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AN - This is the sequel to 'To You I Belong'. As the sequel, it's naturally going to be unable to measure up to the first one - or so i think, i dont really know, having only written one chapter. so please review - tell me whats missing, what you think should happen, etc. There's a bit of fluff and suggestiveness in this but i think i steered clear of obviousness... kinda.

Chapter 1 - Changes

"It's just, I'm here. I'm actually here with you in the Tardis, going to Cardiff to see Jack and refuel. Honestly, it's just… brilliant"

"Brilliant" the doctor concurred.

Holding hands, the pair of them wandered around the Tardis controls, til Rose flopped down on the jump seat, pulling the doctor down roughly to sit beside her, yanking a bit too hard on his fingers in the process.

"Oi! Careful how you treat me Rose Tyler, damage these babies," he wiggled his fingers, "and you're stuck in the vortex. Let's see you fly the Tardis out of that!"

"You know what, one day I might take you up on that" Rose said, a look of complete determination on her face, "I've seen you do it a million times, bet it's simple as". She got up, ready to test her theory, cracking her knuckles expertly before the doctor grabbed her round the middle, his hand meeting on her stomach, and pulled her back to sit on his lap.

"I don't think so! That's my Tardis you're about to abuse. Poor thing doesn't stand a chance against you, where's your sense of compassion?"

"With my sense of direction and my ability to stay awake", she yawned widely. "Do you mind if I have a nap before we head off to Cardiff and battle whatever's waiting for us there".

"Oh come on, Jack's not that bad"

"Ha ha doctor, very funny. Seriously, though, I need a rest. I'm still a bit dizzy… though I don't think concussion is entirely to blame", she grinned mischievously. The Doctor felt a strange swooping sensation in the pit of his stomach, and blushed slightly.

"Well, better get you off to bed then. Can't save the universe with a dozy Rose, hey that rhymes, dozy Rosy" he said, looking genuinely pleased with himself.

"Call me Rosy again and I'll knock your block off, yeah?" she smiled.

"Um, Doctor?"

"Yes Rose?"

"Which way is it to my bedroom again? I," she gestured to her bandaged head.

"Oh, right. Well it's down the hall first left, second right, end of the passage. But if you can't remember that maybe you should sleep in the infirmary tonight."

"Nah, it's too sterile, I'd never get to sleep"

"Well, I'm going to have to monitor you somehow Rose, otherwise you might fall asleep and never wake up again" he looked genuinely concerned by this possibility.

"If you insist. Where do you want me?"

Up against the wall, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the floor.

"My bedroom. Double bed. So I can, err, monitor you", he finished awkwardly, trying to erase all of what he had just been thinking from his mind. He could not afford to let his mind wander like that, especially when their … relationship was so … changed. He didn't want to lose Rose as a friend, this was crucial. He wanted to take things slowly, he was a Time Lord after all, he had a lot of time.

"Okay, I'll just get changed" and Rose wandered off down the corridor to get into her pyjamas, leaving the doctor rooted to the spot with fear at the prospect of spending the night in the same bed as Rose Tyler.

What to wear? Rose had considered this less than an hour ago when she and the doctor had visited the Rosette Nebula, but it seemed more important now that he had said it. She had thought that after he admitted that he loved her, she wouldn't feel the need to impress him and yet the knowledge that she would be spending the night in his bed only made her feel more self conscious and more like she wanted to please him. With this in mind, she carefully selected a black silk slip that she had picked up in a bazaar on a far off planet. It had a few lacy bits but reached just above her knees and covered all the parts that needed covering. Not that she really wanted to cover them. After all, they did love each other. But oh well, baby steps she thought to herself, baby steps. Wrapping her pink dressing gown made out of towel material around her, she closed her door behind her, in search of the doctor's room.

Five minutes later she found it - she hadn't expected it to be so close to her own room (having never seen him actually go to sleep before - and had therefore searched the far reaches of the ship first.

"Your rooms been here all this time?"

The doctor spun around to see a magnificent Rose standing in his doorway, admiring the cavernous room with deep blue walls that seemed to shimmer as though wet.

"Well, yeah, if you can call it a bedroom. Don't do a lot of sleeping do I?" he grinned, amazed that he had been able to maintain his composure when in the presence of such a breathtaking vision.

"Wow, this room is amazing. The walls look like they're made of water. But it doesn't look much like a bedroom - what's all this stuff?", she gestured to the random mechanical objects scattered on the floor.

"I get bored" he replied simply.

"Oh, that explains it" Rose replied, trying to put off the actual getting into the bed part of things. Unfortunately for her, the doctor had not forgotten the reason that they were standing in his bedroom, of all places.

"Rose, didn't you say you were sleepy?"

"Well, yeah, but I mean, I don't want to kick you out of your own room. Doesn't seem fair, really. I'll just go back-"

"Rose Tyler you will do no such thing. Get into bed, Doctor's orders"

"But where are you gonna go?"

"Rose, look at this bed, do you seriously think it's not big enough for the both of us?"

"Well, no, but-"

"Then just get in. Get in get in get in!"

"Fine, I'm getting in". Surprised at the coolness of the dark blue sheets, Rose curled up into a ball, bringing her legs to her chest. She felt the bed sag slightly as the doctor sat down on his edge of the bed. She turned to look at him.

"Are you going to wear that to bed?" she queried, eying his suit with a look somewhat resembling exasperation.

"Well, I'm not going to sleep, so yes. Are you cold?"

"A bit, yeah"

"Come here", the words were out of his mouth before he could stop them. Too late. He resigned himself to the fact that he couldn't avoid Rose forever, and wriggled under the covers so that he and Rose were right next to one another. She rolled over to look at him, a tired smile on her soft features.

"Some day, huh?"

"Come here" he repeated, before he drew her into a soft and warming hug. Her body relaxed against his and soon she was asleep in her arms. The doctor happily noted that Rose was still wearing his ring, and with that thought he drifted off to sleep.