A/N: Sess/Kags, written for LJ's Dokuga Contest and their prompt of regret, must be 200 words exactly.

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Soft ebony locks blown about by the summer breeze brushed against the skin of his hand – a hand lost at her command - now graced with the simple pleasure of the moment.

Honey eyes closed against the sunlight and knew his defenses were sorely lacking. His downfall would not come at the end of a sword or be prevented with the strongest armor.

The fall of the great taiyoukai would come from simple touches as each traced their way across his heart, forever remembered in the years to come. He would fall for her as surely as if she had struck him down like a pup.

There was no way to defend himself.

And so he gave in to his end, embracing it with open arms – welcoming the death of who he had been.

He had never been afraid of his own demise.

The wind howled low through the trees, and he thought he could hear the faint sounds of his father's voice dancing through the night. InuNoTaisho had been even stronger than he, yet still fell to the gentle touch of a human woman.

Sesshoumaru would owe his father a large apology when they met once again.