Fire Badge

Chapter 1: Harold's Deal

It was once again summer for Billy as he was being sent to summer camp to which his father also had a job as a camp councilor along with Irwin's father being a fellow councilor and also Skarr as the scoutmaster.

"Wow, I can't believe it's summer already!" shouted Irwin who was sitting right next to Billy on the bus.

"I know what you mean" said Billy, "I remember my dad back before Christmas made a deal with me on a sort of video game system to which he didn't even get me."

After this statement, the scene switches to where Billy is at the mall back about six months ago looking at the glass window noticing an expensive video game system.

"Dad, dad, would you please get this for me for Christmas?" asked Billy.

"No, no, no son" replied Harold, "that video game system is too expensive but if you get at least one badge, and I mean any one badge at the summer camp next year I'll get you that video game system."

"Wow, alright I'll go to summer camp!" replied Billy with such excitement.

"Hee, hee, works every time" said Harold to which had crossed his fingers behind his back.

The scene immediately switches back to the bus of where Irwin's father was driving at the wheel.

"Alright kids, we're just about arriving" said Irwin's father as he turned his turned around.

"I can't wait to try to get a badge!" cried Billy to which the bus stopped at its destination.

After all the kids got out of the bus, former general Skarr who was the scoutmaster greeted each one of them.

"Alright campers" said Skarr as he began overlooking each one of them, "you are going to be considered the lowest of the low even lower than what a name of baby flies are called. That is until you get at least one badge through your camping experience. Now campers, get going."

"Alright son" said Harold as he stepped into the scene with Irwin's father, "you heard the man. I promised you that I would not get you that video game last Christmas until you during this camping experience get one badge."

"Don't you worry papa" said Billy as he saluted to his father after he was handed a list of activities he could accomplish by Skarr to acquire a badge, "I Billy will not rest until I get a badge from any one of these activities."

But Billy's stupidity got the better of him as he couldn't do some of the simplest activities such as collecting firewood, fishing to setting up a tent. Billy couldn't do any of those and Skarr was pretty disappointed with him as he was the worse camper.

"I can't believe it!" cried Skarr as he looked at the list of activities Billy has failed to complete, "You've failed to complete any activities on the list that I have given you! Even the other campers can complete most of them. Pud'n is ironically doing better than you, maybe because he's been raised by wolves whose brains are bigger than yours. Look Billy if you can't do at least one activity on the list then I am afraid I am going to send you home."

"But you can't send me home Mr. Former General Skarr sir" said Billy, "my dad promised me to get that expensive video game system that he didn't get last Christmas."

"I don't care if he promised you one million dollars" said Skarr, "if you don't accomplish the last activity on the list, you're out of here. Good day to you."

As Billy looked down with the long list of activities that he had failed to do throughout his time at camp, he noticed the last one was to start a simple camp fire. But Billy didn't have the sort of skills required to do something like this so he had to call upon Grim to enter the scene.

"Grim!" cried Billy to which a portal opened up with Grim who was in his beach wear.

"What is it now?!" cried Grim as he instantly placed on his black robe and took out his scythe, "I was busy enjoying my summer vacation away from you!"

"Grim, could you please help me create a camp fire so that I can stay here at summer camp?" asked Billy.

"Stay here, at summer camp, what happens if you don't succeed? Is there some other activities you have tried to do?" asked Grim.

"I have failed to do every activity on the list that former general Skarr who's our scoutmaster gave to do" replied Billy.

"Wait a second, if you fail all of this!" cried Grim as he began to quickly look through the long list, "Then that means my vacation is going to be cut short!"

"Don't worry Grim, we can always pretend to be camping out in the backyard with Mandy" replied Billy, "say, where is Mandy any how?"

"She was enjoying a vacation away from you like how I was as well" replied Grim, "but this calls for drastic measures on your lack of ability to create fire."

"Who are you going to call to be an expert on creating fire, are you going to hire that certain monkey who also goes to a camp like this one and who can use his elbows to create fire?" asked Billy.

"Not really" replied Grim to which he took his scythe to create a portal, "we're going to summon a fire bender from a mystical world where people can use the elements all around them."

"Wow, cool!" cried Billy to which Grim began to utter some ancient words.

"I summon the power from the nation of Fire to come forth and guide this simpleton" said Grim to which a woman in some sort of royal red clothing appeared after the portal closed.

"Where the heck am I?" asked the woman in quite a rude voice then she notices the Grim Reaper, "Reaper, why have you summoned me here to this primitive world?"

"Billy, this is Princess Azula of the Fire Nation" said Grim, "as for summoning you, it's for drastic reasons as to keeping my vacation status intact and this big nosed idiot away from me."

"Just what's the task you have summoned me for?" asked Azula.

"Oh please Princess Azula" replied Billy as he kneeled down before her, "I just got to do this activity or I wouldn't get that video game system my dad promised to get me last Christmas but couldn't. Please, please, please!"

To which Billy kept on saying the word "please" over and over which annoyed Azula.

"Okay, okay!" cried Azula to which blue flames were shown around her as she was quite angry with Billy's annoyance, "I'll see what I can do to help you."

"Yeah!" cried Billy with such joy.