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What Is Wrong With Me?

(A Dasey Fanfiction)

By: Simply Shelby

Chapter One: Tickle Monster

Casey's POV

I noticed Sam standing across the hallway by his locker. He looked so cute and sweet leaning against the locker. Wait a minute… ugh… he's talking to Derek. Surprise, surprise, I mean yes they are best friends, but why and how is why I'd like to know. I mean Sam's cute, funny, charming, and nice while Derek's, well Derek. Oh well I'm Casey and I'm Sam's girlfriend even if Derek is his best friend. I smiled checking my hair and make-up in the small mirror I had hanging in my locker. Next to the gazillion pictures of Sam and I. I noticed one always in particular it was the one from his hockey team's victory after party we went to together. He looked so happy, not that he didn't usually look happy, but just extraordinarily happy. Wait a minute… is that… Derek… peering at us in the background.

"Wait Em," I said grabbing Emily before she had a chance to walk away and head home.

"Huh," she flipped around looking confused, "I said bye Case what is it?"

"Oh I uh… didn't hear you, but that's not the point," I replied. Wow I must have been really distracted.

She smiled laughing a bit, "and that point would be…"

"In this picture of Sam and me who does that look like to you in the background?" I asked her looking back towards my lockers door.

She laughed again stepping closer, "Which one Case, I mean after all if I tried to narrow it down with just that clue I'd be here all night."

I blushed, my affection for Sam was definitely something in the obvious, "this one," I said removing my favorite picture from under the magnet, and handing it to her.

I watched closely as she squinted her eyes looking at the blurry details of the picture, "I uh… think that's Derek," she paused, "He looks angry it's almost as… as…"

"As what?" I almost shouted. Gee the suspense was killing me. I noticed a few people in the hallway turn and look at us, but I didn't care I ignored them and turned back to Emily.

She laughed handing the picture back to me, "Well I was going to say it almost looked like he was scowling you and Sam, but I mean that's silly I mean Derek at a party for his hockey team's victory, of a game he scored the winning puck for… hah not likely."

I went to speak, but she cut me off, "Well Case I got to run, Trevor invited me to a concert, and normally I don't like his kind of music, but he's been looking pretty cute lately, bye," I watched as she scampered down the hallway catching up with Trevor.

I turned back to the picture Emily had placed back in my hand, " Yah Em was right he probably just caught some bad light," I giggled to myself placing the picture back on the door and shutting my locker.

I glanced back over to Sam; ugh speak of the devil Derek was still there doesn't he have somewhere to go or some little tramp to date or something. Oh well I'm going over there besides I had a plan to sneak up behind Sam and surprise him with something. (Wink, Wink) I silently slipped across the hallway I could be very sneaky when I wanted to be now that my "Klutzilla," days seemed to be in the clearing with me and Sam together. I stood behind Sam, he had his back to me still talking to Derek, and he hadn't even managed to open his locker yet. I would have giggled, but I didn't want to blow my cover. I peered a little bit over his shoulder and raised my hands, but then.

Derek noticed me I saw him smile, quite evilly I might add. I motioned my hands and placed a finger over my lip begging him to be quiet for just once. No luck, "Oh hi Casey," he laughed. I glared at him while mouthing, "You little…"

"Hi Case," I quickly smiled at Sam as he whipped around when Derek mentioned my name. He wrapped his arms around my waist smiling at me brightly and welcoming. I couldn't help, but release my bad mood towards Derek. I mean Sam's smiles I found could bring out the best in me often. Even when it came to well the Derek's of the world.

"Hey there handsome," I smiled coming closer to him. I heard Derek scoff in the background.

"So what were you doing back there?" he questioned raising one of his perfect cute little eyebrows.

"Well I was trying to surprise you, but someone…" I glared past Sam towards Derek. Derek however only found this more amusing laughing at me and turning back to his locker. I looked back at Sam who now also looked amused.

"Well did this surprise include a kiss," he smiled leaning forward.

I smiled leaning forward and at first only pecking my lips gently against his while wrapping my arms around his neck and rubbing the back of his head feeling his silky hair. I soon found Sam returning my kiss, but not so much as a peck; instead I felt his lips crush against mine in their moistness. I felt his lips tug up into a smile against mine. He was such a good kisser. The kiss was much stronger now and if I might of remembered where I was I would have stopped it at this point, but I couldn't it was… a… a… well a total make-out. Right there in the hallway, so not Casey McDonald.

Derek's POV

While rummaging through my mess of a locker I suddenly felt a certain silence next to me. Which was unusual considering around Sam, Casey often couldn't stop running her mouth. I laughed to myself. I was even good at insulting her in my own mind. Ok it's still quiet, not good, please don't be, I turned towards them, ugh kissing. Wait more like making out, in the hallway, Casey? This kind of bothered me; I mean why would Casey suddenly act so differently just for Sam? Wait what am I saying, why do I care, I don't.

"So planning for coming up for air anytime soon," I laughed leaning against a locker next to Casey and Sam.

Even with Sam's face blocker hers I could still see the outer edges turning that cute little pink color it did when she blushed. I mean… cute like Marti… Because it's Casey and… my thoughts were interrupted by a quick movement.

