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Chapter Seven:

Mall Madness

When Sakura got lost,

We didn't worry at all too much.

For some reason, she always found Sasuke.

I bet they, like, have magnets in each other or something…


Next day.

Bright and shiny.

Not Sasuke's kind of day. (You know, dark. Raining. Depressing. Like someone died.)

He just heard Temari screaming at Kankurou, probably because she thought that there was school. Then, he heard a slam. That was probably Gaara.

A pissed-off one.

"Come on, Sasuke-kun, get up!" She tugged on the covers, only to be overpowered by his powerful tug.

"It's eight in the morning, Sakura."

And our favorite two were arguing once more. The girl was jumping on the bed in the spot next to the boy who quickly pulled the covers over his head. One was giggling. The other was frowning, but contained a slightly playful spirit.

"Sakura, it's too early. Go away."

She smiled and lay down next to him. They stayed like that in silence for awhile until he spoke up,

"…Why are you still here."

She shrugged and put her index finger on her lip. "Uh…I dunno. Maybe 'cause I…WANT TO GO HAVE FUN!" She yelled as she jumped on the bed.

"Tch. What kind of fun?" Sasuke asked as he looked up at her from his black & navy blue striped pillow. The pink haired girl paused and started at him for a minute before she stuck her tongue out.

"Ew. I'm not ready to lose my virginity yet, Sasuke-kun." Sakura laughed as she waved her arms.

Sasuke just smirked and shook his head. "Sakura, let's just have breakfast first and decide where to go afterwards."

"Mall." She stated in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone with her arms crossed. He stared at her.

"I said 'afterwards', Sakura."


"…Yeah, I know, Sakura."


"Stop being childish, Sakura."

"…You're a meanie-beanie-bo-beanie."

"…You're still half asleep, aren't you?"



"Ok, I'm totally going with you on this mall trip." Temari said as she leaned back on the chair's back legs. Kankurou swallowed his bacon and eggs. He then raised an eyebrow and asked, "Why?" His blonde sister rolled his eyes.

"I don't know. Someone keeps stealing my eyeliner." She frowned and gave a sigh. Gaara gave shifty glances. When Kankurou noticed, Gaara glared at him immediately.

"Well, the suspects would be either Sasuke or Gaara. They sometimes wear guy liner." Sakura stated as she took a large bite of a pancake. "Actually, also Kankurou, since he likes to doodle on his face all the time."

"I do not!" Her brother retorted through the rice stuffed in his face. "…Ok, maybe I do. But at least I don't have a stuffed animal fetish and think that I should buy every single stuffed animal I see to 'SAVE' them!" Gaara immediately glared at him.

"Do you want a fist in your face?"

Eye catch! "Gaara-nii-chan didn't deny it." Sakura pointed out as she ate the strawberry. Sasuke resisted the urge to chuckle. He, too, earned a glare.


Everyone stopped what they were doing. And in a matter of seconds, Kankurou earned his responses.

Temari's mouth was hanging, her eyes blank, her body turned to stone as she continued to stare at her brother. Sakura dropped the fork that had stabbed a strawberry and passed out. Sasuke's eyebrows shot up amusingly as he was used as something for Sakura to lean on. All the butlers gulped and quickly escaped to do chores somewhere else around the house.

"S-so? Aren't you supposed to do something?" Kankurou asked, hoping he wouldn't regret asking later. To his surprise, Gaara just shrugged and said,

"I don't know. No one ever said 'okay' before."

Temari fell of her chair, Sakura regained consciousness and ate her strawberry, and Sasuke…was still remained impassive.

Can't you see he's the man,

Let me hear you applaud!

He is more than a man-


"Moshi, moshi?" The Uchiha flipped out his phone. "Ah. Itachi. Hai. Hai…No, I don't think so. You hired a WHAT? Why? You know I feel about MAIDS! Oh. She's older. She's married. She won't fan girl over us."

After a few minutes of repeating, Sasuke agreed and shut his cell.

