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Please Stay Alive

They ran to the Gate Room, fear eating them alive. They could be wrong, someone else could be coming through the 'Gate. Along the way the comm system blared: "Medical team to the Gate Room," which, if possible, made them run even faster.

By the time they arrived, Dr. Lam was already on top of Sam, saying something, but they couldn't hear her. Everyone seemed to move in slow motion. Jack studied the chaos in the room. Daniel stood over Sam, his expression blank, hand moving slowly to his forehead. Cam sat next to Sam, desperately trying to help. Crying, Vala took hold of Daniel's hand, while Teal'c remained motionless, his eyes now focused on Jack.

As soon as they placed Sam on the gurney both Jack and Katana ran towards her.

"What happened?" he asked gruffly.

"Is she gonna be alright?" Katana pushed through the med staff surrounding Sam.

"We have to operate immediately!" Lam snapped out rushing from the room with Sam.

Through the corridor they all followed behind the med staff. SG-1 looked like hell. Teal'c was covered in blood but didn't appear to be bleeding. Daniel was dirty, as were Vala and Cameron.

In the infirmary, SG-1 refused medical attention until they found out something about Sam. Together with Jack and Katana, they moved up into the observation room, not wanting to be waiting blind in some hallway.

"What happened?" Jack tried again for an answer, not directing the question at anyone in particular.

Eyes locked on the operating room below Katana listened to Cam's explanation as the fear of loosing her mother grew stronger.

"It was a trap! The intel was bad," Cam said, "When we stepped through I told Sam and Teal'c to wait by the Gate and secure the area. Sam went in one direction, Teal'c to the other, and she, she was hit…Ouch!"

Katana hit him in the face as hard as she could. Choking him with one hand she threw another punch, and another, and another. "You were supposed to be protecting her!" she tried hitting him again, but Jack and Teal'c stopped her, pulling her back. She was kicking and screaming, trying to get a hold of him again, but the two men were stronger. "Stop it Katana!" Jack yelled.

"It was not Colonel Mitchell's fault," Teal'c stated calmly beside her ear. "They expected us to go in another direction. If we had, we would have been cut off from the Gate, and probably captured by now," he said releasing her.

She regained control quickly, deeply embarrassed by what she had done. She recognized her mistake. "I'm sorry." With tears in her eyes, Katana offered her hand in apology.

Cam accepted her hand not really understanding her behavior. Right now he didn't care. He'd probably have a bruise tomorrow where her first punch landed. Damn but she was a scrappy little thing! Rubbing his check Cam stared at the scene below.

They were all silent, listening for Dr. Lam's voice in the operating room, giving orders without hesitation.

Katana turned to Jack, desperation clearly displayed on her face. "Jack…"

He wrapped his arms around Katana, taking comfort in the young woman as she in him. "It'll be all right, she's gonna pull through," he said. There was nothing in the world he'd rather believe than that. His heart sank at the thought he could loose her. No… where there's a will there's a way… she can't leave me… she won't.

Beeeeep. The sound of the flat line came so suddenly they all snapped their heads up in surprise.

"Electric paddles charging…" Carolyn Lam's anxious voice called out.

"Oh God! Jack?" Katana looked at him in disbelief.

But he couldn't speak, no, this had to be a nightmare!

"I can't let this happen," Katana said rushing from the room, an idea forming in her head, and she had to hurry.

"Clear!" Lam's voice came from the room below.

The sound of a flat line, and paddles charging again.

"Clear!" again Lam said.

Flat line again.

Katana ran into the operating room.

From the observation room Jack and the others watched in surprise. What was Katana thinking! Was she carrying something? They each had an expression of disbelief as they apparently had difficulty processing what they were seeing.

"Leave, now!" Lam said, "This is a sterilized area! Someone call security!" she was still holding the paddles, ready to attempt once more to bring Sam back.

Katana didn't have the time to explain. She held out her right hand towards Lam and the medical staff, "Move!"

Dr. Lam and her team felt a force pushing them away against their will as they were all tossed aside to the wall and held by some invisible force, not able to move.

Jack had reacted the instant Katana had dashed out, he along with Daniel, Teal'c, Cam, and Vala barged into the operating room.

"Katana! What the hell are you doing?!" Jack yelled at her.

