan to kill their masters. Apparently he must've missed seeing that one child was still alive, Sakura's father. Also the kekkei-genkei that she spoke of didn't just show itself on some people of the clan, but all members of them. As long as there were a Kizume member to unlock it. Rin herself wasn't sure of what it was, people of her clan didn't get to know that kind of things until they turned 18. This because they didn't like to talk about it. They did however find that you should know your own history. What better time then when you enter the grown-up life? Rin also told about the Kizume clan and what she meant with her being better at chakra control. Apparently the Kizume clan was chakra manipulators; she could without any signs or jutsus form and stretch chakra as she wanted to. This made it possible for her to not lose any chakra during a fight, as long as she didn't lose control over that chakra at any point. Not only her own chakra either, she could manipulate other persons chakra as well, she could however not gain chakra by taking it from others. This was her Kekkei-genkei.

It was decided that she was to live with Sakura until they found her an apartment of her own. As she didn't belong to a village she didn't have any shinobi-rank yet. To determine her skills she was to undergo a test in a week's time from now. Jiraiya had also convinced Tsunade to let Naruto at the same time undergo a test of his own, this to determine if he was at chuunin level. If he in fact were, he were to become a chuunin.


When everything at the Hokage tower had been finished, the three teenagers went in to Konoha in the meaning of letting Rin know the village, and Naruto of course wanted to get some kicks of nostalgia.

"Let's go to Ichiraku and get some ramen, I mean I haven't been there for years now!" Naruto suggested, and since they hadn't had lunch yet the two girls agreed.

When they got there Ayame was standing behind the counter with her back turned towards them. "Oi, Ayame-neechan how have you been?" Naruto said loudly. Ayame turned around to see who it was that called her sister, but she stopped just as she were about to speak. "Naruto-kun? Is that really you? Welcome back!" she said happily "Otou-san, Guess who's here!" She called out to the back. "What do you mean? Who is here Ayame-chan?" Teuchi said as he entered the shop. "Naruto? Welcome back, have a seat, order whatever you want, it's on the house" he said when he saw who it was "Thanks Old man" "Anything for my number one customer".


When Naruto finally had finished his fifteenth bowl they went out to show Rin the village. After some minutes of sightseeing they heard someone calling "Hey, Sakura-chan" they turned around to se Kiba, Shino and Shikamaru walking towards them. "Hey, Kiba-kun" Sakura answered the boy who had been calling. When the boys reached them Kiba pulled Sakura in to a hug and gave her a peck on the lips. This made Naruto drop his jaw in total surprise. "Y-Y-You t-two ... a-are... d-dating?" he managed to stutter forth. "Yeah, we have been for the past year" Kiba answered with a smirk, as far as he knew Naruto still had a crush on Sakura. Since he got her and Naruto didn't this made him feel like he had won over Naruto, which was something he had tried to do since their first chuunin exam.

"Oh, good for you guys" Naruto said after finally getting out of his gaze. "Thanks" Sakura said truthfully meaning it. It was at this point that Kiba finally truly noticed that Naruto was back after three years, and that some girl he didn't know was standing there with them. Shikamaru and Shino had of course noticed this but didn't withstand disrupting Kiba. "Who are you?" Kiba asked the red-headed girl standing beside Naruto. "Oh, this is Rin-chan, me and Ero-Sennin met up with her during our training a year ago". "Hello guys" she said happily waving her hand to the three boys. She got only nods from Shikamaru and Shino. Kiba greeted her back with a "Hi Rin-san". "Rin-chan this is Shikamaru and Shino" Naruto said as he was pointing at the boys.

"I think we should go home so you can see were you are going to live these closest days Rin-chan" Sakura then said.

"Hai Haruno-sama" At this all boys except Naruto looked absolutely shocked, ' did she just called her Haruno-sama?'

"Please, call me Sakura and no sama"

"Okay.. Sakura-...san" she said looking questioning at Sakura as if to get her confirmation at the suffix. Sakura smiled reassuringly at the girl and then turned to the boys and said good bye. Well a little more than just that to Kiba but still.

When the girls had gotten out of hearing Naruto immediately turned to Kiba and said "If you so much as think about breaking Sakura-chan's heart, I swear to god I will make you wish you were dead!" "Hey, cool down. I won't do anything like that towards her. I love her!" Kiba defended himself. "You do?" Naruto asked surprised "Yeah" "Oh, good!"

"So, what's going on between you and that Rin?" Shikamaru asked suddenly.

"Nothing, we're just friends" Naruto answered his question calmly.

"Really? Have you noticed how hot she is?" Kiba asked him confused.

"Yeah, maybe. But you have to walk on your toes around her. I seriously thinks that she is PMSing all year around" he said in almost a whisper.

"UZUMAKI" they suddenly heard someone exploding 30 meters away.

"And yeah, she has REALLY good hearing" Naruto said before he was suddenly gone surprising the three teenaged boys with his speed.

