VitaminWater Fact Number 1: VitaminWater bottles are good for recycling. GREENPEACE, people.

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Prologue: Glacéau


Yamanaka Ino groaned loudly as she smacked her forehead against the café table. "Why? WHYYYY?" she protested loudly. Everyone in the Leaf Café stared at her in annoyance.

"Quiet down Ino, you're attracting attention," Haruno Sakura told her best friend, subtly slapping the back of the blonde's head to get her to shut up. She batted her eyelashes while smiling sheepishly at the rest of the café customers in apology.

Ino took a dejected sip of cappuccino after taking a bite out of her chocolate banana muffin. "Ugh, I just don't understand," she told Sakura with a frown before yanking off the cap to her drink and stirring in two packets of Sugar In the Raw. "Why are boys so difficult?"

Sakura rolled her leaf colored eyes. "Because they're men," she told Ino earnestly. She slapped Ino's hand when it reached for a third packet of sugar. "Too much sugar will keep you awake, and you'll get bags underneath your eyes Ino-pig," she reminded her.

Ino rolled her eyes back. Like coffee wouldn't? But then again, coffee and caffeine in general were necessities for students like them.

"Easy for you to say. You haven't had a boyfriend since high school," Ino huffed to Sakura a few seconds later. "I don't understand…Shikamaru is just so…moody and…and…the same."

Sakura glared at her for a second. High school was just last year – they were only college freshman…and this was their first day of class at that!

"Ino, you can't ask for Shikamaru to be too many things at once," Sakura told Ino while she dug through her purse for some chewing gum. "He's just not the kind of guy who's that superior hero that you read about in books who can be anything."

Ino sighed. "I know, but I wish he would be a little more spontaneous or unpredictable. I mean, I can probably tell you exactly where he is right now," she told Sakura miserably.

"Oh really? Where is he then?"

Ino gave Sakura a look. "Sitting on a rooftop with Chouji eating barbeque potato chips," she said without missing a beat.

Sakura blanched when she realized that Ino had a 99.99 percent chance of being correct.

Sighing back, Sakura flipped her bubblegum pink hair over her shoulder. "Okay, so maybe he's not the most vibrant character. But no guy is…" she looked at the drink she held in her hand. " No guy is like VitaminWater, Ino."

Ino did a double-take. "What?" she asked, peering at Sakura's drink strangely.

"VitaminWater – it comes in so many different flavors, all under one name," Sakura explained. "No guy can be that varied…no guy can be like VitaminWater."

Ino cocked her head and examined Sakura's VitaminWater bottle. She was drinking B-relaxed right now, the colorful water flavored with guava and jackfruit. "No boy can be like VtiaminWater huh?" she asked Sakura. "I bet there is."

Sakura shook her head. "Ino – there're fifteen types of VitaminWater. I doubt there's any man out there with so much wonderful packed into one body."

Ino shook her head back. "And I bet there is. I bet you'll find a boyfriend like that too, because you've always been that lucky." Ino dolefully handed Sakura her VitaminWater back.

Sakura laughed. "I don't think so Ino, now c'mon – or else we're gonna be late to our first psych. lecture ever."

Ino shrugged while standing up to gather her bag. "I don't know Sakura, I mean look at Sai – he was so VitaminWater-esque."

Sakura pushed in her chair and slid her VitaminWater into her tote bag.

"Ino, he was only that colorful because he was gay."

Morino Ibiki stood by the door to his lecture hall waiting for his students, handing students a randomly numbered card before they entered. It was his freshman psychology class.

The students sat down, and took out their laptops and notebooks to take notes on for the class.

"Alright. I'm Morino Ibiki," Ibiko told his class. "I'm the Psychology Professor." He glanced at the students scattered in the lower half of his classroom. "Great, now put away your laptops and notebooks."

The students hesitated slightly before obeying, sliding their computers and spiral-bound notebooks back into their places in their bags.

"Before you entered the classroom, I gave each of you a numbered card. There's two of each number floating around somewhere in this room. The other person with the same number as you is going to be your psychology partner for this semester," Ibiko explained, holding up a yellow index card. "Now find your partner."

The students dispersed, instantly wandering around to ask their friends what number they had.

"Ino, what number do you have?" Sakura asked the blonde. "I have 13…"

Ino looked flipped her card over so Sakura could see it. "I have 7, sorry Sakura."

Everyone else found their partner quickly enough. Soon, there were only a few straggling students left, Sakura being one of them.

"13? 13 anyone?" Sakura asked, looking at the other students that were still searching for their partners. Someone tapped her shoulder.

She turned around and almost died.

Standing in front of her was possibly the most beautiful boy she had ever seen. He had soft looking blue-black hair that stuck up at odd angles, messy, but cute, and heart melting black eyes. His skin was pale and his facial features were well defined and masculine, but soft at the same time. He screamed sex god.

Said sex god held up his yellow card. '13' was drawn on in black marker.

"I – I'm Haruno Sakura, it's good to meet you," Sakura told him in a dry voice.

The boy took a sip of the drink he held in his hand before responding. "Uchiha Sasuke," he told her in a deep, velvety voice.

Sakura flashed a brief smile while her eyes were attracted to a flash of yellow-green label and translucent pink liquid. It looked familiar, which was probably because she had the same bottle inside of her bag, B-relaxed flavored.

"I guess we're partners this semester," Sasuke said when Ibiki ordered all the pairs to sit together.

"Yeah, I suppose," Sakura said, as Ino's voice spoke to her in her head. "No boy can be like VtiaminWater huh? I bet there is."

She followed Sasuke to a row of seats and sat down next to him.

Strangely, she bet he was just like VitaminWater.

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