AN: Omg, I watched the Cell vs. Trunks episode earlier where Cell explains that power is nothing without speed, and that huge muscles were useless when I was suddenly hit with a hilarious idea! Tell me if ya like it.

btw, I don't own DBZ, FMA, or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

-Muscles ARE Useful!-

Cell stood there, smirking as he mocked Trunks for his foolish oversight that huge muscles were a hinderance. "You see Trunks, when you increase the size of your mucles, you loose all your speed, and a fighter is useless without his speed! All that bulk is for nothing!" He proclaimed.

Suddenly, huge explosions erupted on either side of the two combatants, setting them on their gaurd. "Hold it right there! You cretin, how dare you say that huge muscles are useless?! I shall show you the beauty of my posing power, and you shall be awed!" came a deep, booming voice from the smoke to their left. As it cleared, it cevealed a man who was larger than either of them, his bulk making Trunks look small in comparison. He had bright blue eyes, a big, yellow moustashe, and he was bald, with the singe exception of a singe golden lock centered on the front of his head. He was posing, his hands clasped in fron of his stomach as he flexed his biceps and his pecs. "Feel the power of the most perfect muscular frame of the Armstrong Family! Alexander Louise Armstrong!" He exlaimed as little purple stars started to appear around him.

"what the hell?" Cell asked, clearly confused.

"He's right little girly bug!" Exlaimed a voice from the second smoke screen. "You cannot deny our manly, buldging muscles! Fear my manly sex appeal!" He exlaimed as the smoke cleared, revealing a man just as large as the first. The only real differences were the fact that he didn't have a moustashe, and he had long, cascading brown locks of hair. "I am Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger! Look at our manliness and cry in shame girly bug!" He exlaimed, one knee slihgtly raised and his hands behind his head as he showed off his entire muscular frame.

"Gah! Who the hell are you?!" Cell asked, his eyes bugging out as Trunks just stood there, looking confused.

Armstrong and Schwarzenegger walked up and stood before Cell, striking a pose that threatened to rip reality itself apart with it's posey manliness. "We are the gods of manly posing! Watch as we pose beautifully!" Armstrong exlaimed, flexing his triceps.

"Now little girly bug, bow down to our manliness! Become our deciple as the puny Genyu Force did beofre I had to ship them off for being illegal aliens!" Schwarzenegger exlaimed, doing a classicarm curl pose.

"FOOLS! AS IF I WOULD EVER GIVE IN TO YOU! DIE!" Cell screamed, suddenly feeling very threatened, firing a fully powered Kamehameha wave at them.

"Your puny attacks don't work on the likes of us!" Armstrong retorted, striking a pose that completely cancelled the kamehameha.

"now die for attacking us puny girlie bug!" Schwarzenegger exlaimed, using a flex so powerful that it caused Cell to die from the sheer flexiness of it.

"All in a good day's work!" Armstrong said, posing once again.

"yes, now come with us puny little muscle man, we shall teach you how to pose as powerfully as we do!" Schwarzenegger exlaimed, patting Trunks on the back as two huge, golden gates opened in front of them, leading to the eternal home of the true posers.

"Ummm... ok...?" Trunks said, still confused as he followed them. What the hell had just happened?

And thusly, Trunks went into the eternal home of the true posers, and eventually surpassed any of the Z fighters or their enemies.

-The End-