"Seems you're getting a new friend, Sakura."

The said girl's mouth went into an 'o'. "Really? What's her name?"

"I don't know. Chiyo? Something like that."

Gaara and his siblings, excluding Sakura, sent each other glances. Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "What, do you know her?"

"Well, I've heard of her…I think she's our aunt." Temari said as she shoved a spoonful of cereal into her mouth.


"Sakura's still not fully awake, eh?" Gaara stated as he put a piece of pancake into his mouth. Sasuke just shook his head.

"Look at the world where unicorns poop out butterflies!" Sakura squealed as she waved her arms.

"Yeah. Definitely not awake." The blonde sibling stated.


"We go to mall now?" Sakura asked in English with a Chinese accent. She was sitting on the bed, swinging her legs or just rolling around on it. She was already changed, her hair still a bit wet.

"Speak proper Japanese." Sasuke replied as he put a coat on.

She rolled her eyes and huffed, "Hurry up, Sasuke-kun! Come on" She whined and flailed. The Uchiha sighed. "I'm coming."

"So how are we going to get there?" Temari asked the two as they descended down the stairs; Sasuke walked, and Sakura sliding down the railing.

"Like I care how you go. I'm getting there by motorcycle." The Uchiha replied as he grabbed his keys. He picked up a helmet and put it on Sakura. Gaara growled as he entered the room from the kitchen.

"Sakura is NOT going on that instant-trip-to-death type of transportation."

Sasuke looked at him for a brief moment before turning back to Sakura. She giggled and tried to fixate the helmet onto her head. "You're head's big, chicken butt." That earned her a light glare. "This chicken butt's head has a brain, that's why it's so big." Sakura glared at him from behind the helmet.

"I always win at chess." She retorted.

The blonde sister just threw her hands up. "Aw, forget it. I'm taking the bus and meeting you there. What about you, Kankurou?"

Her brother shrugged. "I'll drive for Gaara and me. Besides, all three of us will have a ride home." Temari just shrugged and twirled the keys on her pointer finger. "Whatev. Anyway, I'll try to sneak more info on the Pops. 'Kay, Saku-chan?"

The said girl nodded before catching the helmet about to fall of her head. "Thanks, Temari-nee." The sister just smiled and nodded before leaving.

At the same time, Gaara and Sasuke were having a staring- Wait, no. Glaring? Staring?…Smiling? Evil smile? What is it?…Frowning? No, staring…STOP CHANGING YOUR DAMN EXPRESSIONS- Okay, staring contest.

Gaara sighed in defeat.. "Fine. As long as she wears a helmet." The Uchiha smirked and gave a thumbs with his right hand. The other one patted Sakura's head.

NO, you'll never be ALONE,

When darkness comes

I'll light the night with stars

Here my whispers in the dark-

Sasuke flipped open his cell. "Yo." Sakura rolled her eyes. He's been hanging out with Kakashi a bit too much.

"Oh. Shika. You guys there already?…Good. Don't tell me Neji's dressed in drag again." The pink haired girl snickered in the background. "Well, if he is, he can go shopping with Sakura. But no one's carrying his st- Oh, he's not?…Thank god. Okay-…"

He flipped the cell phone closed without another word. Sakura raised a delicate pink eyebrow. "Eh? What happened, you know, with hanging up all of a sudden." He looked at her and sighed. "Naruto grabbed the phone. I don't want to be deaf in my right ear."


"Well, you guys go on ahead. I'll catch up later or something." Gaara yawned and was about to exit before being stopped by the sound of his sister's voice.

"Gaara-nii. How are you getting to the mall?"

…He smiled. Or was it a smirk?…Well, it was just plain evil.

"I have my ways."

Sakura shrugged it off, but the minute she and Sasuke stepped out of the door, her rambling began.

"How to do you think he's gonna get here?" Sakura asked. Sasuke, at the same time, was used to it.

"I dunno."