She extended her hand towards them, "Trust me Jack."

They didn't really have a choice but to trust her, she surely had powers that could subdue them in a second. However, the trusting her part came more easily than he could imagine. Jack nodded in agreement.

Yanking the chain from around her neck, Katana pulled it from insider her shirt. Dangling from the chain a cylindrical vial glowed and she threw it violently against the floor, then she placed one hand on Sam and the other hand turned palm down towards the crushed necklace.

The medical staff freed from the force moved forward to stand with the others looking in amazement as the energy from the broken vial went straight to Katana, like she had some sort of a magnet pulling it in, and from her other hand released that energy into Sam.

Right before their eyes, Sam's wound healed, the color returned to her cheeks, and finally… beep, beep, beep – a steady pulse. Katana stopped. It was done. She backed away a little letting everyone closer.

Sam opened her eyes. "What," she tried to get up, "what happened?" she felt as if she were waking from a bad dream.

"Just stay down," Jack said, "you had us worried there for a while," he smiled weakly.

"You were hit," Cam said, "Teal'c carried you back."

"Oh right, I remember, but" she looked down her body to see her stomach revealed, and no trace of the injury, "how did I…?" Her eyes lifted to her friends in question.

"Katana," Jack tilted his head behind him.

Sam didn't understand. "Katana?" she studied the dark haired girl, trying to get some explanation, but the appearance of the young woman had Sam worried immediately. "Are you okay?"

Everyone's attention switched immediately to Katana whose pallor and fading, almost gray eyes gave away her state mind, while the sheen of sweat that glistened over her body suddenly alerted the group to her physical state.

"Katana?" Jack called to her. But she was unable to focus on anything. Worried he turned to Dr.Lam: "Doc?"

Carolyn Lam had already noticed the sudden change and reached Katana just in time to catch her, "She's very hot, help me get her to bed."

Teal'c took her into his arms and placed her on the next available bed.

"Don't… do anything," Katana weakly said, "Don't …. Take… my blood. It'll weaken me…" she was struggling to say every word.

"Shhh, don't talk," Jack said taking her hand in his.

"Promise me… you won't take my blood," her eyes searched for the image of Jack but couldn't see anything. The light was so bright.

"Promise," she heard him say, and finally she could let go.

"Doc?" Jack asked as he felt the hand he held go slack..

"She's unconscious. I'll need to do full blood work to know exactly what's going on…"

"You can't," Jack insisted.

"General, you saw what just happened, there is no way I can know what her body's going through…"

"No," now Daniel interfered, "every person has the right to their beliefs, and you can not go against that," the sudden need to protect her overpowered him. It was obviously very important to her that her blood was not taken, and he was going to help Jack keep his promise.

They had no right to interfere! "How am I supposed to treat her?" Lam asked angry and a bit annoyed.

"You heard her, she said not to do anything," Jack responded convinced Katana knew what she was doing.

"I must do what ever I can…" Lam started again, trying to reason with the two men.

"It is her choice, and I believe we must honor it," Teal'c joined the discussion.

Lam realized she had no choice but to work with what little information she had, leaving only one course of action - doing nothing. "Fine," she finally said. "I'll move her to a private observation room. I don't know how, but I'll try and help her.

Sam watched as they took Katana out. "What happened?" she still didn't understand a thing. Her IQ of a genius didn't really help the situation. One minute she was injured, the next she was fine, and Katana was sick. Why wouldn't Katana allow her blood taken, and why would Jack support her like that. She could be in danger, and he just promised her they wont take any action. And why did the rest of them act so protective?

"She cured you, and than passed out," Cam crossed his arms and glanced askance at his previously injured teammate, "it seems she had some sort of a reaction to the energy or whatever that gizmo was she fixed you up with …" he tried to explain, pointing to the broken energy source, but he didn't understand it any more than the rest of them

Dr. Lam returned shortly, "She's stable, now let's get all of you examined," The doctor observed Sam a moment then added, "you too! Come on, back to the infirmary, all of you.

Amazed to find Sam in perfect health Carolyn sent her off to her quarters to rest just the same. When she tried to protest, both Carolyn and Jack barked out at the same time, "That's an order!"


The moment they closed the door to Sam's room, they hugged each other with an intensity only fear can bring.

