Okay my little duckies, here's your sexytime! And, really, this sexytime is REALLY . . . harlequin romance-ish. Enjoy Edward's attempts at resisting!

Edward's POV
"Bella." I muttered nervously.

She just smiled, the little vixen. She knew what she was doing to me.

"Err, I shouldn't be in here, you're, you're not, errm, decent." I continued uselessly.

I tried again. "Bella, it, it's not proper, for us, for the both of us to be in here, like this." I prattled on. It was a pity I didn't bring my jacket. I could've draped it over her.

"Edward." She started, in a mock disapproving tone. She was up close to me, and reached behind me, and I heard the lock snap into place.


She held my right hand, then my left, with both of hers, interlacing our fingers, sending chills up my spine.

"I just wanted to ask you what you thought of this." She gestured to her skintight outfit.

She only had to look at my expression to know what I thought of it. But her words worked, and by pure reflex, I looked down at her bare toes, dragging my sinful eyes up slowly, powerless to look away.

I reached the tops of her thighs, her shapely white legs blending with the baby blue, lacey boy-shorts.

I looked at the inch of skin that was left between the shorts and the corset. It was beautiful.

Then, the corset, tied tightly, laced through every single opening in the top against her slender, smooth back, stopping very low on her small, perfectly round breasts, so that they too, were squeezed tightly, forcing them up, in a way that made me want to rip the top off, and have my way with her.

But no. I was allowing myself to get too carried away. I couldn't. I simply could not. I would not be the one to taint her innocence.

Still. . .

The way she looked now, it was too tempting. The way her body looked was so mouthwatering, awakening a desire in me that only Bella could quench. Joining with Bella, fully, completely, in the last way, was would finally make us one. If we physically joined, as one.

I dragged my eyes over her, another time, taking in the way her body was shaped. It was perfect. She was perfect. The way the wideness of her hips tapered in, forming her slim waist, then out again, for the roundness of her perfect breasts.

For the second time, I met her eyes. Her beautiful, telling eyes that were once brown, betraying whatever she felt.

Her eyes were enticing me, saying, 'Come. Be with me'. They trapped me, they attracted me, they drew me in.

"Edward," she sighed, putting her cheek on mine, pressing her cold lips just under my ear. I tried to not respond. I attempted to be still and silent, but, the moment her lips touched me, I melted.

I couldn't resist her. I turned my lips to hers, touching them with mine.

She returned my kiss, with such passion, such fervor, I continued. Her hands roamed my body, though, while mine stayed firmly on her hips.

Quickly, she undid my shirt, tossing it aside. Her hands roamed my torso, feeling, memorising, every muscle, every ridge.

She opened her mouth, and her tongue ran against my lower lip. I shivered. I opened my mouth too, our tongues entwining, in some kind of dance, fighting for dominance. She bit my lower lip slightly, making me go crazy with want, with need.

I needed her. So badly.

She pulled away from my mouth, my lips curving into a frown, then quickly back up into an expression of awe as she started on my neck.

She kissed my neck, wreaking absolute havoc on the skin there. I groaned and moaned in pure pleasure, muttering half-heartedly, "No, we shouldn't," as she grinned at what she was turning me into. I was powerless to resist.

I was entirely under her spell.

She moved slowly down my neck, kissing, biting, sucking. . .

Her hands, currently on my chest, danced on my lower stomach, then, to my surprise, dipped below the waistband of my jeans.

She looked straight into my eyes as my face twisted into a mask of shock and delight.

I gasped aloud. Oh. My. God.

"Bella. . ." I groaned. Her fingers danced on my manhood, caressing, touching, torturing me.

She was. . . extraordinary!

I took the hand that was on my chest and kissed it, from her wrist to the tips of her fingers. She seemed to like that, But I wanted more.

I wanted to be able to make her melt, like she was doing to me. I wanted to be able to make her groan in pleasure and scream for more.