"Do you think he might steal a car? I'm sure he knows how to hotwire…"


"Or will he ride one of those tiny pink bikes that I find really cute." She imagined it.

He did, too. And he snorted. "Probably."

"I think he'd probably do something like Grand Theft Auto. You know, he's been to jail a lot. Never for a long time, though."

Sasuke stayed silent at that.

"ANYWAY, let's get to the mall! I want to buy that new edition of Uchiha Sasuke photo collection." She grinned and got behind Sasuke on the motorcycle, hugging him tightly. He snorted and quietly thought,

'Thank god I'm wearing this helmet. One, she can't see my expression. And two, if I fall over with another comment like that, at least…I'll get last damage.' He guessed he was honest only in his mind.

He snapped back out of his revere at the sound of commands;

"AN-DA-LE, Sasuke-kun, AN-DA-LE."


Ino stared at the ceiling, fashion magazines scattered all over the floor and 'Potential Break Up Song' playing. She looked to side to see another magazine, wide open. She picked it up and began reading aloud. Besides, she knew no one could hear her through the blasting music.

"Famous model Hyuuga Neji and rising star Uchiha Sasuke were caught with Haruno Sakura, daughter of the owner to Konohana, the large chain of bakeries and book stores in Konoha." Ino began reading aloud. No one could hear her anyway. "Are they dating? Are they friends? Who knows! But some fan girls aren't happy about it." Her eyes narrowed.

" 'The leader of the Uchiha Fan Club, Hakuchi Karin, has filled us in with the details. Which has summed up to, don't trust her looks. Is that believable?' " Ino gritted her teeth and threw the magazine. "Fucking lies!" But she inwardly laughed at 'summed up to'. That probably meant Karin was acting like a celebrity being interviewed.

She picked up another random magazine and began reading it. " 'Konoha Profiles. Uchiha Sasuke, Actor, Musician, and Model, everything a woman dreams. His career started at the age of twelve with acting. Sixteen, he began being a musician. Now, at the age of nineteen, he is focusing on modeling. We had a chance to interview him. Here is what he said;' "

She gave a sigh.

" 'I started acting because my brother was an actor, he said. I became a musician, because I always sang for my childhood friend and she loved it. But, I decided I only wanted to, and could only, sing for her.' "

Ino smiled. It was so sweet that Sasuke cared for Sakura that much. She wished she had a friend like that.

" 'I became a model so I can spread my image around the world. So that wherever she was, she could see me. I only do it for her, and I hope she isn't reading this entry. Then again, she wasn't really into fashion magazines.' "

Ino laughed. That was true. She remembered clearly, when they were little, Sakura would make a fuss about what she was wearing. Ino and Temari loved to play dress up with her.

" 'But, other than us, (a significant small group of friends consisting of the said girl, a boy, and famous model, Hyuuga Neji) she wishes she had a friend that can act as a role model. Something that none of us, since we're guys, could do.' "

" 'Hyuuga Neji, Model, and popular with both women and, unsurprisingly, guys due to, in his younger days, being 'pretty'. His career started at age twelve. We had a chance to interview him, and here is what he said;' " Ino snickered secretly at the fact that guys also were fans of the famous Hyuuga Neji.

" 'I became a model because my special friend, one that I know Sasuke told you about, always wanted us, meaning Sasuke and I, to model. Sasuke started later, due to being so camera shy…He's going to try and get revenge on me for saying that. Also, I'm happy modeling. My only wish is that when, on behalf of Sasuke, we're not on the job, please refrain from coming near us. That includes fan girls.' "

" 'Well, he said please and he asked quite politely, so most paparazzi are staying away from them or they will 'face wrath from both the Uchiha and the Hyuuga'. That doesn't mean we won't take pictures!' "

Ino sighed and put it down next to her.

Check yes, Juliet,

Here's the countdown,

3-2-1, now fall in my arms now

They can change the locks,

Don't let them change your mind-

Her manicured hand grabbed the cell and flipped it, almost professionally, open then held it to ear. She picked up her remote, at the same time, and turned the music off.

