Summary: Mohinder knows it's fake.

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Mohinder is almost positive there's a name for it, the act of falling in love with your father's killer. A mental illness even. It's probably rare and hard to diagnosis- who really wants to admit to anyone, even them self that they are in love with a murderer?

The thought though, it's a relief. Simply because it's a reason or an excuse is the real question but Mohinder finds he doesn't really care as long as the end result is the same. They're together.


Sylar doesn't love him.

Mohinder is sure of that- to feel love one has to be able to feel the softer sides of emotions, like forgiveness, guilt, regret and remorse. Sylar is fury, possession and pain wrapped up in a pretty package of fear. Dark and mysterious and deadly, the rapid beating of his heart isn't excitement- it's fear and that's how he knows.


Mohinder knows it's fake.

Sylar stole the power of an illusion maker not so long ago. He likes to think that maybe the man did it, just for him just to keep him, but Sylar's thirst for more power tells otherwise.

Yet he keeps Mohinder in a fantasy world where Zane is real, his father is alive and the world has been saved. It stops the guilt and the pain from being too much- if the fantasy can be seen as real then maybe, in some way or another, it is okay. This is okay.

And maybe, even though it isn't real, Mohinder can pretend that it's enough.

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