I watched while the embarrassed Casey attempted to pull off of Sam's tight grasp and suction cup lips. She wasn't having much luck. Okay Sam's my best friend and all, but he has been known to be a little oblivious sometimes, okay really oblivious. I tried to hide any ideas of for some reason wanting to go over to Casey and push Sam off of her in the back of my mind. Because for one, other than the awkwardness I should have no reason to want to do it and for two I don't know what is wrong with me today because I don't care! My thoughts were interrupted though when…

"Uh… sorry Derek?" I jerked my head up to notice a even pinker blushed Casey. She now though was standing slightly behind Sam leaning on a nearby locker. She looked up to me, but as soon as her eyes met mine I saw her jerk her head forward.

"Yeah sorry dude, I uh… you know got lost in the moment I guess, plus Casey is a really good…" Sam began, but then both me and Casey cut him off, it surprised me a little too.

"Do not finish that sentence!" both I and Casey practically shouted in union. I looked to Casey, but she refused to make eye-contact with me and turned her head back forward to across the hallway.

Sam laughed opening his locker and attempting to rummage through it. Wow his was even more of a mess than mine. Sam than began to tell me a story about something his mom yelled at him for and I sorta tuned out looking back over to Casey. She looked well, sad. I watched as she kept glancing at something across the hallway and then back to her feet twirling a piece of her hair with her index finger. I tried to look over the crowd to see what could possibly be turning her into upset Casey, but I couldn't too many people were there. I kept looking though I was determined to see what it was for some reason.

"Oh crap," I jerked my head up to look at Sam who had broken his constant rambling.

"Wh…what?" I asked. I sneaked a peak at Casey who was now also paying attention to Sam, but still checking across the hallway.

"I left my French book in the French room I gotta go get it before she leaves," he sighed slamming his locker.

"Uh… want me to come with?" I looked over to Casey who seemed to be begging for an excuse to leave with her eyes.

"No, I'll just go get it and come back, you won't even notice I'm gone, just wait here with Derek k Case?" He said turning and pecking her on the cheek.

"Oh yeah, I'll just wait here…" she fake smiled at him then looked down at her feet while he left. I walked over to her looking where she was. All I could see was a hot little red head and my ex- girlfriend Kendra… pointing and laughing at Casey. Oh great please don't come over here I thought Casey is not good with confrontation and then I'll have to step in because if I don't Casey will cry and then Sam will be mad at me or I'll have to deal with Casey crying. And I don't do crying especially with girls.

I quickly turned to my locker, "uh… hey Case will you help me with something," I smiled motioning for her to come over where I was.

She looked up walking over, "yeah sure," she stood next to me, "what do you need help with?"

I laughed smiling at her and taking out a book. She looked confused and brought a hand up to her face, "What do I have something on my face?"

"No your face is fine, as in fine as nothings on it," I quickly corrected myself because that's what I really meant. Wasn't it?

She smiled up at me, "the why are you laughing at me I don't remember falling while walking over here or anything."

"No, no it's just that well I was wondering why one you hadn't said something like Derek why would I help you get serious you evil little," I laughed while attempting to sound like Casey when she's mad at me.

She hit my shoulder playfully, "Shut up I didn't know you liked being insulted, but now that you mention it maybe I'll just go wait for Sam over th…," she said while turning around and beginning to walk away.

I didn't think about what I did next it was just sorta a reflex I guess. I grabbed her by her waist turning her back towards me, "not so fast Case…" but I was interrupted by Casey's hysterical laughing.

" that… that… tickles," I looked down noticing my hands were still around my waist it made me blush, but then I started to really tickler her.

"Oh really what about this?" I smiled tickling her more.

"Derek… you little… stop that… Derek," I laughed and she laughed along with me and then she began to tickle me.

I started laughing, "Oh now you're really gonna get it…"

"Good to see you guys are finally getting along," I jerked up to see Sam standing there and my smile immediately fell. Casey did as well and she looked up blushing again. Sam was smiling, but I couldn't help, but notice his teeth were somewhat clenched. So much for being oblivious besides me and Casey were just messing around. Wait that didn't sound right even in my mind… wait who am I trying to convince? Err I'm so confused. My thoughts were once again interrupted by Sam and I jerked my head up back to his eye contact.

"Uh dude, I think the tickle fight's over you can let go now," he motioned down towards, oh shit, I quickly yanked my hands from Casey's waist and stepped back closing my locker. I tried to look apologetic, but what I really wanted to do was say I'll let go when I want to let go. I watched as Sam quickly came up wrapping his own arm around her waist. This bothered me, wait no it didn't Derek nothing bothers you, usually. I peeked up at Casey, but she wouldn't look at me so I turned back to Sam.

"So we better run we are uh… gonna be late for hockey practice," I said motioning backwards towards the doors. "We can take my car I just gotta drop of Casey."

"Oh yeah sure dude, but Casey is coming to practice we are going out afterwards, but if the ride offer still stands for both of us I'll take it gladly," he said following me towards the doors still with his arm wrapped around Casey, I might add.

"No problem," I mumbled.

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