"Moshi Moshi, the name's Ino." She answered lazily.

"What's uh-p, gaal? You comin' or not?"

Ino paused and scanned her ceiling for an idea to get out of it. Giving up (Since you really can't find anything on a blank ceiling), she inwardly sighed but faked a peppy reply of,

"Sure, why not?"

"Need a ride?"

"Uh, I don't th-"

"Ino, your friends are here!" Her mother called out from downstairs. The Yamanaka's blue eyebrows narrowed, not very proud of her 'friends' being sure that she was going to say.

She should've really left the music on and pretended she couldn't hear anything.

Anything at all.


"Ah, this doesn't really feel like a date." Sakura sighed as she crossed her arms. Sasuke shoved his hands in his pockets, face wiped of emotion. "What do you expect? Everyone's here." She glared at him.

"You promised."

The Uchiha raised an eyebrow. "I know." The pink haired girl looked at him expectedly.


"Just because everyone's here doesn't mean we have to me with them."

Sakura paused and tilted her head to the side. She caught the corner of his mouth twitched up. She grinned and hugged him. "Thanks, Sasuke-kun!"

"Whatever, whatever, now get off. Naruto might-"


"Speak of the idiot." Sasuke grumbled as he pried the still-grinning Sakura's arms around his neck. Not too much later, Naruto had glomped the poor girl.

"Na-Naruto! Yo-You're too heavy!" Sakura cried as she tried to support him, her shoulders shaking and legs wobbly.

"Hehe, you can sue me for it." Naruto laughed sheepishly as he stuck his tongue out.

"Actually, we should sue Ichiraku for making him that way."

"Shika!" Sakura said as she dropped Naruto, who didn't land so softly. She ran over to the geek and hugged him. He rolled his eyes.

"I only saw you yesterday." Shikamaru snorted as he patted her back. Neji, who was next to him, frowned and crossed his arms. "No hug for me, eh." Sakura laughed and hugged him.

Sasuke rolled his eyes at the scene while Naruto rubbed his head. "Ahhh, itai. You guys make it seem like you haven't seen each other since…forever." The blonde stated as he mumbled things along the lines of "unfair" and "want" and "hug" and "too".

Shikamaru looked at Naruto. "So, where's everyone else?" In the background, Neji had his grip on Sakura while Sasuke was trying to remove her from him…Actually, him from her. Either way, he didn't want Neji holding onto Sakura.

Naruto pointed to direction he came from. "There waiting over there. I was just looking for you guys." He grinned cheekily. "So, shall we head over there?" The Nara sighed, earning a questioning look. "What?"

"Let's settle things here, first." The brunette said exasperatedly as he nudged his head towards the other three's direction.

"Let go, now, Hyuuga, before I rip those golf balls out of their sockets." Sasuke threatened. Neji glared at him in return. "Golf balls? You certainly didn't take biology class, because these 'golf balls' of mine are called eyes." A smirk spread across the Uchiha's face.

"Well, if those aren't the balls in your body, where are they? They certainly aren't down there."

"Why you-"

"Ew. Dude." Sakura said as she closed her ears. "I want at least a little purity left after hanging from you guys."

Now, who was going to say that didn't sounded A LITTLE misleading.

"EH?! Sakura-chan, you had sex with them?!" Naruto cried as he put his hands on the sides of his head. "NO. WHY THEM? Was it a threesome?! Were they experienced?! Was it a FOURSOME?! I didn't think you were that type of gi-" He was punched by Sasuke before he could even finish.

"Not that way, dumb ass."

"Eh? What?" Sakura raised an eyebrow and looked around. Shikamaru put a hand on her head and sighed. "Nothing, nothing. The fact that you're in college already should also change the fact that you'd be aware of what you said sounds likes." The pink haired paused before turning red.

