"Hurry up, Bren!" Angela insisted as she knocked on the door to Brennan's bathroom.

"I am hurrying, Ang! Just hold on!" Brennan yelled through the door.

Angela rolled her eyes and started pacing the living room, sighing and glancing at her watch. "We're going to be late…great," Angela said aloud.

Brennan finished putting in her earrings and she took one last look at herself in the mirror. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she said to herself as she eyed her reflection. One last smearing of lipstick and she was ready. She swung open the door and flipped off the light.

Angela looked over as soon as she heard the door. Her jaw almost hit the floor.

"Sweetie! You look smokin' hot!" Angela exclaimed as Brennan joined her in the living room.

"Really? You think so?" Brennan asked, clearly wanting Angela's approval.

"You could not look any hotter than you do right now. I'm so proud of you for putting that outfit together," Angela said, beaming from ear to ear.

Brennan had curled her hair slightly so that it cascaded in waves and fell on her smooth shoulders. She wore a slightly shimmery red scoop neck top, which was sleeveless. A red, beaded necklace dangled from her neck and she had earrings to match. She wore tight jeans to complete the outfit.

"Well, I wanted to dress myself for once," she said, smirking playfully at Angela.

"Hey, I dress you well. But I must admit, you did a tremendous job this time. Booth is gonna melt when he sees you," Angela said, pursing her lips and smiling and evil grin at the last sentence.

"Ang, will you quit?" Brennan said as she strode to the kitchen table to grab her purse.

"What? It's the truth. Has he ever seen you all dressed up and glamorous?" Angela asked.

"Yes. Remember the donor's ball when Hodgins didn't want to go and Booth let him off the hook? He saw me then," Brennan explained.

"And what did he say?" Angela asked, still smirking.

"Nothing," Brennan replied and then thought better, "Well, he started to say…something, but…I don't know, Ang. Can we just forget about this whole topic? I am only going to this New Year's Eve party because you asked me to," Brennan said, her eyebrows raised.

"Yeah, yeah. Can you at least have a couple of drinks and pretend that you're having a good time?" Angela asked.

"I will have a good time…as long as you don't mention Booth like that for the rest of the night," Brennan replied, heading towards the door to her apartment.

"Fine. I won't say another word," Angela agreed as she followed Brennan out of the apartment. But the smile did not leave her face as she thought about what the night might have in store for them.