Question of the Chappie: Popsicles or ice cream?

Written off of prompt #88 Pain (the last one was off of #17 Blood, btw).

Roxas huffed and tried to pull away, but the older boy tugged him back, capturing him in a hug.

(Not that Roxas really minded.)

(He actually thought it was sort of amusing how Axel was desperately trying to regain some ounce of manliness.)

The blond stopped struggling and decided it would be better if he just leaned into the redhead. He let out a content sigh and closed his eyes, thumbing the top of Axel's jeans. It was quiet and perfect and Roxas wanted it to stay that way.

But Axel decided he needed to interrupt the silence. Again (seriously, how many times has it been now?). "I actually have no idea if we're in love. Probably not, to be honest with you. We're still in the like stage, I reckon."

Roxas glared.

"… But I think I could love you. After a little bit. It's just that it kinda… I dunno… it…"

"Scares you, right?"

"Yeah. Of the pain, you know. The you hurting me and the me hurting you."