As Naruto was racing blindly away from Rin she was standing still watching the way he'd run. 'Shit, I got to get out of her reach before she detects my chakra. The only time it really sucks to have this much chakra'. His tries to get away fast enough were however for nothing. After just a few seconds she had with the help of her Kekkei-genkei located his chakra and now used it to transport him back there. He tried to fight back her jutsu but didn't manage.

"What did you just say?" She asked him with an evil grin plastered on her face when he reached her again.

"Ehh... That you have really good hearing?" He said trying to cover up himself with his arms.

"BEFORE THAT YOU IMBECILE" she now screamed, still with the evil grin on her face.

She now focused some chakra to her right index finger. She then stretched it in to a blue whip. Just as she reached up her hand to strike down at Naruto with her chakra whip something tumbled in to her and she flew away. In her place were now standing ... Hyuuga Hinata.


Rin stood up and looked angrily at this dark-haired girl that had just knocked her away. Why? Weren't she supposed to get accepted here in Konoha? Just as Naruto. How could this girl possibly know yet anyway?

"Who are you and why were you trying to hurt Naruto-kun?" the girl interrupted her thoughts. Rin just looked at her. So it wasn't because she knew, she just thought she was an enemy that tried to hurt her friend. Rin felt relief shower down on her.


Hinata watched as the girl's expression went from anger and almost fear to ... relive??? Who was this girl, and how dared she hurt her Naruto-kun? Wait a minute her Naruto-kun. She really had to stop that kind of thoughts now that he had gotten home again. Yeah he was back, after three years, and this girl in front of her tried to hurt him. She's going to pay.

As these confused and unsorted thoughts raced trough Hinata's mind Rin had gotten ready to fight. When Hinata saw that she had gotten in to her fighting stance she got ready for the attack.


Rin now focused chakra to her index fingers and stretched it out to two whips. Unfortunate for her Hinata was with the byakugan able to se the whips extremely well since they were made out of chakra. That together with her new flexibility she could easily dodge the whips. She dodged her way to the red head and as she did the word "Beautiful" escaped Naruto's lips as a whisper.

Once Hinata reached the girl she jumped up to land a kick right in her face. Now Rin brought up her hand and caught Hinata's leg and tossed her away from her. Just as Hinata had risen once again she hit with her whips again. Hinata didn't have the time to dodge now.

"KAITEN" she screamed as she started to spin. The spinning chakra deflected the whips, and because of the surprise it gave Rin she also lost control over them. Meaning she lost some chakra and her weapons. Hinata now took the opportunity and made sure the girl was within range of her attack.

"Hakke Rokujuuyonshou" (Eight Divination Signs, 64 Strikes)







Every single strike landed and Rin now lay unconscious at her feet. She locked over to Naruto who was still lying on the ground and started to walk towards him.

"You know you really got to stop doing that to strangers Hinata" Kiba suddenly blurted out surprising Hinata and averted her of his presence. "Kiba-kun just shut up" she had, apparently over the years grown some confidence. "N-Naruto-kun, a-are you a-alright?" she asked with a blush starting to form on her face. Apparently she only grew confidence when it came to Kiba, or at least with anyone that weren't Naruto.

"I'm alright, but I don't know about Rin-chan" he said taking Hinata's offered hand and stood up. "Who?" she asked him confused. "Eh…. Her" he said pointing towards the unconscious red head. "She is your friend?" she asked him horrified "I'm so sorry, I didn't recognize her. And she were about to hit you. I just assumed that she was an enemy" she hurriedly tried to explain. "It's alright; I understand why you did it. And it was actually quite fun to see her get beaten" he said to the troubled girl. "Besides, I can fix the fact that she's unconscious" he said as he started to walk towards Rin.


As Naruto reached Rin he bent down and touched her stomach. As he did he channeled some of the Kuuybi's chakra in to her body. This to overcharge her tenketsus so they would work again. Just as at the chuunin exam three years ago when Neji closed his.

She opened her eyes almost immediately when he did. "What the fuck just happened?" she asked as she slowly sat up and held her head as if she had a headache.

"Hinata-chan just kicked your ass" Naruto happily answered her question.

"Gomenasai, I didn't know you were a friend. I thought you were an enemy".


Rin quickly noticed the girl's lack of confidence and decided to go easy on her.

"That's alright, it's understandable. I mean you see someone unknown just about to beat up your friend you haven't seen in three years" She said cheerful. "But it defiantly was a good welcome" she said as she raised her hand up to the back of her neck and laughed a little. "Yeah, I guess you should get a better one. My name is Hinata welcome to Konoha" The indigo haired girl then said looking a little more at ease. "Thanks, my name is Rin" she answered thinking that she really liked this girl despite her obvious shyness.

"B-By the way, w-welcome back N-Naruto-kun" Hinata then said as she turned towards the blonde. "Yeah, thanks Hinata-chan" He said happily and stretched out his arms and offered her a hug without forcing himself on to her like with Sakura. Rin saw the slight

blush that now entered Hinata's face. She put that together with the stuttering that she got

as soon as she spoke to Naruto. She was in love with the imbecile.

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