Chapter One;


un·for·giv·a·ble: adj. Of or relating to an act or situation that one cannot or will not forgive.

She looked bleakly at the two before her, as she leaned on her chevalier, the thinking over her ability to come with them, the last offer. The breath that flowed inward and outward from her parted lips was raspy, her sword broken with the half of the handle in her trembling grip and the other half stuck in the ground a few feet away.

The proposition was so tempting to her now, to simply switch sides and no longer go against her sister. Solomon's eyes were pleading with her, and she felt as if she were floundering and drowning in deep waters.

She was loosing the strength to keep her head above the liquid now…

The promise of not having to fight anymore, to have a sense of peace, it would be a welcomed heaven when compared to this hell she was smoldering in now.

The water was getting higher now, struggling was difficult…

After all, was this really worth it? Fighting, fighting, and oh yes…fighting. The Red Shield needed her to fight this battle for them, was this even her battle? Saya felt like tearing at her hair, and screaming with anxiety and frustration.

Her lungs were burning, if she didn't figure out how to get out of the waters soon, she'd drown…

"Saya…" Solomon called for her gently, and she knew he would have held out a hand, had Diva not been latched onto him so vigorously. Her younger sister said nothing, though a prim and amused smile was on her lips, and her clear sapphire eyes held arrogance and vague irritation that they were still wasting time with her elder sister.

The waves were pulling her down, and now her lungs were begging for air, but it was too late.

Hagi was looking at her, his arms around her body to support her, and he became tense when she took a step towards the two before them. Wearily, she nodded her head, and immediately Solomon smiled.

"Ah, it seems as though sister has finally gained some sense. I knew she wouldn't beat me, and this is better because now I don't have an annoyance to bother me." Diva said happily, giggling after. Saya could feel the aura around Haji darken, and she looked back to him.

"Saya…" He began to say, but from a look from her, instead chose different words,"If that is…your wish, Saya." Slowly, she nodded her head in return. Not missing a beat, a sigh could be heard from Diva.

"Solomon, I wish to get a new dress, that silly human ruined it by shooting me." She said unhappily, pulling at the area of the dress with a bloodied hole, and fingering it a bit. Her blonde subordinate nodded calmly, glanced at Saya once, than twice.

"Of course, Diva, shall….we get going?" He inquired, though mainly for the sake of the elder twin than the younger, anyone could see he was pleased. Impatiently, Diva motioned for him to pick her up, which he did so, but reluctantly, inwardly wishing to have her sister in his arms.

"I suppose you'll follow us, won't you, sister dearest?" Diva asked, near mockingly. In something like a response, Hagi picked Saya up in his arms. With that, they moved, leaving nothing but the grass below them rustling and flicking about from the great mass of wind they created with their speed.

As if her life-line, Saya kept her eyes locked on the moving figures of her ex-enemies, for some reason feeling strained and awkward, like when a child had taken a cookie and was about to be punished, with Haji.

Within mere moments they arrived at a bridge, a familiar one which she resented for the memories it held. All four seemed surprised, only one pleasantly so, when they perceived a figure standing majestically still at the other side of the viaduct.

"Amshel!" Diva cried out gleefully, immediately parting from Solomon as soon as they came to a stop and running over to the other. She was greeted with open arms and a half-hearted smile. The singer's face contorted into a pout, "Look at my dress, I need a new one." She complained childishly, poking a single finger through the hole and pulling it outwards a bit.

The man with a placid demeanor and deep, hearty voice peered past his queen, directly at Saya, whom had also parted from the arms of her chevalier, coming to stand a few feet closer to them. His dark eyes narrowed a fraction.

"Why ever is your sister here? Have you…had a change in heart?" Amshel asked, showing vague traces of perplexity. A brow was quirked on Diva's face, and then she laughed close to a maniacal level.

"No, no, no! My dearest sister has had the change of heart." She answered, turning to grin back at Saya with clear superiority. "She can always become my subordinate, you know. It will be so much easier now, no more dangers; it's going to be fun now!"