"Don't you EVER do that to me again!" he said still holding her, trembling slightly.

They both knew she could never make such a promise. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

They stood in silence for a moment, just enjoying each other's touch. Then Jack sighed. "Katana's in pretty bad shape."

"How did she save me?"

"God Sam, it was amazing," he took her hand and led her to bed, to sit. He tried to explain what Katana did, but really didn't have a clue what that was. "I don't know Sam, one minute we thought you were gone, and the next she healed you. I swear, it reminded me of when that frozen girl cured all of you."

"The Ancient one?


"It makes sense. It could be the reason why she's sick now."

"But she's gonna pull through, right?" Jack asked regretting it right away. 'She has to.'

"I don't know," Sam hugged him again, both feeling a new found fear. She rationalized her fears by the fact that Katana had just saved her life.

Jack was thinking the same thing – Katana had saved the life of a woman he loves.

But there had to be something more.


"Daniel?" Vala slowly entered his office, closing the door. "What's wrong? You left so quickly after the tests, I was worried."

He placed his head into his hands. "It's just…" he sighed.

She moved closer. "What?"

"Sam was right," he lifted his face, looked at her, then dropped his head back into his hands..

Vala had an idea where he was going but had to ask. "About what?"

"It's different. When I saw her go down, a million things went through my mind…"

"Like what?" she moved even closer.

"It's amazing how many thoughts you can have in just one second, isn't it?"

He was staling. "Daniel?" Vala's voice was filled with panic.

"It's just different," he repeated.

"I don't understand you, please, just tell me what's wrong!" She knew what he wanted to tell her, he wanted to break his promise of them being together. She was scared, but in the end knew that if he's too scared of loosing her, to the point where he'd rather not have her at all, he didn't deserve her.

"When Sam was hit, among other things I thought of Jack. Of what's going to happen to him if Sam… dies," he paused.

Vala didn't move. She'd thought of the same thing. "I know."

"And than I thought what if it had been you instead of Sam…?"

"Daniel…" He raised his hand, silencing her.

"I'm sorry I didn't give us a chance earlier, that I wasted all that time." he finally said getting up, "and another thing I realized was that… I love you," he simply said.

Vala had tears in her eyes, which began to fall the moment he spoke those last words. "I love you too," she whispered, moving into his arms and embracing him tightly, lovingly. He had proven her wrong. He wasn't scared, not any more. Tonight's the night - there would be no more waiting.


Sam and Jack walked in the infirmary to check up on Katana. They sat by her bed, watching in silence. The nurse came in checking Katana's vital signs and paid little attention to either Sam or Jack.

"How is she?" Sam asked quietly.

"We can't be sure. She has symptoms of a sever fever, but her body's also emitting some sort of an energy – we're assuming the same as the amulet, her lungs are at the verge of collapse but it doesn't seem to be life threatening, while the fever seems to be having the biggest affect, and is dangerous to her. Of course, we have no way of knowing anything for sure…" the nurse glared at Jack a bit angrily, but he just started back. Finishing her limited work the woman left.

Sam knew she could never convince him to break his promise and allow Katana's blood to be taken, but she also thought it was wrong. If there was a way to help her, and they didn't she'd never forgive herself. Or Jack.

General Landry came in, shortly followed by the rest of SG-1.

"How's she doing?" Landry asked.

"Not good sir. Her temperature is through the roof, and there's no way of knowing what medicines to use, since…"

"I know. Dr. Lam informed me," he said clearly in agreement with Jack about the matter.

"Sir, about this whole …"

"It's alright Colonel," he paused. "It's amazing what she did."

"Yeah, it was," Jack said taking Sam's hand.

The room quieted as if each of them were caught up in their own thoughts.

"You know," Landry eventually spoke, "it's not that I'm not happy about the result, but you have to wonder why, why she would do that."

"I was thinkin' about that same thing!" Cam said.

"Maybe she wanted to protect the time line, after all Sam is alive in her future," Daniel's logical explanation got a few nods of agreement.

"No, remember her reaction in the observation room," Cam sheepishly turned away from Sam's regard.

Sitting on the stool beside Katana, Sam cut her eyes to Jack with a raised brow. "What reaction?"

"She attacked Cameron for not protecting you," Vala stated a matter of fact.

