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It was the day before the end of year at Hogwarts that Lucius woke up in the Malfoy Manor, sheathed in sweat and short of breath having woken from his mind being bombarded with memories he hadn't known he'd had from twenty years ago.

Memories of a seventeen year old bushy haired, but yet alluring young woman who had come into his life out of nowhere. Memories of arguments and loathing that quickly turned into torrid passion and stolen moments where he was pressed against her, taking in every sight, smell, and touch he could have; he could take.

Lucius spent his day in a fowl mood knowing that he was probably not the only one who was having such memories returned...

The next day when Lucius was at King's Cross to meet his son he found Draco staring at Hermione Granger only to have his look of wanting turn into a gaze of disgust the moment Hermione glanced his way, and then back again when she turned away.

"You fancy her, don't you Draco?" Lucius asked.

Draco glanced at his father, taken aback.

"What would make you even think-"

"If there is even the smallest part in you that wants her, I say do everything you can to marry her." Lucius said. He looked at his son who was staring at him with his mouth partially open. "And even if you don't fancy her, I want you to marry her anyway."

Draco blinked a few times. "Why?" He asked slowly.

Draco looked at his son, glanced over to Hermione, and then looked back at Draco.

"Because it is much better for my own moral character and mental health if when I have an affair with her society focuses onto the fact that I am shagging my daughter-in-law instead of that I am shagging a disgusting mudblood." He said loud enough for Hermione to hear, who was grinning impishly in his direction.


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