A Simple Salt And Burn.

Summary. . . . . . . "A simple salt and burn" Joshua had stated, but when had things ever been simple for the Winchester's? The brother's first hunt since Gordon's death and Sam's latest ability, takes a turn for the worst when they hunt something they have never hunted before and Sam's ability turns out to be not as controllable as they had thought. Sequel to What Goes Around Comes Around.

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Bobby stopped in the doorway of the cabin on his way out, turning back to Dean he spoke. "Be extra vigilant Dean. We know it's pattern is to attack between certain times, but it's getting hungry, and we're going to be disrupting it's resting place, you know from experience how angry that can make spirits. Keep your wits about you, and your eyes open. We'll be as quick as we can." With that he raced off into the woods, chasing after Joshua would had rushed ahead.

The two older hunters paused on the edge of the guest houses grounds, their eyes and ears open, looking and listening for any sign of police activity, happy to find their first bit of luck of the evening when only one lone patrolman could be seen roaming the area. Taking out his phone, Joshua dialed a number he had acquired earlier, speaking into the device when it was answered.

"We need your help again. We now where we need to look now, and how to get rid of it, but we need you to do two things for us." When he received a positive response he added. "Can you turn off the fountain, and distract the officer on guard so that we can sneak in?" Josh gave Bobby a thumbs up at yet again receiving another response that pleased him. Closing his phone, he waited with Bobby for Jean to help them.

Within seconds the fountain began to slow to a trickle before coming to a complete stop. The two men anticipating Jean's next move were both startled when Josh's phone began to vibrate in his pocket. Answering it he gave Bobby a puzzled look as Jean asked "meet me around the front" Shrugging his shoulders, but trusting the woman, Josh rose up and turned, ready to do what ever the woman asked. Jean was waiting for them as they rounded the last corner and made their way to the opulent opening at the front of the building.

"I thought this would be easier than just using my feminine wiles. Follow me."

Compliantly both hunters followed, both inquisitive as to what Jean was up too, both though willing yet again to put their complete trust in her. As she took them around the side of the house and back towards where the patrolman was standing guard, they began to worry that maybe that trust had been misplaced, when she spoke to the man though all their fears fled.

"Hi Kevin, don't mind us, we're just having some trouble with the fountain, these workmen are here to see if they can fix it." Turning to Bobby and Josh she stated. "Follow that pathway over there, it'll lead you straight to it." She whispered into Joshua's ear as he passed. "Be careful! I can probably keep him occupied for a couple of hours, after that you'll be on your own. Good luck." Before turning back to Kevin and putting those feminine wiles to use.

Josh and Bobby walked as fast as they could down the path, both men wanting to run but wouldn't risk alerting the cop. Reaching the fountain, they set down their weapons and tools and contemplated their next move. "There has to be a crack somewhere, Josh. Some way for the water to have seeped in and wet the cap, making it wake up. But where?"

Both men started looking around the outside searching for the elusive gap, and a way to find the Red Caps location, in the huge monument, both getting more and more frustrated as time wore on and still they could find nothing. It was Bobby who realized their mistake, he had finished searching his side and had stood up eager to stretch his aching bones. Watching as the last of the water began to drain from the fountain, he called to his friend as the large crack finally showed itself. "Josh, it's here."

Joshua stood up at Bobby's words his own back and knees protesting at being forced to have stooped for so long whilst searching. At seeing the crack Bobby had found he almost shouted in his determination, in the end settling for a quiet whisper. "Let's get to work! Let's salt this bitch!"


Dean had taken Bobby's words to heart, his eyes flittering about the cabin constantly before resting every few minutes on Sam, who still lay so quiet and unmoving on the small cot. As time wore on though and his own exhaustion began wearing him down, Dean found himself focusing more and more on just Sam; whispering words of encouragement and hope into his brother's ear, tenderly stroking his arm wanting to bring his younger sibling some kind of comfort, the repetitive movement having the desired affect but Dean being the one that felt the comfort more. As he watched his hand move up and down Sam's arm, Dean's eyes began to become heavier, his breathing more even, his nerves more relaxed. Withing minutes he was asleep.

Jostled awake some time later, Dean immediately began scanning the room for what had disturbed him, thinking at first it could be Josh and Bobby returning. His face paled, and his eyes widened in shock though as he settled on Sam again and realized that it was him. Lay on the bed, his eyes still closed as though sleeping, Sam's head was thrashing wildly from side to side, sweat was pouring of his face and mixing with the rivers of blood that were cascading from his nose. Sam's groan of pain shook Dean from his trance and urged him into action, gripping his brother's good arm he shook him trying frantically to get him to awaken. It was no use though, Sam refused to open his eyes, and his groans only increased. Dean could only watch as Sam's head thrust back into his pillow, his body arching of the bed, and the blood began to be released all the faster.

He tried to push Sam back onto the bed, tried to prevent him from hurting his shoulder all the more, but try as he might he just couldn't manage to get Sam to calm down. He started crying tears of frustration, tears of desperation, praying all the while for just one spot of good luck, for all this to end and Sam to be resting safe. He almost believed in a higher being living amongst the clouds, when Sam thrashed once more and cried one last piercing cry, before becoming silent and still once again.