Cam instinctively rubbed his jaw. "Threw some pretty decent punches too."

"I don't believe it," Sam said in shock. "You know it wasn't your fault, right?"

"Yeah, yeah. I know, but anyway, she was out of it."

"But still, it could've been just concern for her future," Sam looked around for assurance.

Vala shook her head. "I don't think so. She was worried for you just as we were," Vala looked at Jack than back at Sam, "maybe even more. She was truly scared of losing you."

"I agree," Jack spoke up, "there has to be something more that we're missing."

"But what?" Sam asked not ready to believing in any reasons but the one they had – protecting the time line.

"Humph!, you didn't witness the panic, hurt and pure fear Katana showed," Vala was sure she was right, it must have been something else.

Teal'c touched Sam's shoulder, "We must wait for Katana to tell us, ColonelCarter." The Jaffa moved off into the corner where he watched the young woman.

Landry was the first one to go, than as the night went on Daniel, Vala and Cam finally left vowing to return.

Katana began rambling now, her temperature remaining high, but not going up either. Dr. Lam told them it was a good sign, but it didn't seem that way to Sam and Jack.

"No… calas… sent… no…" Katana mumbled, "no…I don't … seris alas," it wasn't difficult to realize she was speaking in another language, and Sam wished she could understand.

Katana was reliving the most difficult times in her life. Remembering when Risi was sick, when she first used the healing power. Than when Duncan died, she tried to heal him, but failed. And finally, the possibility of losing her mother. She was never good with healing people.

Her master explained that she wasn't using enough of her brain that she could do it without hurting herself in the process. She never could learn how to extract the energy of her surroundings and not give her own when healing someone. It was because of that she used the vial, healing someone back to life was more than she could handle.

Again the memory of Sam in the Gate Room assaulted Katana, the sound of the flat line vivid in her fevered mind. "NO!" she screamed, pulling up, opening her eyes searching for something, than falling unconscious again.

Sam was right by her side. "It's okay," she tried to calm her, stroking her hear, "Shhh, it's okay." She tried comforting her again, while Teal'c watched in silence the bond between the two women. He was becoming more and more convinced in his beliefs by the minute.

The night went on slowly, neither of them leaving Katana's side Teal'c disappeared quietly very late into the night, but returned shortly with a few cups of blue Jell-O for Sam.

Realizing she hadn't eaten in hours Sam's stomach reacted loudly to the thought of food. "Thank you Teal'c," she smiled then dug into her favorite meal.

Jack chuckled at the sight, grateful to be allowed to watch her eat, to just watch her by his side for that matter. She was there, safe… at least for now. He turned his attention to Katana sighing. 'She will be alright, she will be alright,' he repeated in his mind.

Sam finished eating within minutes.

"I guess you were hungry," Jack teased checking his watch, "yap, definitely a new record."

She smiled and opened her mouth to say something only to cover it with her hand, a feeling of nausea coming over her. "Oh boy," she managed to say before she ran to the bathroom.

Jack followed, arriving in time to hold her hair away from her face as she threw up. "Sam?"

"I'm fine," she stood up. "I'm fine."

"You're fine?" he asked sarcastically, "You are not fine!"

"It's alright, I probably ate too fast," she said trying to reassure him, but than she started throwing up again.

"Oh, you're so gonna be tested."

"Jack, really…" she was stopped by his look. No sense denying the obvious, she'd been shot, died, cured possibly in some ancient manner and now she was throwing up. Seeing the fear in Jack's eyes she knew…he was scared, and she understood it perfectly. "Okay, fine. I'll see Dr. Lam in the morning."

"Now," he said firmly.

"Somebody has to stay with Katana," she tried.

"Teal'c's here. C'mon," he pulled her by the hand. "Teal'c, we're off to see the wizard."

Teal'c understood perfectly. He had watched "The Wizard of Oz" many times since his arrival to Earth.

They found Dr. Lam in her lab, over the microscope, having obviously been up all night studying something important.

"Doc?" Jack rapped his knuckle against the door jamb.

Startled by their arrival, Carolyn immediately thought that something was wrong. "Is Katana…" she started but Jack cut her off.

"No, no, it's Sam, She's sick."