Her brown eyes here full of hope; this was it, a new future. No more fighting desperately, it just sounded all wonderful to her. Twisted, but wonderful…

She had been so engrossed in her thoughts, that she hadn't realized that they, excluding Haji, had formed a half circle around her. Diva was smiling wickedly, arms intertwined with one of Amshel's large ones, and Solomon stared at her intently. All the while, Hagi stood, like a shadow, behind her protectively.

"There is the matter to make sure this change is…sincere. We must test both her and her chevalier in some way-"

Diva quickly interrupted, "I can decide, Amshel." She said, leaving no room for discussion of the matter. Before a moment passed, she lunged towards her sister and made a motion to smack her in the face, but only made contact with the cello case, which Haji had instinctively placed before his own queen.

The eyes of Amshel narrowed ever so disapprovingly. "I was only going to smack her little." Diva countered irritably, and with the last word shoving him easily aside. She then looked expectedly at her sister.

"Give me your hand, sister." She cooed, holding out her own. Truth be known, Saya was wary of her…little sister, but this was a test, and her future. Everything was in that moment.

She gave her hand to her sister, and as soon as Diva had it, she used her nails to cut into the elder's palm. Saya grimaced, dark brown eyes beginning show vague signs of hatred and irritation. Solomon shifted from one foot to another, Haji seemed utterly unsettled, and Amshel simply…watched.

Blood was drawn from the slice, and Diva put her hands to her sides, leaving the bleeding hand in the air. "Well, Saya, your greatest weapon in right there in your palm." Diva stated, teasing and taunting, daring her to perform some sort of action.

Instinctively, brown eyes began to bleed with crimson, old habits were hard to quit. She closed her eyes, calming her systems, before opening them once more to reveal the normal color. The wound was already beginning to heal, and she wiped the small amount of blood which had pooled there against the edge of her own dark plum dress..

The hair that hovered over her right eye was threatening to conceal it, as tilted her head downward ever so slightly, demeanor stiff and uncomfortable.

A giggle interrupted the slightly awkward silence, a giggle that soon turned into something close to a cackle. The one who was having this fit soon calmed herself and twirled around, linking arms with her sister, and leaned so that her cheek rested against Saya's.

"I want to get us new dresses now, Amshel." Diva commanded, smiling and closing her eyes as she did so. The one spoken to hesitated, and then nodded hastily.

"Yes, yes of course." He said calmly, inclining his head in a respectful way, though he glanced at Haji rather reproachfully. There was a pause, as they waited to see whom Diva would choose to carry her and, surprisingly, she ambled over to Haji.

The smile remained on her face, flawless as ever, "You will be the one to carry me." She avowed pleasantly, though making it so he could not decline. He, in return, looked to Saya, to whom his true loyalties did, and forever would, lie.

She gave an inconspicuous nod. She assumed that if he declined he would be punished, the most severe things being Diva giving him her blood, and Saya refused to think that he might actually die.

Slowly, Haji gathered the younger sister in his arms, and Amshel, of course, would not carry Saya, leaving Solomon to be the one with the duty of carrying her, which he did so hurriedly.

"I suppose Haji wouldn't know the way so I'll have to follow, though I do hate the idea of my sister being before me. Diva sighed, as though the whole ordeal was such a massive hassle she had to go through with.

Amshel smiled with traces of comfort, "I, myself would carry you and make you first, Diva, however I have important business to get to involving our plans." He said apologetically. All previous 'woes' were forgotten when the thought of singing entered her mind.

"Oh, that will be fun." Diva commented, and then tapped on Haji's shoulder impatiently, "I would like to go now." She added, smiling once more.

A nod was given to Solomon, as a sign that it was now appropriate to leave.

"Of course, big brother." He stated serenely, and Amshel was suddenly beside him, "I'll…talk to you later about your reasoning for being here." He murmured quietly, and then continued on a louder voice for others to here, "Good bye Diva," he said, bowing a bit, then turned to the other, "…Saya." And he was gone.

The four followed suit, Solomon leading per usual, with Hagi trailing behind.

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