Heres another 'guess' one. You have to guess who the couple is.

This is a few years after Twilight, and the Cullens are in England... I like England.


Her lips puckered into a rosebud shape, her breath gently whooshing out. The candle in her hand immediately blew out. "This wedding was so..." she spun around on the spot, letting her delicate black dress fan out around her ankles. "It was lovely."

I nodded, grabbing her. "Yes, it was." Her hand is small in mine, and for the first time, I realize what song is playing from the invisible speakers. Of course we can see them, but even as we're all vampires we enjoy the illusion.

Her dark eyes looked up at me. Her lips curling into a smile. She hums an octave higher than the song. Our song. "L is for the way you look at me... O is for the only one I see... V is very, very extraordinary. E is even more than any one that you adore can love..." Her eyes flicker shyly to me. "Dance with me?"

Her hands are around my neck before I can wrap my hands around her petite waist. The hair falling in my eyes is a warm honey in the half candle lighting. Her hair is an inky shade of some dark form of enchantment. Its like magic. "Have I ever turned down that invitation?" I whisper in her ear. She shudders.


I know what hes doing, almost instantly. "No, you haven't." I whisper back. Hes so much taller than me. His hands are so much bigger than mine. He fits against me though. Despite the coldness of our body temperature, we're warm and comfortable. "You look amazing."

He smiles, something secret and so personal about that smile. "You look like... heaven."

I shake my head at him, gently kissing his cheek. Its cold when I rest my cheek against his. "Hm..."

"I was not anything, before I met you. You made the darkest corners of my heart, seem to be filled with light. I don't know what I will do without you; I haven't had to find out. I love you so much that every time I see you, my heart swells into an impossible size. My heart doesn't beat, but when I'm with you... Its seems to be beating out a jagged rhythm that I know your's does too. I guess what I'm saying is, thanks. For everything. My little angel, my lover, my best friend. Thank you." His wedding vows, whispered under the canopy of night in my ear .

I turn towards him. "I knew who you were before you knew who you were. I loved you before I knew if I would ever actually see you... not just some figment of my over active mind." He chuckled in a smooth bass tone. "My heart seems to sing near you. I love that secret smile you reserve for me only." He flashed me that smile. "I know that every time I see you, I'll be safe. Happy, even. I look at my sisters and wish they knew that same thing. You are my saving grace, my lover, my best friend. Music to my ever dormant heart. Thank you."


Her wedding vows were almost silent in my ear. I turned to look at her; she was already gazing at me. I'm sure my eyes flashed a light topaz. "I will always love you. Eternally." The conviction in my voice was strong.

Her fingers fished into the black collar of my shirt, pulling out the chain that had our wedding bands. Her delicate fingers unclasped my wedding band, and grabbed my hand. "I will always love you." She repeated, then she slid the wedding band on.

"I will always love you." I murmured into her hair. Then I slid her wedding band on.

Her hand was inside of mine when we walked away towards the river. "Come here." I chided her. We spent the night talking on the banks of the Tamar River.

We talked about nothing and everything. At about three o' clock, she leaned over me. Her lips gently pressed against mine, her fingers in my blond hair. "Happy Birthday."