Sam rolled her eyes. "I'm not sick, I just threw up, nothing more. I've tried telling him it's nothing serious, but he insisted I see you."

Carolyn smiled at the couple. Just a month ago people could see them walking beside each other, not touching, not smiling at one another, not displaying any form of intimacy, and now, they looked so different. His concern was cute, and touching, she could just imagine the General, who was never found of doctors, needles and other medical stuff, pulling his Colonel to be examined. That alone said something. Lam stood up, approaching Sam.

"I took all standard tests today," she opened Sam's mouth, flashing her pen light inside, "and they were okay. But," Lam continued much to Sam's disappointment, "you can never be too sure. Sit down Colonel," she pointed to the chair closest to Sam. "I'm gonna take a blood sample, and test it again."

Sam pulled her sleeve up, allowing the good doctor to do her job.

"Alright," she moved away, "I'll have the results within two hours," Carolyn smiled and hurried off with the tube of blood.

Coming back into the room, they saw Teal'c standing over Katana, examining her face.

"What you're doing?" Jack asked amused by the sight.

"She appears to be better," Teal'c stated. "She is not rambling any more, and her temperature seems to be lower."

Jack placed his hand on her forehead, making sure for himself. "I'll go get the nurse."

He was back shortly with a nurse by his side. She noted the change in Katana's condition. It seemed that she was getting better after all. It was all just a matter of time.

"ColonelCarter, I believe you should go rest."

"No, Teal'c. I'll stay until we can be absolutely sure she's gonna be fine," Sam said firmly.

"Really Sam, Teal'c and I will stay," Jack tried convincing her, but she looked at him defensively.

"I am not leaving," she repeated just as firmly as before.

He raised his hands in surrender. "Alright, we'll all stay."

Katana looked more peaceful, and her temperature was still going down, slowly but surely. Both Sam and Jack felt relieved knowing she was improving.

It was almost 3 a.m. when Carolyn returned. . She found Teal'c in deep meditation on the closest bed, Sam asleep on Jack's shoulder, and Jack watching Katana. He must have heard her enter because he slowly looked up.

"General," the doctor grinned at him.

"Doc," Jack responded tentatively as he woke Sam up. "Do you have the results?"

"Doctor Lam," Sam greeted the woman with a yawn.

"Yes, I have your results."

Teal'c opened his eyes worried for his friend and stood up immediately.

"So, I'm fine, right?"

"Yes… you're more than fine," she paused. "Colonel, you're pregnant," Carolyn's raised brows were no match for Teal'c's.

The astonished look on Sam's face couldn't even approach the confusion she felt. "I'm… what?" she reminded herself of Jack, who used that question oh so many times.

"What?" Jack repeated.

"I believe Dr. Lam said ColonelCarter is with child.," Teal'c smiled satisfied.

Jack still felt confused. "Are you sure?" he asked still not daring to hope.

"Positive," Lam's smile was wider at their disbelief, "you're gonna be a father General."

"But, but, birth control, I've been on the…"

"You know those things aren't 100 percent sure," Lam cut her off.

Jack and Sam looked at each other, realization that they're going to become parents sinking in. They smiled, kissed, hugged, laughed, hugged, kissed, laughed again.

Teal'c and Dr. Lam offered their congratulations, after which they started hugging and kissing and laughing again.

Than Sam's face froze.

"What?" Jack asked.

"How far along am I?" Sam directed her question to the doctor.

She knew why Sam was asking, and knew her fears are well founded. "A month."

"So what?" Jack asked again, not following, but Sam still didn't look away of Dr. Lam.

"Is there any chance that something could be wrong with the child because of Gate travel?" her voice was shaking. "Or because of what happened today? I was hit in the stomach!"

Jack couldn't believe his ears. No, that can't be happening. There can't be anything wrong with his child. God wouldn't do that to him twice.

Carolyn sighed. "There's no way of knowing," she said. She'd thought of the same thing, but felt it was too early to say anything. "As far as I understand the Gate technology, there shouldn't be side affects. But we have no way of corroborating that theory. About this morning… I really don't know," she finished.

"Isn't there some sort of tests that we can…" Jack started.

"There's nothing wrong with the children," Katana's voice came behind them.

Sam turned at the sound. "Katana! You're awake!"

