I'm determined to finish this!

But looking back on it, there's just so much I would do differently? :V

When I first set a date for myself to tackle this again, I kept thinking 'oh, I want to finish this, but it's so terrible! I have no skill!'

Which is nonsense and I see that now that I've ACTUALLY FINISHED AN ENTIRE NEW STORY FOR ANOTHER FANDOM, but yeah, hindsight is 20/20.

I'll give it another crack, now that I've proven to myself I can finish something let alone this monster of a story. But I'm only going to post more after I finish the whole story! That way if you guys see a new chapter, you'll know it's done.

I always kind of feel ashamed that I never succeeded in updating all these years. However, as it stands the amount of work I'll have to do in order to remake this into a passion project I can really invest myself is a little overwhelming? So maybe it's not that surprising.

But whatever, this is reassurance that I have not, nor will I ever, forget about this story and THERE IS A POINT TO ALL THIS I JUST have to actually write out everything in my head…after I rewrite everything to be more in-character…

I have ADHD, can you tell? Yeah, you can tell. But I am also very stubborn, so please bear with me and thank you for the well-wishes and support thus far.