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Yes Sir!

Jack was fully aware he had been staring at the clock for a long while now, and he was beginning to get impatient.

Ianto had accepted his offer, and they were meeting at his local for a few drinks.

Nine o'clock they had said, and Ianto was normally very punctual, so Jack really wasn't expecting him to be fifteen minutes late.

He was already half through his first pint and the noise in the pub was growing as time went on. He couldn't decide whether it was comforting or irritating. He took another sip of his beer and sighed at the feeling of the cool, refreshing liquid caressing his taste buds and gliding easily down his throat. He closed his eyes slightly as he drank, meaning he missed the creaking of the big oak door, announcing the entrance of his date.

"Hey." The welsh lilt sent shivers down Jack's spine and he replaced the beer on the table, preferring to take in the sight of Ianto.

It was kind of strange seeing Ianto wearing something aside from a suit, but Jack decided it was a good kind of strange. He was wearing perfectly fitting dark jeans, and a light blue shirt. Jack was very proud of himself when he managed not to drool.

"Aren't you going to buy me a drink?" The amusement was evident in his voice, and with embarrassment Jack realised he was still staring and hadn't even replied to Ianto's greeting.

"Yeah, yeah sure. Um, what do you want?"

"Tennants, thanks."

Jack smiled and approached the bar. Ianto didn't quite know what to do with himself. Here he was on a date with Jack. His boss. The man who had abandoned him, not to mention the rest of the team. Jack, the man he was falling for more and more every day.

Instead of confusing himself too much he decided instead on picking at the beer mat.

A few minutes later Jack reappeared with drinks for Ianto and himself and sat down, his thigh gently rubbing against that of his companion sending beautifully painful sparks up and down his leg.

Ianto cleared his throat and took a gulp of his drink, visibly affected by the contact.

The night went fairly uneventfully, the two men taking the opportunity to catch up properly and really getting to know each other again. By closing time Jack knew everything about the other man, and Ianto knew all about Jack. Down to his favourite colour, and the fact that if he was telling a white lie, small specks of green would appear round his pupils.

"Right, drink up!" The bar man's announcement forced the two men out of the blissful pleasure they had found in each other's eyes, as they stood on shaking legs and headed for the door.

Forty seconds down the road and Jack had fallen over in a heap of drunken giggles. Ianto couldn't help himself and burst out laughing.

"Here, grab onto my hand." The sentence came out far more slurred than he had expected it to, and as Jack grabbed his hand and hauled himself up he nearly collapsed.

When Jack was standing fully, their hands still clenched he looked straight into Ianto's eyes glorious eyes and lost all conscious thought as he leaned his head in the direction of Ianto's and slid his eyelids closed. His lips crashed against the Welshman's in a searing kiss and when they eventually pulled apart, both feeling substantially more sober Ianto breathed out in a husky voice, "Your place or mine?"

Jack chuckled realising the stupidity of the question. Did Ianto seriously think he'd prefer the small, cramped and generally uncomfortable room beneath the Hub to Ianto's flat?


When they reached Ianto's flat they were already tearing at clothes before they'd even walked through the door. Leaving a trail of unwanted fabric they moved clumsily to the bedroom, mouths never detaching, and hands never stopping caressing. Moaning into each other's mouths they collapsed on the mattress, naked except their boxers.

"Oh god, Jack!" It had been too long. Too long since they had touched each other like this, kissed each other with such passion, and Ianto still couldn't believe it was finally happening.

He pulled down Jack's boxers and left them discarded haphazardly on the floor, Jack returning the favour. Finally, both naked and panting, they could touch without any barriers.

Jack moaned loudly as his erection rubbed against Ianto's, those all too familiar sparks raging through his body. They continued kissing and caressing until finally Ianto couldn't take it any longer.

"God Jack! Fuck me!"

The passion and need clearly evident in his voice, and Jack was in no position to disobey such an order. He reached over to the bedside cabinet for the lube and condoms. He knelt between Ianto's thighs, and the other man wrapped his legs around his waist without hesitation. Jack prepared them both in haste, and pressed against Ianto's opening, holding the other man's hand as he gasped and writhed under him as he finally entered him.

The sudden surge of pain and pleasure that shot through Ianto was enough to make him cry out, and he pulled Jack's face to his, enveloping his mouth in a needy kiss. Tongues battling for dominance, as they found a comfortable pace for them both, and began moving in unison. The silence of the room, quickly covered by the moaning and panting of two men, finally reunited after far too long.

The sensations were eventually two much for the younger of the two as his orgasm thundered through him, and splattered over his and Jack's bellies. The shuddering under him pushed Jack to the edge as he continued to thrust, as his own orgasm spilled out of him as his cries of pleasure filled the room.

He reluctantly pulled out of the body under him, and threw the tied up condom into bin.

"God I've missed you." Jack smiled as the simple words filled his ears, and he kissed Ianto on the forehead, behind the ear, and finally on the mouth. A gentle kiss, that told so much more than words ever could.

He pulled the duvet over both of them and snuggled up behind Ianto, whispering in his ear "Goodnight," before settling into his first good night's sleep in so long.