The soft hum of the radio wakes me up. I slowly open my eyes one by one, and turn my body around to the other side of the bed. My hand feels something. It feels like a warm body. I turn my head around to see the mysterious item on my bed. I see... a Sasuke?

"AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream.

Sasuke wakes up from my screaming. He looks really annoyed by my early spasm.

"What the fuck?" he asks in a pissed tone.

"Why the hell are you on my bed?!" I ask him, demanding an answer.

"What do you mean?" he asks.

What does he mean, what does he mean?! Why is he in my bed and... and naked? I furiously blush. Sadly for me, he notices my blush and smirks. Typical.

"You don't remember do you?" he asks smugly.

"What?" I ask him, curious for an answer.

He chuckles to himself and says, "Nothing, I gotta go now." while looking for his clothes.

He just walks out of the bed just like that! I bring the blanket up to my face. No way am I going to see that boy naked!

"Eep!" I make out.

"You're nervous just after yesterday? Aw... that is cute." he teases me.

Jerk. What happened yesterday?! Why is he on my bed!

"You know we have school today right?" he reminds me.

"Holy shit!" I yell in surprise.

I jump out of bed and run to my closet. There is no time to take a shower, so I just brush my teeth and face. I slip into a quick t-shirt and sweatpants before I look at a clock again, 7:45. That is enough time to go to school. Luckily, I go to an elite high school that starts at 8 o' clock. High school... oh crap... I have done it! No wonder they make you listen to those miserable sex ed lectures.

I turn around to Sasuke, who is by the way, STILL HERE!

"We... didn't do anything... right?" I ask him slowly.

He starts laughing hysterically! Did we?!

"Maybe..." he says.

He is clearly enjoying this.

"You are impossible." I tell him.

Argh... even though he is my crush/ best friend, he annoys the crap out of me.

"I gotta go now. See yah..." Sasuke says monotonously and leaves my apartment.

Okay... if my parents were still living with me, I would be dead. My mom is a fashion designer, so she is in Paris, while my dad is a photographer, shooting some model. Both successful and rich, but they live overseas.

My cell phone rings.

"Hello?" I greet the mysterious caller.

"Sakura-chaaaaaan" Naruto slurs my name.

"What?!" I yell at him.

"Where are you? School is about to start soon!" He whines.

I look at the clock, 7:45. Shit. I run out of the apartment.

I really hope we didn't do anything yesterday.

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