Hi everyone...it's been a while! I chose to write a Friends fic for NaNoWriMo (google it) this year, and well, this is it. It's still not complete, but the first few chapters (and last few, the middle got shunned) are done, so here we are!! Name comes from the Thirteen Senses song of the same name. Uber pretty song. But anyway, here's the prologue and Chapter One will be more relevant and up very soon. LOVE TO ALL!

I do not own Friends/Actors/Characters etc, but I do own a busy work schedule which prevents me from writing. Oy!

- New York, New York.

There's just something about The Big Apple that makes me want to run down the street, arms held out wide as I danced and spun and twirled at my own whim, singing as off key as I cared to because it's my life, no one else's. I can sing badly if I wanted to. Really, I can sing badly only because I can't sing at all, so there's no choice in the matter.

But I didn't run, dance, spin and twirl, and really did not sing, because my daddy always told me, in more offensive words then I deemed necessary, that being a fairy was a way to compromise my manhood.

He'd loved Ol' Blue Eyes though, so maybe his approval would have come with a grimace and a whittling chain and a sly glint in his eyes as Sinatra show tuned his way into my daddy's mind.

I bought a gun the other week, AR-15, and its lightweight enough for any poor schmuck to use. I like to hold it, feel it in my hands and it feels right, like my Mom should have planted one in my crib next to my rattle and Mr Snuggles.

I'll be wearing all black, like in the movies. Black pants, black undershirt and over shirt, with black shined shoes sure enough to get dirty. My watch is silver, but that's more of an accessory and I'm not entirely sure it will count in the whole scheme of things. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to wear a ski mask, it seems tacky. Although if I change my mind, there's probably any number of stores that I can pick one up from. It is, after all, New York.

As I'm writing this, it is currently eight fifty four am. It's Monday, and it's my birthday. I'm a Taurus, and I've always wanted to pick up the courage to put an ad in the personals. Not sure what star sign I'm compatible with, but a year ago I would have taken anyone. Now, I guess it doesn't matter. But I'm still going to end up in the papers, some not so witty nickname like 'The Birthday Boy' scribed in bold letters, and one day there might just be a movie made about me. After all, this is America.

And this is New York. So I'm going to go and start spreading the news.

- Alec