Jack coughed, happy to see her blue eyes opened. She said they were gonna be alright, and she was alright, wait… they? "You said children?"

"Can I get some water?" she asked weakly.

"Slow sips," Lam warned.

Sam brought glass of water, with a straw, giving it to Katana. "Slowly," she said seeing how eagerly Katana welcomed that straw. "How are you feeling?"

"Peachy," she said when Sam took away the water leaving her wanting for more.

"So, children?" Jack insisted.

"Yep," she looked at Jack than back to Sam, "you're carrying twins."

Jack clenched his fingers into fists. "Yes!"

"Are you sure?"

Katana smiled again with effort. She knew Sam was asking about the well being of her children. If she only knew one of them was laying in front of her. "I'm sure. Don't worry, everything's gonna be fine with them," she touched Sam's hand in assurance.

"Thank you," Sam placed a gentle kiss in her cheek. "For everything."

"No sweat," she tried to sound unaffected by her mother's words and actions, but her voice failed her. Nobody noticed that the effort was because of her emotions, given it was hard for her to talk because of her dry throat.

"Okay, I think you should all leave her to rest," Lam said relieved herself about the news, and about Katana's recovery. "So, say your goodbyes and go rest yourselves."

"Well," Jack started, "I also want to thank you," he came closer and kissed Katana on the forehead. "For saving Sam, and for easing our minds about the baby…babies!"

"We're gonna be back in the morning," Sam said, suddenly feeling very tired.

"Bye," Jack added and they turned to leave. "Teal'c? You coming?"

"I will go shortly," the big man said.

Jack and Sam looked at him surprised. "Alright, see you in the morning," Jack said, too tired to satisfy his curiosity about Teal'c's behavior. He's going to be a father again! Of twins! And his children are healthy, nothing wrong with them. He placed his hands over Sam's, hugging her as they were leaving. The world couldn't be more perfect than this.

When they left Katana turned her attention to Teal'c. Her smile of happiness for her parents lingered. "So, you want to thank me too?" she asked jokingly. "I can get used to hero worship."

"I do not feel the need to thank you for saving Colonel Carter," Teal'c said seriously, making Katana chuckle since she didn't really mean he should do that.


Teal'c cut her off. "I don't think I should be thanking you for saving your own mother."

The smile slid from her face. "What are you talking about?" she sat up slowly, trying to remain calm.

"You know perfectly well, there is no point in lying to me."

She looked at him seriously, knowing it was useless to argue with the Jaffa. "You can't tell them."

They stared at each other in silence, but neither backed down.

"I will not," he finally said.

"Thank you," relieved she nodded a ghost of a smile returning.

They fell silent again.

"How did you know?" she asked curiously.

"The bond between yourself and your parents was apparent from the first moment we saw you. That kind of a bond can only be created naturally. They felt drawn to you, and you too them, as much as you tried to dismiss it," he continued to explain. "Your decisive rejection for your blood to be taken and analyzed made me suspect even more. If they were to take your blood they would find traces of naquada, which you probably inherited from Colonel Carter. And," he was almost finished, "the pain you felt when your mother could have died finally convinced me."

"Wow Teal'c! A regular Sherlock Holmes."

He raised an eyebrow, tilting his head a little.

"You know, the famous detective… never mind."

"Am I correct in assuming that it is you Colonel Carter is carrying?"

"Yes. Me and my twin sister."

Teal'c smiled warmly, which surprised Katana. It was very different face of Teal'c.

"It is an honor to meet you," he paused, "Katana O'Neill," he said bowing.

She felt goose bumps at her title, she smiled back and bowed her head a little. "Likewise Teal'c."

"I will leave you to rest," the smile did not leave his face.

Katana nodded. As he was leaving she remembered the first time she met Teal'c. He had used the very same words. 'It is an honor to meet you Katana O'Neill'. Of course, she didn't answer in the same way as she did moments ago. She was furious, and attacked Teal'c verbally, yelling she was not part of the O'Neill family, that she will never bare that last name… It was pretty bad.

"Another lovely day in Katana Land," she said out loud, frowning at the memory, tired of feeling ashamed by her past actions. She slid back, resolved to leave her past in the past… or was it the future? 'Oh, never mind. Sleep Katana,' she closed her eyes.