-1CHARACTERS (in order of appearance)

William "Black Bill" Turner Current captain of the Flying Dutchman, Elizabeth's loving husband.

Kirby Captain William Turner's steward aboard the Dutchman.

"Bootstrap" Bill Turner Will's father, crewman of the Flying Dutchman.

The Admiral James Norrington The hero of our story. If you don't know who he is…then you'd better stop reading right now.

Bertram and Dorothea Norrington James's parents.

Captain Carriger Captain of the HMS Minerva, young Norrington's first ship as a Midshipman.

Captain Helmer Captain of the HMS Endurance, Lieutenant Norrington's first ship, and the ship that carries James, Gov. Swann, Elizabeth, and Will to Port Royal.

Governor Weatherby Swann The King's Governor of Port Royal. Elizabeth's father and a dear friend of James, like a father to him.

Elizabeth Swann The love of James's life. Will's loving wife.

Mr. Gibbs Bosun of His Majesty's Navy, later pirate, now a shipmate to Captain Jack Sparrow.

Mr. Brown Port Royal's Blacksmith under whom Will apprentices.

Admiral Michael Braithwaite Admiral of the Caribbean. Marries Miss Parks.

Miss Isabelle Parks The elder of the two Parks sisters, marries Admiral Braithwaite.

Miss Eyton A young lady of Port Royal.

Miss Latimer A young lady of Port Royal. The governor nudges James towards her once. When he returns to Port Royal (after his first voyage as Captain) she is married.

Miss Barclay A young lady of Port Royal.

Mr. Branson Engaged to Miss Barclay.

Lord Scott Married to Miss Latimer.

Mrs. Applegate Another 'mama' of Port Royal. Her niece has come to live with her in Port Royal and is unattached.

Meredith A maid in the governor's household. Elizabeth is forced to dance with her during dancing lessons.

Lady Carrigan In his youth, Governor Swann stepped on her train at a dance and almost pulled it off.

Sergeant Petersen A marine sergeant. The one who comes to bring James the bad news about the epidemic.

Fred Crowthers A private in the marines. His wife Susan miraculously recovered from a critical illness thanks to a bargain made with Tia Dalma.

Doctor Simmons One of Port Royal's doctors.

Father Hibbitts The priest of Port Royal.

Tia Dalma A witchdoctor. The goddess of the sea, Calypso, in human form….see the movies…

Lady Barclay Miss Barclay's (now Mrs. Branson's) mother. She is sponsoring Elizabeth's introduction into society and doing her best to get her married to a wealthy gentleman.

Mrs. Latimer Miss Latimer's (now Lady Scott's) pleased mama.

Lord Fontleigh An aging, yet wealthy, Lord. A candidate for Elizabeth's hand in the eyes of Lady B. In Ch. 17 we find out he has married a girl named Maria.

Mr. Dandridge Another of Elizabeth's suitors. He dances with her at the ball, yet he would not be inclined to were she not handsome enough to tempt him. Much like another Mr. D we know…

Miss Robertson Red-headed young lady that Norrington dances with at Elizabeth's ball.

Miss Berteaux Another of Norrington's dance partners at Elizabeth's ball.

Mr. Paradis Miss Berteaux's lover.

Mozart Norrington's manservant. He is a mix of Caribbean and French.

Capt. Emile Valette Captain of the Amie Marie, a French privateer ship. Captain Valette is very fond of dueling. He loses to James, and thereby loses his ship.

Mr. Graham A gentleman from England, come to stay with Admiral Braithwaite. He has connections among the upper crust of the British Navy in England. He is instrumental in Norrington's promotion to Commodore.

Mr. Wythe A member of the Governor's Council. Holds the title of Judicial Councilor, presides over civil cases.

Mrs. Wythe His wife.

Private Brooke A 15-yr old private that Commodore Norrington chats with during the siege of Port Royal. He is engaged to a young girl named Meg. He dies in the siege.

Private Murtogg One of two marines that inhabit the first film, he sends the plot in the right direction by mentioning the Black Pearl.

Captain Lewis Captain of the Dauntless during the search for Elizabeth (in COTPB). Gets stabbed through the lung and dies during the battle on the Dauntless against the undead pirates.

Lt. Palmer Lieutenant on the Dauntless during the search for Elizabeth (in COTBP). Many of Gillette's actions are given to him.

Estrella Elizabeth's lady's maid, who is on board the Dauntless during the search for her mistress (in COTBP).

Madame Phoebe The owner of "The Blushing Nun," one of the more respectable brothels in Tortuga. Her sister owns a midwifery across the street.

Suzanne One of Madame Phoebe's girls, she has an encounter with Norrington during his visit to Tortuga (in COTBP).

Captain Binney Captain of the HMS Gaivota, testifies at Jack's trial.