'I've known her all my life. We would only play with each other, not Petunia, not muggle children. But it's all changed. I don't know why I feel like this, but I'm not sure I should.' At the age of nine months, James Potter's dying mother asked Anna Evans to care for her son, in return giving her powers to Lily. Under the belief that Lily is his blood sibling, James worries when his feelings for Lily are more than brotherly.

Overstepping Boundaries


A knock. Anna Evans stood and walked over to the front door. Her oldest daughter, Petunia, crawled after her. David, her husband, watched her go to the door. She opened it, expecting carol singers. There was a woman dressed in a black cloak standing in the porch.

"Hi," Anna said. Petunia let out a whimper behind her mother.

The woman looked up. She had a kind face, lined with wrinkles. "Hi, I'm Megan Potter," she whispered.

"Anna Evans."

"This is my son, James Potter." The woman said holding out a small bundle.

"He's lovely," Anna said.

"I need you take him and raise him as your own child. I will not live much longer and my husband has been murdered already. Please raise my boy, it's the least he deserves." She passed the baby over.

"Anna, Lily just woke," David interrupted, bringing their eleven month old daughter to the door.

"You have a beautiful daughter, Mrs Evans," Megan said. "Mrs Evans, I am a witch, I may choose to give my powers to another now and I will have longer until the murderers find me. I may pass my powers to your daughter. My son shall be a wizard also and they will both be able to use their powers to protect their family."

Anna nodded, holding the sleeping James to her chest. "You may do it."

"Our mansion is left to our son. We have great wealth in the wizarding world. They will live well and own all our gold once they are old enough to inherit. I leave you with this letter; it is to the greatest man in our world. He shall find you and tell you more of my situation."

Both Anna and David nodded softly, too shocked for words.

"Raise him well," Meg said, "goodbye, my son." She reached out to kiss James' forehead. There was a blue flash of light and she was gone. The two adult Evanses glanced at the baby in front of them. Unsure of what had just happened. They both knew that their lives would never be the same again.

Short, I know! This is only the opening. Other chapters will be long.

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