"AW. AW. EW. YOU SICK PERVERTS." She yelled as she inched away from them, earning stares from bystanders. Sasuke growled in annoyance at the attention she was grabbing once more. "Stop it, Sakura. You're attracting unwanted attention." The said girl glared at him.

And that initiated a glaring contest.

"Well, I think they would've realized your Uchiha Sasuke with your chicken butt hair."

"Actually, I've seen fan websites and my number one feature is a tie between my face, personality, and hair."

"Pfft. That's, like, everything you have."


"You're hair is only one of your best features because people are really good at making fun of it. Once, I saw a video where your hair was a dead bird!"

"Hehe. I gotta admit, your hair does look like a head bird. Your bangs look like the wings and-"

"Stay out of this, dobe."

"See? Your hair

look like a dead bird! And what's with the sunglasses? That just attracts more attention! Look at all the girls staring at you."

"What? You jealous?" Smirk.

"In your dreams."

"You should see them."


"…I'm kidding."

"Sasuke-kun your jokes are perverted."


"You've been hanging out with Itachi-kun too much."


"Oh. There was no denying!"

"I hate aniki."

"So why are you sounding like him?"



"Well, at my hair is in style now. No one looks at me, wondering if that's my natural hair color or not."

"Eh?! So, my hair's pink! Doesn't change anything."

"Hn. And your forehead-"

Sasuke immediately shut his mouth as Sakura's face drained from playful and fun to sad and reminiscing. Then it flashed to angry.



Don't do what we think you're going to do-

She spun on her heels and ran.

"Shit!" Sasuke cursed as he ran after her. Neji muttered some incoherent stuff before whipping his head around to Naruto, who flinched in slight shock.

"Can you run back to the group and tell them we're having a small emergency." He ordered, motioning the blonde to "Make a move on it". Not knowing what was going on, Naruto nodded reluctantly, and ran back in the direction he came from.

Shikamaru rubbed his temple. "Shit…How troublesome." The Hyuuga crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow.

"Care to explain the stats?" He asked, his eyes holding fear but not visibly, "How dangerous may this be?" When his white eyes caught Shikamaru putting his large headphones on and turning on his iPod, he knew this may be 'troublesome' as he says.

"We walked around the mall. In one round, there are one hundred and four Populars. Most with their boyfriends, so that makes it…About fifty boys and fifty four girls. Within the last fifteen minutes we stood here, about nineteen more walked in, sixteen girls and three boys." He stated, his face calm. A yawn escaped his mouth. "Why did we have to have so many students in our school?"

"Don't know. Don't care. How many do you estimate our carrying weapons and can get away with it?" Neji asked. He rubbed his face in stress. "We're losing track of Sasuke. Let's start moving."

As the two began running along side each other, Shikamaru looked up to calculate the estimation, which wasn't actually that hard. "Fifty three and…Fifty three."

"So, fifty three knives."

"Or more. Maybe girls carry whips."



"Yeah. They're a little abusive."



"Let's just keep going."


THIS was why Sasuke refrained himself from talking so much.

THIS was why he barely spoke.

It'd get out of hand, and then he'd INSTANTLY regret what he said.

He hated that feeling.


And, of course…


"Sakura! Sakura!" Sasuke called out, earning attention from other girls who whispered things like, "He looks familiar…" and "Is he…Do you think he's-?" He muttered strings of curses as he wiped the sweat of his brow.

'Why does she always have to give me the biggest headaches?!' He asked himself, sighing. The Uchiha began to become frantic as he looked around.

But, then…

You can causes me any problem, PROBLEMS…


Because I-


His eyes flashed red.


The said boy whipped around to see Neji and Shikamaru running toward him. Neji gritted his teeth.

"You didn't catch her?"

Sasuke bit the inside of his mouth and shook his head. Shikamaru rubbed his forehead. Neji pointed, startling the other two.

"There she is!"

"Oi! Sakura!"

