Title: This is why I don't drink
Series: Adventure 02
Characters: Yolei, TK, Davis, Hawkmon
Pairings: Ken/Yolei, Takari (both implied)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 299
Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon and make no money with this.
Comment: I'm a horrible person. 'nuff said.

"Hey there, babe." The voice made Yolei look up from her drink. "Wanna see my... Angel Rod?"

Yolei blinked. "TK?" she asked the grinning young man.

"You know you wanna," TK continued, reaching for his fly. He missed. "Hey, where'd it go?"

"You're drunk," Yolei observed.

"An' you're damn sexy," TK countered smugly.

"Jeez... what an ass," she muttered, placing her drink on the bar.

TK blinked, then nodded eagerly. "My ass's sexy, too."

"Right." Yolei tried another approach. "What about Kari?" she asked, pointing at his engagement ring.

"Ehhhhh. Forget her." TK shook his head. "She's a slut."

"And Ken?" She held up her hand to show him her own ring.

"She's a slut, too!" he decided, making Yolei groan. "So, babe, you up for a ride with... The Stallion?" he asked, thrusting his hips.

"TK, stop. You'll regret this tomorrow morning."

"I might," he admitted. "But right now there's the naughty kick of the forbidden."

Yolei smirked. "Oh, I'm sure you'll get a kick out of this..."

A few tables away, Davis was watching the two DigiDestined. "Think somethin's happenin'," he mumbled, roughly poking Hawkmon.

"Hold still," Hawkmon muttered from his position on the table as he poured Davis another drink.

"I think she... she..."

Yolei moved towards TK. Held him at arm's length. Then, suddenly, her knee jerked up, slamming straight into-

"Holy FUCK, she did it!" Davis wheezed in a mix between childlike joy and universal male empathy.

"Toldja," Hawkmon replied, holding out his wing. "Pay up."

"The show was worth it," Davis said, giving Hawkmon the money. "And all that with just half a bottle of vodka!"

Yep. One bottle, two well-paying bets, Hawkmon thought.

"By the way, what happened to the other half?" Davis asked, emptying his glass.

Hawkmon smiled. "Oh, you'll see..."