Ok, this is another Christmas fan fic. It's basically a lot of fluff and family fun. Please tell me what you think about it!


Bella POV

Here it is 2 days before Christmas and the Cullen's are all going crazy. I mean Alice is just going insane with Christmas songs, Rosalie's always trying to find presents from her to the family, Emmett is well he's Emmett. Emmett keeps trying to find his gifts and is very happy for "Santa Claus" to come. I think it's scary considering his age, but oh well. Esme is baking cookies and Carlisle is prancing around laughing at everything. For Edward and I, well we are the only normal ones. Edward is his usual overprotective, happy self and I am the same old human.

"Hey guys, SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN IN 2 DAYS!!!" Emmett screamed in the room.

"You would think he knows about the whole Santa thing considering he is almost a hundred years old," I whispered to Edward.

"He still believes... we just go along with it, so do the same!"

"We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!" Alice sang while jumping in the room.

"For the love of Carlisle, would you please quit that Alice. It's really annoying and not to mention we have heard those songs 500 times already!" Edward and I both screamed at her.

"Did Mr. and Mrs. Grumpy pant's wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? Gosh, you two are such holiday haters."

"Um, number one he can't sleep, number 2, I actually love Christmas and have loved it for about 10 years now." I said using Alice's cheery tone.

She just stomped out of the room singing some random songs. I turned to Edward and asked what else they do besides putting up the tree and lights. We really don't want to relive Edward's light extravaganza so I was very cautious not to bring that up.(AN: Read my other story Edward and Christmas Lights don't mix to find out why they don't want to relive it!)

"Well, we put up the tree, talk about previous Christmas', and do the rest of the traditional stuff besides eat." He said flashing that crooked smile that makes my heart stop.

We just laid there in each other's arms until Alice came bouncing in about an hour later.

"Ok time to put the tree up. We are a little late this year, but that's because none of us felt like doing it. If you two want to help, you better get you lazy butt's moving." Alice said laughing.

We went downstairs and sat on the chair. In less than 5 minutes here comes all of them carrying boxes. We unpacked the boxes and by the time we got done, the whole living room was filled.

At that we started with the tree. Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, and Jasper all left to pick out a tree while we all sorted out the decorations and started putting them around the living room. We were done with that before they got home.

When they got home, we started putting the tree up. It was really fun to do and then the decoration time came. Emmett, being Emmett, attempted to put up a glass decoration and it shattered in half. I think he was holding it too hard. After we finished that all of the Cullen's walked away. We were left alone in the living room. All of a sudden I see myself being moved.

"What was that for?" I asked Edward cautiously.

"Nothing, I just wanted to walk over here for a second. I have an ornament for you to put on." With that he pulled out an ornament that had a picture of him and I sticking our tongue's out and laughing. That was the funniest picture.

"Aw thanks!" I said as I put it on the tree.

"No problem, now lets go up to our room."

We started walking through the living room when all of a sudden Edward stopped and snickered.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing love, just look up!" I looked up and right above us was mistletoe. I then got what he meant.

"We have to do it, it's part of the tradition," Edward said smirking. He and I both know we have no problem with kissing anyways and now we have a reason to.

He leaned in and put his cold lips to my warm ones. The kiss didn't last very long and when he pulled away I had to remember to breath. Dang vampire and his dang skills.

"Aww how cute you two!!" Emmett screamed as Rosalie hit him while screaming stuff along the lines of nice going Em, ruin the moment.

I looked behind them to see the whole family staring at us. Alice was smirking, Jasper looked ready to pounce on Alice(probably from our emotions), Rosalie smiled, Emmett looked hurt that Rose hit him, Carlisle looked as though he was trying to get the family to let us have privacy, and Esme had a huge smile on her face. As soon as I saw them, I blushed bright red.

"We are sorry honey, we didn't mean to ruin that," Esme said while looking at Emmett.

"Hey, it was not my fault. It isn't my fault that Edward is sexually repressed!" Emmett screamed towards Edward. Edward looked ready to kill him.

"Yes, you two need to do something and soon. The emotion's I was getting from you just proved that." Jasper added making Edward madder.

"Edward, honey, it's ok. Let's just go up to your room and ignore them. Please don't do this right now. It's the holidays!" I said trying to lighten Edward up and it worked.

We walked up to his room and we sat there talking for about an hour. Then he leaned in and kissed me again, this time a little harder. I didn't want it to stop, but before long he stopped.

"I love you Bella and never ever forget that!" He said smiling that crooked smile that makes my heart melt.

"I love you too Edward and you better never forget that because if you do I will make you remember!" I said laughing at his expression. It was pure fear.

"I am kidding, you know that."

"Yea I know..." He trailed off as he pressed his lips back to mine.

I put my head on his chest and we sat like that for god knows how long until Alice barged into the room.

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