Hello... We're going to be taking a break, and writing a series of one shots... Lemony one shots. This story will be one shots. I will write a lemon for each couple... plus some. This first chapter, will be Sam and Emily.


I breathed in deeply, smelling the food before I got to my house. I ran into the woods and calmed myself.

You must phase back... Calm down... phase back... calm down... phase...

Eventually I felt the familiar pull on my spine, I was phasing back.

I walked out of the woods. I was just wearing a pair of light wash jeans that had weathered a few storms.

Emily... She was making something for dinner... It smelled wonderful, but my pack weren't there...

I stepped up the steps, and pulled on the door handle. Opening the door. "Emily?" I called her name softly, lovingly.

She walked around the corner, and my breath caught in my throat. Her hair was hanging loosely down her back, and her jeans fit her like a glove. The sweater she was wearing was green, bringing out the brilliance of her green eyes. I ran forward, and scooped her into my arms.

"Hello..." She chuckled quietly. It was her musical, beautiful chuckle.

I looked into her eyes, and I saw she was concerned, so I kissed her.

My lips met hers in a flurry of passion... Her hands were stroking up my chest, then around, up and down my back... but she wasn't stroking me because she was... happy... She was concerned, and this was ritual.

The first time I kissed her, every time I got home. She would check me. For bumps, and scratches, bruises and marks... I loved her for it.

I never thought I would imprint on Emily... Never.

Yes, she was amazing, and gorgeous, and loving... but I loved Leah. When, I couldn't tell Leah about... this, I knew... We weren't meant to be. But I didn't tell her... I feared breaking her heart... but then Emily came.

I was walking along the beach, when I'd first seen her. She was walking a small puppy, and the dog fascinated me at the time... it was a reminder now... But I'd caught up with her, and felt something magical happen.. I could tell what she felt, and how she was doing, I was in tune to her, and it scared me at first. But then my wall had gone down. I invited her home, and had sat and talked to her for hours. Telling her everything, and touching her... her hands and legs. She'd been scared at first, but eventually, she saw what had happened.

That night was the first time I'd ever truly made love. I never wanted to touch anybody the way I'd touched Emily.

She rested her head on my shoulder. "I thought you were hurt..." I could feel her tears soaking my russet skin. Listening to her, I stroked her hair.

"No." I whispered. "No. No. I'm okay..."

She nodded, and wiped the tears away. "Okay." She wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed.

Her version of a hug. I smiled, and brought her back to the kitchen. "What were you making?" I asked.

She smiled. "Your favorite."

I kissed her neck, and wrapped my arms around her waist. "Whats that?" I whispered. I was kissing and lightly sucking on the skin at the base of her neck.

"Um..." Emily sighed. She was trying to squirm out of my arms. "I can't think when you do that.."

"I know." Last night I wasn't here.

I was... a little frisky.

I missed seeing all her skin exposed to me, I missed tasting her on myself... "Emily..." I sighed into her hair.


"I love you." I murmured.

She turned around. Her eyebrows were cocked and her hands were on my chest. "I love you too."

Her hands were sliding lower, and lower. Emily slipped her hands under the waist band of my jeans, she was rubbing her hand against my erection.

I grabbed her, and hustled us to the bedroom. The blinds were open in the kitchen.

"Emily..." My voice was husky as she slipped off my jeans. Now her hands were pumping me, she was going at different speeds, timing my release. She caught my eyes, and lowered her mouth onto my erection. She sucked, and bit lightly.

I growled as I released into her mouth. She drank me greedily, moaning, making me harder. Again.

I pulled Emily under me, grinning wickedly as I lowered my mouth onto her breasts. I started with her right one, the one I nearly marred with my claw. I kissed the scars. "I'm so sorry..." I mumbled into her copper skin.

"I love you." I didn't get any other response.

I licked her breasts hungrily. I wanted her, and I wanted her now.

She slipped out of her jeans, and was thrusting her pelvis. Grinding slowly against me. I kissed down her stomach, and over her dark curls. She moaned.

"Emily." I put my hands on the upper part of her thighs, my thumbs were rubbing soothing circles. I spread her legs, slowly.

Emily moaned, I was sure all of La Push heard it. "Sh.." I blew on her clit, and Emily nearly arched off the bed.

I licked her clit, while I let my finger enter her. My animal urges were proving right. I nibbled on her. "Oh.."

She moaned and orgasmed. I put my mouth to her opening, licking her clean.

"Sam... I want you.." She clawed at my back as I entered her.

I pumped fast, rocking the bed with the force of it. Emily moaned my name, and we orgasmed at the same time.

I laid my head over her throbbing pelvis. I was stroking her clit absentmindedly.

"What about dinner?" She panted as I slipped a finger inside her.

"I'm not hungry."

"Oh!" Emily purred as I slipped another finger into her.

"I'm not hungry..." I breathed on her clit, then I licked her. "for dinner..."

This was the first one... I hope you all liked it. I wanted to show the level of devotion Sam has for Emily.