Okay, okay, you win! Here's more.

Shawn lost track of Gus at some point during his daring escape from Juliet's house. His best friend of countless years wandered off into the dark muttering something about locating a disguise. Shawn rolled his eyes as the darkness swallowed Gus. Sure Lassiter was mad about the kiss but he didn't think for a minute the detective would let it be the end of the world. If he knew Lassiter, and he liked to think that he did, the detective would not want a single soul to know what happened in the kitchen. It was bad enough that Juliet and Gus witnessed the blessed moment.

A ghost of a smile appeared on Shawn's face. Ah, how lovely a Christmas evening to have gotten the one thing he truly desired above all else. A simple kiss from Detective Carlton Lassiter. Everyone in the precinct probably thought he hung around with the sole purpose of pissing off the mighty homicide detective. In actuality he just could not get enough of Lassiter. Something about the detective…

He shoved his hands into his pockets, his head hanging low. A sigh escaped from between his lips. Too bad he would not be able to get within two feet of Lassiter now. No way in hell was Lassiter ever going to give him the chance to surprise him like that a second time. No, it looked like one kiss would have to last him a lifetime. Hadn't his father warned him not to do it? Hadn't Juliet gotten that freaked look on her face when he asked her for help? At least she went along with it. And oddly enough, his father merely shook his head. Perhaps at this point old man Spencer understood there was nothing he could do when his son set his mind on something.

Shawn planned on cherishing this Christmas for the rest of his life.

No doubt the kiss would be the primary focus of his dreams for at least a week or more. To feel Lassiter's lips on his….pure heaven. Everything he imagined it to be and more. He lusted for Lassie in other ways, of course, but not even his bestest buddy Gus knew about those feelings. Gus may have known a lot of things about him but there were just some things he was not ready to share. Oh, his mom knew. She knew everything. His mom always had a way of getting the truth out of him without even trying.

She supported his endeavors even if she figured nothing would come of them.

Nearing his apartment Shawn began to slow as his eyes focused on an all too familiar looking blue sedan. He knew that car anywhere. A jolt of panic shot through his body as he practically stopped right then and there on the sidewalk. What the hell was Lassiter doing outside of his apartment building? He should have gone with Gus, should have avoided his home like a disease. He expected Lassiter to be pissed but to actually drive to his apartment? He looked up and down the sidewalk trying to figure out what his next move should be.

Lassiter always had a gun on him somewhere.

Not that Shawn thought him capable of shooting an innocent person.

Not that he was innocent.

And Lassiter was pretty pissed.

Then he noticed Lassiter sitting behind the wheel of the sedan. If he stuck to the darkest shadows he might be able to get to the front door of the apartment building without ever being noticed. Of course, before embarking on his recon mission Shawn took a moment to curse his father for canceling their evening plans. This whole mess could have been avoided had he been able to meet up with his father. Lassiter would never suspect to look for him there.

"Thanks dad," he muttered.

Wishing himself invisible, Shawn struck out for the front door, making sure he clung to the shadows. He was so close, almost within reach of the front door when he heard the distinct sound of a car door closing. Like a prairie dog he popped up from his location only to see Lassiter glaring in his direction. Like a jackrabbit he raced for the door and the safety his apartment promised. If only he could make it there without having to face the angry detective.



The door swung shut behind him. He bypassed the elevators making a beeline for the stairs. No time to waste on waiting for the damn things. Taking the stairs two at a time he made it to his floor in record time. Lassiter was right on his heels moving faster than even Shawn thought him capable. Well of course, Lassiter got a lot of practice what with having to chase down bad guys.

He fumbled for his keys, pulling them out of his pocket and nearly dropping them on the floor. Somehow he managed to pick the right key, thrust it into the lock and push open the door. Shawn disappeared inside but not fast enough. He lost a little time with having to unlock the door. Suddenly Lassiter was right there, forcing his way through the door. Shawn tried to think of something witty to say. Or at least to locate a weapon he could use to defend himself. Nothing. Not a damn thing came to mind and the closest weapon was a DVD case for a movie he borrowed from Gus. Only Gus wasn't aware he borrowed it.

Lassiter closed the door, slipping the lock into place.

Shawn swallowed nervously. So much for remaining cool under pressure. He needed to diffuse the situation. "Lassie-face, what a surprise. Twice in one night, can't get enough of me, can you?" Probably not the best thing to say.

"I finally have you alone, Spencer."

"Now, Lassiter, think about this," Shawn started to plead as Lassiter stalked toward him. Even though he was kind of scared out of his wits he couldn't help noticing how sexy Lassiter looked all pissed off and brooding. "Juliet and Gus, they'll know it was you. And my dad, do not underestimate my dad. Is your career really worth it?"

Eerily the detective said nothing. For every step that Lassiter took forward Shawn took a step back. Until he backed right in a wall. With nowhere to go he suddenly understood why Gus wanted a disguise. He should have known his best friend would guess Lassiter's reaction right. Maybe he should listen to Gus a little more often. Then again, he did fine on his own nearly a hundred percent of the time. And he always managed to weasel his way out of the toughest of situations. Now if only he could figure out the right way out of this predicament.

"I have been dying to do this for a long time, Spencer," Lassiter almost whispered as he closed the distance between them.

"Ah….come on, Lassiter."

Lassiter pinned him to the wall, a hand on either side so that he could not make his escape. "Do you know what I plan on doing, hm?"

"I guess saying you're going to let me off this once is a bit of a stretch?"

"Oh, you have no idea."

And what happened next took Shawn completely by surprise. Lassiter leaned forward and actually kissed him. His heart fluttered, his mind was a total mess. What the hell was happening? He should have tried to pull away, fight for his freedom. Instead he completely melted, falling into Lassiter and returning the kiss. If the first kiss earlier in the night had been pure heaven then this was…something more spectacular. He knew he would come up with a better explanation later when his lips weren't occupied.

All too soon the kiss ended.

"What the hell was that?" he asked. Then did not bother to give Lassiter a chance to explain. "You terrified the hell out of me! How could I let Gus fill my head with his stupid little notions?" He began to move around the apartment. "I knew it, I just knew it. I'm never wrong. I have seen the way you watch me, the subtle changes in your mannerisms when I'm in the room. Never thought it would be me that made the first move. Am I crazy? Did you really just sit outside my apartment waiting for me to get home? Doesn't that make you like some sort of creepy stalker?"

With every passing second Lassiter looked more and more annoyed. "I did not come here to listen to you run your mouth, Spencer."

Shawn narrowed his eyes. "Then what did you come here for, hm? Because I swear if you so much as-"

With lightning speed Lassiter hooked his hand over the hem of Shawn's jeans and pulled him close for another earth shattering kiss. When the kiss broke his lips still brushed against Shawn's. "Just shut up, Shawn."