The Uchiha was first to dash towards her. Then, he immediately thought, 'Maybe it wasn't good to call her out…'. He saw her turn around, and he knew that she'd seen him when she dashed off even further. He cursed. But, what pushed Sasuke even more to find her was-

'Was she crying?'

Sasuke pushed his legs to run as fast as they could go.


"It's not a good idea to move, Naruto…" Lee said as they looked through the windows of the store to see Populars all over the place. Tenten nodded in agreement as she put a hand on and a pair of sunglasses.

"Yeah. We're bound to be recognized by someone."

Naruto gritted his teeth. "But, we gotta look for Sakura-chan!" He pointed outside to emphasize his point (no pun intended). "Look how many of 'em are here! Who knows what will happen to her- To them! The Geniuses!"

"They're Geniuses, Naruto. They can handle any situation." Shino stated, getting annoyed that Kiba kept put different sunglasses on him. Lee and Tenten frowned in doubt. They turned to Hinata, whose usually blushed-worried face was a serious one.

She looked from the ground up to the Nobodies.

"Why don't we make the situation safer for them?"

Her eyes then focused onto Naruto. His eyes focused onto the rest of the group. And with a nod and smirks spreading across their face, they all dashed out of the shop quick enough not to be noticed.


"Shit…I got separated from Sakura." Sasuke hissed as he looked around, his sunglasses falling off. He picked them up and shoved them into his pocket, fully aware of the gawks girls sent. They were ignored, of course. "Sakura!?" He called out, looking around.

Come on. A girl with pink hair? How can you NOT see her?

Neji looked around, too, and his glasses soon slipped down to the bridge of his nose, Annoyed, he, too, then shoved it into his pocket.

"There!" Shikamaru pointed over to see Sakura and Ino, standing face to face. Sasuke was ready to make a mad dash when Neji stopped him with a hand on the shoulder.

"Wait. Let's watch what she does."

Sasuke gritted his teeth. "Sakura to Ino or Ino to Sakura?" His head hurt, as memories of Sakura's bullies flashed through his head too quickly to comprehend. "I'm not going to wait until a hand, a finger, until she's taken a STEP toward for something to happen!" Neji remained impassive to his friend's uncharacteristic anger.

"Neji might be right, Sasuke."

The said boy glared at Shikamaru, feeling tinges of betrayal. He shoved Neji's hand off his shoulder. The corner of his mouth twitched up into a sarcastic smile.

"And how is that, Shikamaru?"

The Nara remained impassive to his anger, too, and gave a cough. "Lately, Ino has been showing hesitation. Ever since Sakura has come. I overheard one day, while I was info-collecting, that she didn't agree with Karin's plan, whatever it was." His eyes remained glued to Sasuke's, a serious staring contest ensuing. "There is a high probability she wouldn't attack Sakura."

Sasuke snorted and turned away, arms crossed but his hands were in tight fists. After everything, why should he trust her?! After all she did to Sakura-

"Whatever." His narrowed eyes watched Ino like a vulture, and Sakura in a protectively manner. If Ino made one move towards Sakura, he wasn't sure what he was going to do.




They looked at each other with little acknowledgement. Sakura's usually bright and emotional face turned into a face much similar to Sasuke's; emotionLESS.

Ino bit the inside of her mouth. Was that all Sakura had to say after so many years? Out of anger, she nearly screamed out,

"Is that all you gotta say after all these years?"

Sakura's pale lips turned from a thin line into a smirk.

"Yeah. After all you did. Do you think I'd be forgiving?"

Truthfully, yeah. That's what Ino hoped. Sakura always forgave, and forgave, even though she wouldn't say it so openly. This time, she so was serious, it made Ino want to cry.

"Look, I-"

"I can't forgive you."

Ino felt her heart tear. Without even a chance to explain, without even a moment of thinking needed, Sakura had said her answer and made it sound so final.

Well, this Yamanaka refused to make it final.


Sakura's eyes narrowed and dulled from a shining emerald to a scratched up one.

"Do you know what you put Sasuke-kun through?!"

