Tomorrow (From the anime Full Metal Panic)-Shimokawa Mikuni

Turn the Music Up
Written by: Aminatsu032


After the lead singer of a famous girl's band known as Stellar quit the band a day before their most awaited concert, the band discovered a talented girl named Mikan Sakura. She replaced the band singer and stunned everyone with her enchanted voice–not knowing that by doing this, she entered the world of rivalry, friendship and love. Can she pull through with the biggest rival duo, Cross, showing up in her road of success?



"Futari de nigebashi sagashite
Hashitta tenki ame no naka
Tatoeba nanika wo ushinau toshite mo
Mamotte ikanakya
Hitotsu Dake wa…

Kono sekai ni umareta sono imi wo
Kimi to mitsuke ni yukou
Itami sae mo kakaenagara
Atarashii keshiki…
Mukae ni yukou!"

"Mikan! Come down now! It's time for breakfast!" my mother yelled at me. I quickly turned the player off, placed the hairbrush I was holding in my dresser, and rushed downstairs.

Oh yeah! My name is Mikan Sakura, studying at the Alice Junior High. I'm your typical 14-year-old girl who dreams of becoming the world's greatest singer! Yeah, my dreams so high to reach but I'll try to anyway.

That song? It's one of the songs of my favorite band, Stellar: Sumire—the lead singer, Hotaru—composer of their songs and second voice, Anna—the guitarist and Nonoko, the drummer. You think bands are for boys? They're the number two most popular singers in all Japan.

I kissed my mom on the check as I headed to the table and ate the toasted bread at my plate.

"Stellar again?" asked Mom as she sat on the seat across mine.

I drank my milk before I answered her, "Yeah…since Stellar's most awaited concert is tomorrow, I thought I'd practice their songs first."

Mom smiled at me, "I'm really sorry I can't come with you tomorrow. I have a meeting to attend. Take care of yourself, okay?"

"I will mom, thanks!" I smiled back.

After eating I headed to the living room, sat on out olive-green sofa and got the remote that was on the table in front of me. I pressed the red button on the top left corner of it and turned on the TV.

"SHOWBIZ NEWS: Famous girl band Stellar's lead singer, Sumire Shouda quit the band this morning after they had a big fight. Due to this, the band manager, Hotaru Imai, decided to postpone the concert. Refunds will be at—"

"POSTPONED????????????????????????????????????????????????? NO WAY!!!!!!!!"


I stomped my way to the practice room of Stellar. I knocked very hard.


The door then slightly opened and revealed the deep blue eyes of Nonoko. "Are you a reporter?" she asked.

"No, but I'm one of those people who are so angry at the situation that they decided to come over here and let the band explain. YOU. GOT. IT?" I said. Seriously, I don't know what I said. Things always come that way when I'm mad.

Nonoko opened the door wider, sighed and said, "It's not that we wanted to postpone the concert or anything. We were actually looking forward to it. But then Sumire quit the group for some reason after that talk Hotaru and she had."

"So the show must go on!" I insisted.

"How? There's no one to sing," she said rolling her eyes.

I stayed silent for a while and then told her, "Let me talk to Hotaru."

"O-okay…come in," Nonoko said placing her forefinger in her lips with a worried expression, "Hotaru, someone wants to talk to you."

The raven-haired girl raised her sunglasses and looked at me as if I was an annoying mole on a grass field. Can you believe that?

"What d'ya want?" she asked, raising her left brow. Urgh! I really can't believe that this is Hotaru Imai, the band manager, the person I did look up to…

"I just came to object with the canceling of the concert," I said emphasizing the word 'object'.

"Shut up, mole. It's not your business," she hissed. I couldn't help but twitch when I heard…mole.

"What. Was. THAT?!?!?!?!" I screeched, "Don't you know that there are millions, no, billions of fans waiting for that concert?"

Hotaru looked away. "How can we possibly continue the concert when that perm already left the group?" I heard her mumble.

"Then get a replacement," I said slowly and clearly.

"But where?" she shot me as soon as I finished the sentence. Apparently, I was not able to answer because I felt kind of weird when she looked at me from head to toe…then back to the head again.

"Do you know any song by our band?" she asked.

My face slightly brightened up. Of course I knew their songs! I was like…their biggest fan!
"Yeah, I do!"

"Could you sing a line or two for me?" she said as she crossed her arms and legs and eyed me.

I didn't exactly know why she asked me to sing…but why not? Maybe I'll get discovered and become a singer, right? And so I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and began to sing…

"Kono sekai ni umareta sono imi wo
Kimi to mitsuke ni yukou
Itami sae mo kakaenagara
Atarashii keshiki…
Mukae ni yukou!"

I opened my eyes. "So how was it?" I asked.

It took a while before Hotaru could answer. I patiently waited until she finally said, "Do you want to be a replacement for Sumire?"

My eyes widened in shock, 'Me? On Stellar?'

"I'd love to!"

-end of chapter-

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