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Absurd. That was the only way to describe what this was. Seravi rolled onto his side, propping his head up with one hand while the

other snaked around the waist of the nude form next to him. They were both teachers, tasked with moulding the minds and abilities of

what would be the most powerful mages in the years to come. And yet what lesson could their students ever hope to get from seeing

them like this? Seravi shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. Their young charges were currently off in the big world, searching

for the legendary Phoenix Sword. They would be all right. What mattered right now was currently asleep next to him, slender legs all

tangled in the sheets as soft breath escaped those full lips. Smiling, the green-haired mage let the memories of the past few hours come

back to him. Warm skin, red with the marks he himself inflicted, pressed under his hands. Kiss-bruised lips making their way

along his jawbone, going down his neck and across his chest, stopping ever so often to plant a soft exclamation of love.

Those legs, wrapped around him, urging him in deeper and deeper till he was almost overcome by the intensity of sensation.

Elegant fingers wrapping themselves around his head as he was pulled down for one final kiss. Their strangled moans of

pleasure, as they had climaxed almost simultaneously. Still smiling, Seravi watched the steady rhythm of sleep play itself out on

the figure curled up next to him. He stared, with almost childlike wonder at the way that chest moved with each breath. Up. Down.

Inhale and exhale. He knew every dip and rise of the body next to him, every curve and crease lovingly explored each night since their

young wards had left. He knew all about the little birthmark on the hollow of his lover's back, and that one spot on the shoulder which

gave the most interesting moans when nibbled. And the hair. Seravi almost sighed dreamily as he remembered how those locks had

felt, tangled in his fingers. Silky smooth, smelling like wild flowers after a spring shower. Gently taking a handful of the dark strands

now, he pressed his nose into it. Ah,the sweet smell of sex clung to it, making him sigh contentedly. Suddenly,a thought struck him. He

leant over, planting a kiss on his lover's neck.

"What is it? I was asleep…"

"Hey Rascal, have you ever considered dying your hair blond?"