Love Underground

His hooves made a soft click with each step he took up the winding, open aired stares. One of his fairies fluttered past his horn going up ahead and turning out of sight. The Faun did not envy the little fey, always twittering, going at speeds to quick to savor the moments of the day. He treated each step as a dance, every step raising him higher, closer to his destination. A soft breeze blew his golden hair, and the Faun felt the breath of the sylphs, chasing each other merrily. Glancing up at the endless sky he caught a glimpse of their smoky bodies before they darted out of his line of sight.

Gazing up at the cloudless sky, the Faun was not quite sure if he missed the sun. In the underworld there was day and there was night, but it could only be felt; only seen as a change in the sky from inky darkness to golden light. No moon, no sun. There was no need for them here, nor did the Faun realize he wished there to be. When one had met the sun, a far of image of him, glowing in the vast blue was a very pale comparison. In the underworld, the sky was bluer, more perfect than earth, almost as though the sun were always behind you. The moon too would never show her faces in the sky, but the light of the fays and old spirits of stars long since without light would sometimes give the illusion of an ever changing heaven.

Behind him, the Faun heard the vague sound of laughter in the City, the delight of small children playing a game it sounded like. Even his sensitive ears could not deceiver it clearly from so far away. Midsummer had passed not long ago. Time did not exist in the Underworld, just as it did not really exist anywhere. Only change dictated what was to come, to say it came at a certain phase was a fools dream indeed, never could the Faun grasp why humans of the middle world clung to it so. The Faun knew only that summer was still upon the land, though Mabon harvest was soon approaching. He could smell it in the wind. This was all he or anyone of the Underworld knew or cared to know. The sweet aroma of flowers perfumed the rock face as he neared the marble tower where his destination lay.

Ah yes, Midsummer, how he loved the flowers and the dancing. Once again he had not joined in on the Palace's celebrations, opting again to spend it with his coven, as he had spent most of life. Each may worship the Mother and the Father as they choose, but the Faun found the company of his kin more spiritual than the large, exaggerated festivities of the royals. He knew the Princess did not enjoy his leaving her for tides of the seasons, but he needed to feel his coven's circle, he had to join with his kin. The long wheels of the seasons he spent cut off from them, growing gnarled against the ageing labyrinth as the middle world drifted farther and farther apart, while he laid waiting for his princess to return; they had left a rift between them, the family and him. But it was worth it, every moment of suffering was worth the joy he felt finding her again.

Taking the final step, the Faun passed through vine covered pillars holding the ancient dome of the tower. On all sides but the one from which the tower was still connected to the cliff face, was a different view of the land. From a tray of incense came a wafty breeze vanilla, tangling in the silk curtains, billowing in the breeze. He saw the mountains far off in the distance, the rivers, and the great Lake, fields of high grass, and forests, glimmering in the midday light, all with that blue, blue sky.

By far, though, the most breath taking image was that of the Princess, ebony hair, fluttering in the wind, white dress, dancing around her as she lounged upon a marble bench hovering above the cliff, unafraid of the immense distance between herself and the ground, uncaring that nothing but rock could break her fall should she slip and not catch herself. Not to say the Faun wouldn't catch her should such an unfortunate thing happen, but he knew the Princess could handle herself.

For a few moments he stood simply to watch her study the view. Turning, she finally spotted him, and rather than give a jump of fright as many would, her face broke out in grin.

"Faun!" She slid off the bench, bounding, up to him, the image of the spring maiden herself, wrapping her tiny arms around his middle, she breathed in his earthly scent.

"My apologies for keeping you waiting, Princess."

Author's Notes: Thanks so much to all you guys who kept sending me reviews, in fact this started out as just a funny one shot to thank you guys for waiting so patiently while I researched for the big story, and then the Faun just decided to take his sweet merry time climbing the stairs. When things started getting a bit deep, I knew this had to be the beginning of the big one. Yah, so I just have a couple questions to ask anyone interested in getting the next chapter soon: 1) title, you like, you hate, suggestions 2) I have so few names for the new characters, what do you think of Isidoro and Gabriello, if you got any wickedly fantastical names send them to me 3) What do you guys want to see happen jumping into the romance or prolonging it for a while 4) Any other ideas or suggestions send my way, oh and yes this will address the baby in the statue thing I stirred up before

Last Couple Notes: Rating is T for now, this may go up, the Underworld is based on my personal pagan beliefs so if this offends you, I apologize you may wish to seek another story, and yes this will be FaunXMoanna