Ino paused.

Hold it, hold it…


So she wasn't angry at her…because of what she did to her?


"Sasuke-kun got so angry at himself…" Sakura's eye was twitching, as if trying to stop it from producing tears. "At first, I thought he was angry at me. Instead, he told me he, HE, had no right to talk to me." She gulped back something.

Ino felt relief, but at the same time, guilt.




"Sasuke-kun, I'm okay! Seriously!" Sakura said as she stared at the back of Sasuke's head, hoping he'd turn around- "Nngh!" This caused Sasuke to turn around.

Itachi sighed as he rubbed the alcohol onto her scratches. "Of course it's going to sting, Sakura." He kissed her forehead, causing Sasuke to twitch a bit, but the feeling passed.


He remained silent. After moments of him staring at her and she becoming uncomfortable, he finally said something that made her feel…It can't be described.

"I don't have the right to talk to you."


"We didn't talk until Sasuke got his revenge." Sakura gulped. "I don't know who, but he did get his revenge." Her fist clench. "And after that, he-"


"Itachi-kun, where are you going?" Sakura asked as she tug on his leather coat sleeve. He smiled and patted her head.

"We're going to do Karate."

"For today?"

He shook his head. "For a while." Her facial features faltered.

"Eh? So…I won't see you and-" She turned to look at Sasuke's back. He remained stiff and motionless. He wouldn't turn around to look at her.

He didn't even say goodbye.


"There were no emails, no mail in general. No phone. No nothing. For two months. It felt like forever." Tears that she held back for so many years fell.


"I'm going to-"

"Shh. Be quiet, Sasuke. This might trigger something."


"Okay, so far, at LEAST twenty must've chickened out and ran out of the mall." Naruto huffed as he rubbed his cheek of blood. Not his own, of course. Shino grunted.

"You weren't counting, Naruto. Only fourteen of them were Populars. Eight of them were just friends. Strangers."

Kiba sighed as he cracked his knuckles. "Makes you wonder why cops don't do anything."

Hinata kicked one of the Popular girls in the back of the knee, causing them to curse and fall. "Cops aren't allowed to meddle in Konoha Kasai affairs. Since, the principle is the Hokage of course."

Tenten smirked as she held nail tips that were ripped of forcefully from an earlier opponent. Lee shivered. "Tenten, why must you have such a gross hobby?" The brunette shrugged and shoved it into her pocket. "It reminds me of all the girls I defeated and saw cry." She giggled.

Naruto shivered in the same manner as Lee. "Yeah. A little creepy."

"Hey, the girls called in reinforcements." Kiba called out. Shino sighed while the rest grinned anticipation.



"Eh?" Sakura felt warm arms wrap around her and blonde hair flow around her.

"He did it because he cared about you. Did you know? He learned Karate to protect you. When he got your revenge, he barely made it."

Sakura gulped and felt herself wrap her arms around her once best friend. "Ino-chan."

"I'm sorry, Sakura."

"I know you didn't do it."

Ino froze, feeling the tears she's been holding in threatening to come out.

"I know you did it because you didn't want to be bullied. I'm okay with that, but…" Sakura's grip on the Yamanaka tightened. "You're still being bullied in a different way then me, eh?"

And, in an all too familiar scene, they embraced each other and cried. But, the scene was soon ruined.

"Good job, Ino."


Shikamaru sighed. "And the touching scene is ruined by the ugly bitch. Come on, let's move in." Neji and Sasuke couldn't agree even more.


"This is getting a little tiring- HAH!" Naruto punched the Popular in the face. "Hinata, anything from Neji, yet?" Hinata shook her head. "No- EEIYAH!" She jabbed a girl in the gut and stepped on her foot. She pushed her back and gave some time to regain her breath.

"We should've at least drove out at least a quarter of the Pops out of this place…" Kiba said as he punched another one out. Akamaru, who came out of his jacket, helped out with biting Pops in the strangest places.

