Title: Cui bono?
Series: Adventure 02
Characters: Ken, Hawkmon
Pairings: Implied Kenyako
Rating: PG-13 for the slightly sexual theme
Word count: 300
Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon and make no money with this.
Comment: Based on a very old (and very silly) idea I had during my hiatus. And before anybody asks: No, I did not make up the stuff about that book.

"Let's try this again." Ken held up a cookie. "Polly. Want. A. Cookie?"

"I can recite Hamlet. Backwards." Hawkmon snickered. "Why should I say a silly thing like that, anyway?"

Ken pointed at a book. "The Kama Sutra. Some moron gave it to Yolei."

"Ohhhhh, kinky. Normal sex is getting boring?"

"Sex? Boring?" Ken asked, his face turning red with anger. "I'm not getting ANY sex anymore!"

"Oh, so she got to the part about how to become a 'well-bred person'?" he asked innocently.

Ken nodded grimly. "She wants me to do one of those things, but look at the list! Calligraphy! Fencing! Knowledge of mining!"

"And so you picked...?"

"The one about teaching a parrot to talk," Ken muttered.

"You hopefully are aware that I'm not a parrot, right?"

"Work with me here, please," Ken pleaded, pointing at the cookie.

"Oh fine. Polly want a cookie." Hawkmon snatched the cookie out of Ken's hand with his beak. "Hey, those are delicious!"

"Thanks, my mother made them. Maybe get the voice a bit more... parroty?"

"Polly want a cookie." Another cookie left Ken's hand.

"You know what irks me?" Ken asked, mechanically holding up a new cookie for each repetition. "I still don't know who gave Yolei that book."

"Well, you're smart. Just remember the basic principle that is being applied in any good investigation: Cui bono?"

Ken frowned. "Who benefits?" he translated. "I don't know... nobody really benefits from me going through these-"

"Polly want a cookie."

"Oh, sorry, yeah." Ken held up another cookie. "Like I said, I can't think of anyone who-" He froze. Stared at the cookie in his hand. "-benefits," he whispered.

"Say thanks to your mother from me," Hawkmon said and quickly lunged for the cookie before Ken's brain came to the obvious conclusion.