Natsuo: You NEVER write about us!

Youji: We're on strike until you do.

Kanoi: Aw, come on guys!

Natsuo & Youji: ignore Kanoi

Kanoi: Fine. aggravated sigh I don't own Loveless. If I did, these two would listen to me without question.

Natsuo: That's a lie!


Kouya stared down at Yamato's sleeping face. She knew Yamato would never admit it, but her sacrifice was very delicate. Yamato had, after all, lost her name. Yamato hadn't told Kouya about in fear of losing her fighter.

While she was awake, one could never guess Yamato was so delicate, but watching the woman's sleeping face it was painfully obvious. Kouya swore to herself that she would always protect this delicate, beautiful soul…

Green eyes fluttered open and looked tiredly at Kouya.

"What is it?" Yamato asked, her voice obtaining a crack from sleep.

"Nothing, go back to sleep," Kouya whispered and bestowed a soft kiss to her sacrifice's lips.

When Yamato's breathing evened out, Kouya lovingly brushed blonde strands off her lover's smooth forehead.