By Chance Or Changing Course

I'm continuing it, don't worry.

I don't even know what to say guys, you sent me so many lovely reviews and I'm really, REALLY touched that people still like this story so much after such a long time. I got so excited I marathoned FMA:Brotherhood within the span of a week and went to see the only theatre playing Star of Milos halfway across my city...but, of course, before and after that brief period of actually writing (I SWEAR, I HAVE STARTED WRITING IT) I seemed to get sick for long periods of time on three seperate occasions, culminating in the fact I've currently lost my voice.

I'm swamped under college and stuff, but rest assured, it WILL come out before SOPA, PIPA, ACTA or C-11 (A canadian bill) potentially makes fanfiction a dodgy thing to read/write. Give me TWO WEEKS, and I will be pretty much completely free to work on it! In the meantime I'll try to focus on it as well of course, but school and health come first. This story will return with an update and all the chapters revised accordingly.

Thank you so much! Every review and PM (and I do mean EVERY) gave me a much needed kick in the pants to get started again :)