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We were at it again. Laying on the bed, my arms draped around his neck and staring into his eyes. It wasn't a game. It was a competition--who would blink first? Though, I don't believe Edward needs to blink.

He shifts closer to me, drags a finger along my collarbone, daring me to blink. Instead, I sigh and move my face just a bit closer to his. His eyes open wider and a smile appears on his lips. I smirk back, hoping to win at least one of these competitions today.

I move my hand to his shoulder and gently trace his arm with one of my fingers. I can see his eyes slightly close, but then pop back open. Not a blink yet, but definitely a low, playful growl comes from his throat.

I sigh, knowing that I should never get myself into these competitions, but I.m always the one that starts them.

He shifts closer, again, and this time I can feel his legs touching mine. I feel my eyes widen at his boldness and give little chuckle, almost making him believe he has won. Instead, I take my foot and rub his leg gently, making sure to poke him with my big toe.

Again, his eyes slightly close and soft sigh comes from him. I can see him fighting to keep his eyes open and I suddenly smile, knowing I have won. And that.s when he notices. His eyes fly back open, his mouth now set in a thin line.


I hold my smile, seeing his self control deteriorate under the motions of my foot on his leg. And then he smiles, his eyes light up, and a finger grazes my chest, ever so softly.

I gasp as he traces a line from my heart back to my neck. He's winning now, I can feel it. My eyes appear to closing of their own free will and I can barely make out his face anymore. His smile becomes more prominent on his face, his eyes show humor, and another chuckle comes from his lips.

My eyes are deceiving me and I force them back open to where I can make out his face again. His smile falters and I move my face closer, and I can now see his beautiful eyelashes.

"Edward, are you wearing mascara?"

He laughs, knowing I've tried this before. I lost that one. The look on his face was priceless-I laughed and then closed my eyes. I promised myself not to laugh the next time I tried something like that. Of course, every time I make a comment similar to that, his face contorts and I can't help but laugh. I really should stop or I will lose this one.

I shift my eyes away from his lashes and look into his. I notice humor, wondering what he is thinking. My eyes widen, then soften, coming up with a plan.

Slowly, I shift my face and move my mouth closer to his, making to sure to keep my eyes fixed his.

"Bella, you know kissing isn't allowed. It's an automatic disqualification."

I nod my head, knowing full well what happened last time. I lost that one, thinking he would close his eyes first.

And that's when I do it. A nice wet one, right on his jaw bone, while staring into his eyes. I let it linger for a few seconds and I notice his face becoming slightly disgusted, his eyes wider and set in disbelief.

"Bella, did you just...?"

I stare at him, holding my face into a smirk, daring him to say more.

"Did I just what, Edward?"

I do it again, thinking maybe his resolve will fold, his eyes will close and I might win one of many.

He smiles, showing white teeth. I can feel my face fall, knowing I am going to lose this one.

And then he does it and I can't help but close my eyes, fully aware that I have lost.

Hearing his laughter, I am disappointed.

I've lost to a lick on my nose.