A Happily Ever After

Author▓s note: in this poem even if I don▓t mention names it is between Score and Helaine and its was inspire by them. Hope you enjoy my poem. Please send reviews!!!! (I do not own the Diadem)

She awaits for you to make your move.
She walks One,
Three steps,
She waits impatiently, but waits.

Her heart beats are strong when you say her name.
Thump, Thump, Thump,
She feels as if her heart is escaping from her body but she holds it in.

She knows how to hide her feelings really well you know ┘ Or Does she not know them yet?

I wonder if she loves him?
I wonder if she knows her love for him?

I hope she recognizes it┘hope she remembers him.
I hope the love they have for each other won▓t turn in to hate.

I know he loves her.
I know he is trying to make the first move.

He waits impatiently for the right moment.
Three steps from the goal,

Standing in front of each other, nothing is said.
They stare into each others eyes, nothing is said,
Nothing needs to be said

Thump ,
They hesitate,

A hug.

Now they realize they have the same feelings for each other.

A kiss.

A happily ever after.