"Yes." Shino nodded. "But, they have many friends with them today." Lee chopped another one in the shoulder. "CHYAAAAAH!"

Beep. Beep.

"I got a text!" Hinata cried out as she whipped out her cell, flipped it open, and read quickly. "Come on, we need to head over Section B of the mall- YEEK!"

Shino punched the Popular that charged after that Hyuuga and sighed. "Well? Let's get going."


Karin smirked as she put down her shopping bags and tilted her head back. "So, you don't have my Sasuke-kun, your precious savior, with you today, hm?" Ami giggled from beside her leader. Ino gulped and pushed Sakura behind her.

"I don't agree with your plan, Karin." She said, feeling her heart ready to pound out of her chest. The girl just laughed.

"So? Like that matters now. We have her now and no one could do anything about it." Karin smiled as she snapped her fingers. Ami whipped out her pocket knife and twirled it in her hand showoff-ly. The Yamanaka shielded even more Sakura.

"That's going to far!"

Ami shrugged and charged toward Ino, a smile that showed every evil part of herself, when suddenly a chocolate blur went in front of her.

"Yeah. A bit too far."

The girl looked up to see who had caught her wrist and twisted it back. "Eh?! Hyuuga Neji?!" She winced when she felt her wrist being pushed even more, forcing her to drop on to the floor with a klang. Neji then kicked the knife away and shoved Ami onto the floor.

Sasuke went up to Sakura and asked, "Are you okay?" The pink haired girl looked at him with teary eyes and nodded. "Gomen…"

Shikamaru gave a sigh of relief. He walked over to Ino with a smirk and patted her on the back. She grinned in reply.

Karin cursed and whipped out her cell from her purse, only to have it knocked away by a flying bag.

"All your goonies are knocked out, Karin no Baka!"

Everyone turned around and felt like they were in a scene where the hero bursts in loud and clear, saying that he's ready to save them. Kiba hit him in the back of the head.

"Most of them."

"Tch. Damn it…Suigetsu!"

"Ah, damn it woman, I'm coming, I'm coming."

All turned to look suspiciously at a teen who came out of the shop they stood in front of, holding a bottle of water with a straw in it.

"Yo, yo, what's all the commotion?" He looked around and raised an eyebrow. "Why are you all staring at me?"

"You idiot! Pick Ami up and let's get out of here!" Karin screeched as she picked up her bags and motioned for the exit. Suigetsu rolled his eyes and picked up Ami like a sack of flour. "Yeah, yeah. Geez."

They watched the three stooges escape uncool-ly. Ino sighed.

"I guess we got to go back on our sides. Karin won't be happy with me." The blonde laughed. She remembered she didn't even buy anything. "I might at least be ignored by everyone for a week or so."

Shikamaru stared at her. When a Popular is ignored, they are ignored by the whole school. Geniuses care less. Nobodies don't care either. Everyone else also ignore the person, fearing they may get ignored, too. Sakura, didn't understand this, and became angered.

"What?! Why?!"

Ino smiled and pat her head affectionately. "That's how life is."


"Come on, Sakura-chan, cheer up." Naruto nudged the girl whose head was buried in her arms. He frowned and leaned his head onto hers, earning a slap on the head from Sasuke.

Lee nodded. "Yes! It's not fun when the usually cheery person isn't so…cheery." Hinata and Shino nodded in agreement. Kiba shrugged and held out Akamaru. "You wanna pet him?" Neji coughed. "Like that'd help." The dog boy snarled. "The silky coat is very soothing to the touch." The Hyuuga's white eyes rolled.

"I don't get it."

Everyone immediately shut up and looked at her, waiting for her to continue.

"I don't get being a Nobody…Being a Popular…Being labeled. It's all so confusing…" She said as she lifted her head, her tired eyes seen.

A few minutes of silence continued until a certain Uzumaki broke it.

"Well, why don't we teach you to be a Nobody?"

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"I have to do WHAT to WHO?!" -Sakura

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