Summary: His mother told him that when he grew up, he would find a woman just like a butterfly, but he never believed her. It's amazing how time can change your opinion on certain things because he's pretty sure he found his butterfly. Inukag.

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When he was young, his mother would tell him that he would find a woman that he would fall in love with, and she would seem like a butterfly to him. He never believed her, but it was fun to imagine what a girl would look like if she was a 'butterfly'. Often times he would imagine a girl that had green skin pigment, and had yellow wings with simultaneous matching black spots on each of them. He would grin in humor at the very thought of ever seeing someone looking that ridiculous.

The truth was, he didn't understand what his mother meant by 'butterfly'. He would put on a fake grin whenever his mother pointed and said, "Look, Inuyasha, a butterfly, just as your true love will be!" He didn't understand at all. Did his mother mean that he would fall in love with a strange looking human, demon, or half-breed? What kind of crazy prediction was that?

Years passed away, taking his mother with them, and he never got the chance to ask her what she had really meant. In time, he would find out that he wouldn't need to ask anyone what his mother had meant, fore it would all become clear eventually.

There was one time, when he had loved someone, and he had thought that he had 'found his butterfly', but he realized he was wrong in the end; it was a fluke. He was betrayed, hurt, and ended up turning skeptical toward every living thing he ever met. He was pinned to a tree, dreaming of violent, sad, and upsetting things; fighting, blood being spilled everywhere, the loss of his mother, and his so-called 'butterfly'.

Fifty years passed, and he was awoken. A young woman, that looked almost identical to the one that he had loved sat before him, looking at him wide-eyed, lost, and curious. He had spat at her something rude, and called her the wrong name, and she had retaliated. It was then and there that he knew that the woman before him at that moment was not his butterfly.

Yet again, he was proven wrong. The more he got to know this girl, Kagome, the more he needed her; longed for her; missed her; and started comparing her to pretty insects. Kagome was pretty; beautiful in fact. She was so pretty it made him stare at her as she slept in admiration. She was that rare kind of beauty that cannot be replaced, nor taken away, no matter what happens. Just as a butterfly's beauty.

And she was frail. She could be crushed by the simplest things. So fragile, that sometimes he thought she should have a sign on her that said, "Handle with care," or "Breakable". She was the damsel in distress many a time, yet, she was the hero as well. She was weak, but strong willed; strong hearted; strong with kindness and care; and strong with love. She had unimaginable power if you toyed with her, and she was full of life. Somewhat like a butterfly's structure.

She was a butterfly. More importantly, his butterfly. Kagome was the only one Inuyasha had ever fully trusted, and most likely loved, and she was the only thing he was willing to sacrifice in order to protect her.

He overheard Shippo asking Kagome if she thought that a butterfly was pretty, and she had replied with, "It depends on what kind of butterfly it is." Inuyasha had smiled to himself, and silently thanked his mother. She was right. He had found his butterfly. She was beautiful. She was strong. She was his. She was Kagome.

And Kagome was a butterfly.

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