Title: Kari Potter and the Hawkmon Mindgames
Series:Adventure 02
Characters: Hawkmon, Gatomon
Rating: G
Word count: 300
Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon and make no money with this.
Comment: Wrote this the night after finishing HP7 (read it on release day). Contains no HP7 spoilers (a sorta-kinda-hinted-at implied HP6 spoiler if you're strict, though), just a hilariously random idea. This isn't my best drabble, but it might give you a chuckle.

"Okay, I'm truly shocked to hear that Yolei tried to maim you and then kicked you out," Gatomon told Hawkmon, who was smoothing his feathers. "But I'm also happy since it means I got company today. Kari won't even let me into her room."

"Don't worry, it's okay," Hawkmon assured her. "Is she reading that last Harry Potter book that came out today, too?"

Gatomon sighed. "Yeah, and she's paranoid about spoilers."

"Aren't they all?" Hawkmon chuckled. "Well, rightfully so, considering that Hedwig ends up killing Dumbledore."

"Hedwig kills Dumbledore?" Gatomon echoed louder than she had intended. "Who's Hed-"

The door to Kari's room was suddenly kicked open. "WHAT?" an outraged Kari snapped. "WHAT PART OF 'NO SPOILERS' DIDN'T YOU-" She blinked. "Wait, she can't kill Dumbledore since he-... but... I mean... and Hedwig is on his side and... and she can't really kill... unless..." Kari's expression alternated between confusion, annoyance, and enlightenment every few seconds. "...unless she's actually an Animagus... but... no... maybe somebody switched her... although... I mean... ARGH!"

Seconds later, Gatomon was staring at the two Digimon-shaped holes she and Hawkmon had left in the apartment door.Tai shouldn't have given Kari soccer lessons, she thought. Then she gave Hawkmon a look and giggled. "...that was FUN!"

"Totally worth the brief burst of pain, wasn't it?" Hawkmon agreed. "It's so cute to see them reaching the point where they actually come up with possible explanations for something I just made up after looking at a list of characters!"

"You're horrible," the cat scolded him even as her grin widened. "Wanna head over to Davis's next?"

Hawkmon frowned. "One of the few guys with a stronger kick than Kari's?"

"Come on, he compensates by having the most dramatic emotional breakdowns!"

The bird smirked. "And you called me horrible..."