Sorry I haven't updated in a while...i've been really busy

After Elizabeth's wound was stitched up and cleaned up, Will sat down by Elizabeth's side

"Will? I'm sorry…I'm so sorry" Elizabeth whispered out

"Shhh! It's not your fault" Will said pushing her hair out of her face and could see that she was sweating and had a small fever when he felt her head

"Love…why don't you try to get some sleep" Will said moving to stand up

"Will…don't leave me please" Elizabeth said crying while gripping his hand

"Shh! Elizabeth…I'm not going any where" Will said soothingly as they both started to fall asleep

"Will?" Elizabeth said quietly

"Yeah?" Will said looking at her

"I love you Will" Elizabeth said holding his hand

"I love you too Elizabeth" Will said kissing her

Ok well that was chapter two...i know its really short...if you have any idea's for what i could write in my third chapter