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Summary: Christy has been forced to manage AJ by order of Jim. The problem? They both hate each other. Meanwhile, Alex finds the "woman of his dreams" Ashleigh. But she's already in an abusive relationship. Will Alex be able to help her?


Allen sat in one of Jim's chairs looking at the wall in front of him. No one could wipe the smile he had on his face away. He was having the best of days. Last night he and Travis (a.k.a Tomko) went out with other TNA wrestlers. Allen snuck away with a very hot blonde (Trisha? Melissa? Keisha? He couldn't remember her name) and had a great night. They had sex in his hotel room almost all night. They were gonna do it a 5th time but Alex and Travis came in and kicked her out. Oh well. Just another notch on his belt.

But today, even though he was totally hung over, Allen was happy. He adjusted the tag team belt on his shoulder and sighed. He was in the best stage of his life. He was wrestling for the best wrestling company TNA and he was a main eventer. Nothing could make him feel bad today! Jim came in and sighed. He pushed his glasses up and sat down.

"I'm glad you're here on time."

"It's my pleasure Jim. Always great to be here with you."

"First things first. You know how you were with a blonde last night?"

"How did you know?"

"I go out sometimes too Allen. I saw you."

"Oh. Yeah I had a great time with her!"

"Yeah…stay away from my daughter dumb ass."

Allen's jaw dropped. Oh shit, that was his daughter? Jessica! That was her name now! Allen leaned back in his chair. Did he know what happened between them? Allen just smiled like it was nothing.

"I will sir. I'll stay 100 feet from her from now on."

"Good. Secondly…where is she!"

"Where is who sir?"

Jim didn't answer him. Jim looked at his watch impatiently. Soon a red head came bursting through the door. She threw her hair back and straightened it out. Allen looked back to see that it was Christy.

Christy Hemme. Allen hated her. They had quite a history together. Christy had debuted in TNA in 2006 after being released from WWE; just one of the few good things to come from them. The night she debuted, Allen took her out for the night. One thing led to another and soon they were dating. They had dated for about 5 months. But later he found out that Christy was cheating on him with Lance Hoyt. That night, they had a very public break up. They've hated each other since.

"I'm so sorry that I'm late Jim! My car got stuck in traffic on the way here and I had to get changed and…"

"Just sit down next to Allen Miss Hemme."

Christy sighed as she plopped down next to Allen. She looked at him and sneered before looking away. Allen rolled his eyes as he looked at Jim.

"Now I know you two have a huge history between each other. But I've been in contact with the writers. We want to add a new angle in TNA."

"I'm all ears Jim."

"Oh you were always a suck up Allen."

"Well you always sucked Christy."

"Christy! Allen! Act like adults for 5 minutes!"

Christy and Allen stopped talking. They stared straight at Jim. Jim sighed as she straightened out some papers on his desk. Now he knew that they wouldn't take the news very well.

"We want…no…we ARE going to do a story line with you two."

"Excuse me?"

"Christy, starting tonight, during the taping of Impact, you will be officially managing Allen."

"What the…"

"Before you say anything, listen! Allen has a match with Lance tonight. During the match, the ref will be knocked out. Jimmy will try and interfere, but you'll hit him with a chair. Then you'll go in the ring and hit Lance with a chair. You'll make Allen cover him for the 1-2-3. There you will celebrate and explain why you switched gears, which is in your script. In the end, I need you two to kiss."


Christy and Allen both got out of their seats and leaned over Jim's desk. Allen's day was totally ruined now. Remember how before he thought nothing would ruin his day? He lied. This totally brought him down. He would have to "be" with Christy! It was like a horror movie.

"Mr. Cornette I can not work with her! She's a backstabbing bitch!"

"Oh I am? I think you were the bitch! You complained when I wouldn't take you to get manicures with me."

"My nails need to be perfect!"

"See what I mean?"

"Shut it you whore!"



"Dick weed!"

"Shut it! The both of ya! Take your scripts and leave! This decision is final! Now go before I fire both of you!"

Christy huffed before taking her script and leaving. Allen took his and followed her out. Before he could walk, Christy slammed the door on him, hitting him in the head. Allen baked away, rubbing his head in pain. He turned to Jim and looked at him in anger.

"See what you want me to deal with? It's like asking the devil to come back to heaven!"

"That's life Allen. Now out."

Allen groaned as he opened the door and walked out. He noticed Christy leaning against the wall looking at her script. She was frowning at times as her eyes scanned the pages.

"You slammed the door in my face."

"My bad."

"You hurt me."


"Why are you such a bitch?"
"I'm only a bitch to those I despise. Your one of the few."

"I'm so honored."

Christy rolled her eyes at Allen as she walked off. Oh, Allen wasn't done with her yet! He followed her and grabbed her arm. He pulled her back so they were face to face.

"We're gonna have to be nice to each other now that we're working together."

"I don't have to do shit."

"Do you want the audience to believe us? Then there has to be connection got it."

"Fine. Whatever."

With that, Allen went in and kissed her. He put all his force into his lips and kissed her. Then he pulled away and smiled. Christy backed away and started gagging.

"What the hell was that for!"

"Just being nice. See you later…babe."

Christy screamed in anger as Allen walked away. He carried his belt in his hand. Now he was happy again. The more possibilities to piss Christy off, the better. As he walked, he realized that maybe this wouldn't be that bad. Hell, he got to torture Christy all he wanted!

And that, my friend, was the highlight of his day.


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