Dean knew though that he should have known better than to believe in luck as, whilst checking over Sam again, he heard the floorboards creaked ominously behind him. Turning sharply on his heels, Dean reacted quick enough to avoid the Red Cap's fist thrust of his pike. He desperately tried to figure out how it had gained entry to the cabin as it thrust the long weapon at him again, they had salted all the windows and doors hadn't they? As he maneuvered away from another lunge, Dean tried to recite the bible passages again, but the Cap's need for fresh blood was strong and the words did little to faze it at all. Managing to pull the pike from the beasts iron grip, Dean thought he had gained an upper hand, only to be quickly shown his mistake as the Red Cap advanced once again, it's speed and agility catching Dean out, it's iron claws raking his side, it's powerful arms throwing him across the small cabin. As his head collided with the cast iron range, Dean figured out where they had made their mistake, where it had gotten in, curses escaping his mouth at the stupid rookie mistake the three older hunters had made.

As darkness encroached his vision Dean could only watch, his body unresponsive to his pleas, as the Red Cap turned away from him, picked up it's pike and focused it's attention back on it's one true goal, Sam. Dean tried to get his wobbly limbs to coordinate, tried even harder to ward of the darkness, as he watched the Red Cap raise the weapon before thrusting it at Sam's chest, the point aiming for his heart. Dean stared amazed as the point stopped on it's downward thrust, suspended in air almost as though there was some kind of invisible barrier there. As he watched the blood begin to pour from Sam's nose and mouth this time, he finally figured out what was happening. Sam was using his powers. Knowing how weak his brother was, and how much using them took out of him, Dean forced his own hurting body to move.

Slowly he began to pull himself up on the range, losing focus and falling back down again as he heard Sam gasp out and watched as the blade tore into his siblings clothing. He pushed himself all the harder, needing to help in any way. Sam was weakening, the blade getting closer and closer. Finally getting to his feet Dean used the walls to steady himself as he started to move closer, trying his best to hurry. A sharp cry of pain from Sam though told him that time was running out, that he would not make it in time. Looking Sam's way he watched as his brother's head rolled to the side, watched as his body stopped arching, watched as the blade began to penetrate his skin. Pushing off the wall, forgetting all about his own aches and pains, Dean rushed forward, a cry of "NO!" coming from him and echoing around the small room; as at the same time a brilliant burst of flame lit the small space. As the light dimmed all that remained was too unconscious Winchester's and a strong smell of burnt flesh.


Bobby and Joshua had rushed back to the cabin as soon as the flames had died down and they had tidied up. Knowing that the job was now finished they were both eager to pack up their things and the two Winchester's, and get the hell out of there. Opening the door they both baulked at the sight that greeted them. Lying on the floor was a bruised and battered Dean, Sam still lying on the cot but also bleeding again. As Bobby went to Sam this time, Josh went to Dean. After a quick glance and not liking what he saw Bobby spoke up.

"The damn bot messed up his stitches, he needs a hospital to fix it this time, he's probably lost a pint or two of blood as well. How's Dean?"

"He needs some stitches too, probably a concussion also, but I agree we should take them in to get them checked over."

"You know they're gonna be pissed when they wake and realize where they are?"

"Better pissed than dead! What do you think happened?"

"I don't know, and I'm not sure I wanna know. It's gone!"Bobby stole a quick glance at both boys, wishing that just for once they could catch a break. Looking back at Josh he asked. "How do ya wanna do this?"

Dean slept for two days after being admitted to hospital, all be it drug induced. Knowing the boy wouldn't rest, wouldn't care about his own injuries whilst Sam was so ill, Bobby had insisted on him receiving a sedative to which his doctor readily agreed once the circumstances were explained. Since wakening the previous day he had, true to form, spent every waking hour sat at Sam's bedside waiting for his younger brother to wake up. As the hours had steadily climbed, Dean frustration climbed also. He needed Sam to be awake, he needed to see for himself that he was okay; but Sam still slept on, his body recuperating and mending itself. In the end Dean had resorted to pleading, begging Sam to awaken, promising to listen to him in future.

It was during one of these begging sessions that Sam finally began to stir, his fingers and toes twitching, his eyes beginning to roll beneath their lids. Urging him on all the more Dean began talking random nonsense in an effort to get Sam to open his eyes.

"That's it little brother, that's it Sam, c'mon come back to me. I need you here, road tripping wont be the same without you. I'll even let you chose the music once in a while." If he wasn't listening so hard he might have missed the whispered response.

"You promise?"

"Hell yeah! On the next hunt you get to pick the music."

"Okay." Sam replied as for the first time in days he opened his eyes.

Dean watched nervously, looking for any sign that Sam was still angry with him. Sam's next words though reassuring him that that was not the case, that they would be fine, that as always they would mend and heal the wounds, both physical and verbal.


"Yeah Sammy, are you okay?"

"Yeah just tired, promise me something?"


"No more simple salt and burns."

A.N. . . . . . . . . I just want to say a huge thank you to Darksupernatural who read over this for me, and pushed me to get this one finished. Again I'm so sorry for the really huge gap between updates. I hope you all enjoyed it anyway? Catch you soon, Peanut x