But she seemed to have the upper hand in that right now, and I certainly wasn't complaining.

She dragged her fingernails lightly over my sculpted abdominal muscles, making me shiver in pleasure, she snaked lower down until her hand reached the zipper of my jeans, and, with no hesitation, she unbuttoned it, and it was on the floor.

I tried again, "Bella. . .This is improper, we shouldn't-" I gasped aloud as she, again, allowed her fingers to move across my manhood, massaging, squeezing, so that I was left immobilized, in shock, from the foreign ecstasy that I was feeling.

Then, she paused, and I watched her, powerless to stop her as she tugged at my boxer-briefs, almost ripping them, in her excitement, and throwing them. . .somewhere.

Her devilish lips trailed down, so slowly, that it left my mouth whispering, as if of its own accord, "Oh God, Bella, please more."

She continued, this time, going much lower. Her fingertips ran slowly up to my buttocks from the back of my knee, then back again while the other hand ran from the side of my knee to the inside of my thigh, causing shivers all up my spine.

She kissed the back of my knee softly, then, to the inside of my thigh, kissing, biting, it was the best feeling I'd ever experienced.

Seeing what she was about to do, I was embarrassed. "Bella, You don't have to-" I stammered.

"Relax, Edward. I want to."

Then, her lips went to my penis, licking first, from the base to the tip, making me tremble violently, in delight, in an explosion of feeling, that made me want to cry out, and I clenched my teeth together and gasped and shuddered.

She watched me speculatively as I orgasmed, smiling in satisfaction as she saw what she did to me. What she did for me. I wanted to do the same for her, I wanted her to feel as wonderful as this.

I took her shoulders, a new determination within me, and I pulled her up, to eye level, and kissed her with unbridled passion as she responded.

My hands were behind her back, unlacing the corset, and finally pulling it off of her.

She was beautiful. That song, 'Your Body is A Wonderland' came to mind when I looked at her. She was so perfectly exquisite. I loved her with all my heart, and, what she'd been saying all along came into focus.

She'd said, 'How could you live as you have, with such consideration and kindness, and generosity for the world around you, and think you're a monster? How could you live as you have, and think you're going to hell? You're wonderful, Edward, and you've saved me countless times. I love you.'

She'd said that I was perfect for her, that I was going to heaven, that I wasn't damned. And now, I believed her. I wasn't damning her by being joined with her in this last way.

If my beautiful, wonderful, selfless Bella didn't want to get married, she didn't have to. I knew she loved me. That was enough.

I took in her topless body, perfect in every way. Even now, she seemed slightly self-conscious. I put my hands on her waist, and pulled her closer to me. I kissed her, every part of her: her luscious lips, her neck, her flawless, rosy breasts, down to her flat stomach.

My thumbs rubbed small circles on her waist, her hips, her taut breasts.

"Edward. . ." she whispered, "Please don't stop."

I heard her as she groaned my name, happy that we were finally becoming one.

I tore of the ridiculously tiny boy-shorts and caressed her intimately. She shuddered and gasped, in shock, in delight. I kissed her inner thighs, going higher and higher until I finally reached her lips again.

Then, we were kissing and kissing, our tongues intertwining, me squeezing her thigh, and hitching it to my hip, her wrapping her legs around my waist, fingers in my hair, kissing, kissing. . .

After endless moans and groans, from the both of us, I moved to the mirrored wall with her in my arms, positioning her, then entering her, with such force, that we both shuddered and shivered inside each other.

I moved inside of her, first slow, and then faster and faster, until I drove her to orgasm. She was beautiful as she felt the explosion of feeling, enhancement of senses even more, and the pure delight, the ecstasy, the awareness, contentment.

Then, we stood for a while, her head on my chest, cradled by my hand, her tiny hands barely wrapping around my waist.

Until she looked up into my eyes. "Let's go home." She said.

"Okay." I replied, still shaken from our first time, the sheer amazement of it.

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