Well, thank you for reading my first oneshot. I might post another one, not so much smut, before Christmas. Hopefully I 'll get it done in time then it can be a Christmas present for whoever. But for this oneshot, it was originally entitled 'Dominatrix' because I was going to make Sasuke do some other stuff, but I decided not to, so I changed the title. I guess it kind of goes with the story.

Also, there were a few of you confused as to the plot (what little of it there is) Well, technically, there was never any plot. This was originally a gift to my friend, to cheere her up after she got dumped by her boyfriend. So, I just decided to post it on here, without any changes, but if anyone wants me to, I will gladly give the story more of a plot. And hopefully, you'll understand it.

And to those of you wondering why and what the pictures ar there and for, well, let's just say there were hidden cameras. So Sasuke's threat came true, even if it wasn't intentional. But, for every night stayed, you get a complementary roll of film. you must pay extra for it to be developed:P

Thanks again!