Flawless Mask

Chapter 1: Prologue

Konoha was one of the most beautiful cities in the whole country. The city was inhabited by rich people, and the whole place seemed to be flawless and perfect. The houses were bigger and grander, the dark viridian grass was always lush and manicured, and the flowers were more beautiful and smelled sweeter. The schools usually had students that were loaded with money. It was hard to stand out in the midst of this perfect world. But somehow, Sakura and her friends did.

Sakura was the leader of the most popular clique in Konoha High. She had layered pink hair that framed her pale heart shaped face perfectly. Her eyes were jaded emerald orbs, and her lips were full and rosy. She was every guy's dream. She got straight A's, always landed on the lead roles in musicals, and she was a gorgeous girl to top it off. She had her own band, which she was the lead singer in. She and her clique wore best designer clothes in the whole school. She had them all. Her father was a rich president of a company, and her mother was a former actress. She was envied by all the girls in her school, who wished they could be like her. The boys were attached to her, like bees to honey. She was sweet, but she was no joke when she was mad.

Tenten was one of Sakura's BFFs. She too, was also pretty, with her dark, glossy brown hair and light hazelnut eyes. She was the star athlete of the school and like Sakura, she had good grades. Boys hounded her as much as Sakura. Always fearless, when someone dissed either her or the clique, she was the one who made them shut up. She was the strength of the group.

Hinata was the quietest and gentlest. Her silky midnight hair and light lavender eyes made her alluring. She once was one of the geeky kids, that everyone made fun of, but when Sakura helped her to open her shell, she blossomed. She was a model student, and she had an amazing voice. Her father was a rich businessman, and her mother was the CEO of their company. Her cousin was one of the popular boys, Neji Hyuuga. He would beat anyone up who would hurt Hinata. He was like her brother, that she always looked up to.

Ino was best friends with Sakura ever since they were little. She was very beautiful, with white blonde hair and ice blue eyes. She and Sakura were the ones who started the clique. She was fun and talkative, and she was always cheerful and vivacious. She was the one who everyone went when they broke up with their boyfriends, or when they need advice on anything else. She was the group's sunshine, who cheered everyone up when they were moody or depressed.

In Konoha High, there was also a group of rich, handsome boys that had their own fanclubs. They were popular and the girls hounded them. They were the Kings of the school.

Sasuke Uchiha was the leader of the group. His rebellious, raven hair and his beautiful obsidian eyes made all the girls swoon or faint. He was usually cold and emotionless, and the only people he was closest to was his best friends. His father neglected him, paying only attention to his eldest son, Itachi, who was going to inherit the Uchiha Company. His mother was usually in some other place in the world, for she was a famous model. He was a straight A student, he was the star basketball player, and he was the lead singer of his band. Almost every girl who saw him fell in love with his good looks. He was known for his many girlfriends that he broke up with a week later.

Naruto was Sasuke's best friend. His father was the Fourth Hokage, and his mother was the daughter of a famous lord in Suna. He had blond hair and cerulean blue eyes. He was hyper and always enthusiastic. He knew Sasuke the best. Other than a best friend, he was also like a second brother to Sasuke. They normally had good quarrels and fights, but they never held a grudge against each other.

Shikamaru Nara was the son of a famous record producer. He had brown hair that was held up in a high ponytail, and he had piercing, dark eyes. He was the group's strategist, and the school genius. He was known for his lazy personality, but his sharp mind of an IQ of 200 made him gifted. He was even smarter than some of the teachers in Konoha High. He was the one who hacked into the school computers when the group needed it for their schemes.

Neji was part of the popular clique. He had long, chocolate hair, and light lavender eyes. He was very good looking, so he had mobs of fangirls who chased after him between breaks and classes. He got straight A's, and he was talented at acting and singing. He was adopted by Hinata's father when his parents died in a car accident. Ever since then, he had a personality similar to Sasuke's. He always kept his cool, no matter what the circumstances were. He hardly ever smiled or laughed.

These two groups were the rulers of the whole school. They were the ones that were the center of attention, and always invited to cool parties. And yet, they hardly talked to each other. They often competed against each other when it came to popularity. No one knew that something was starting between them. So everything changed, right after that summer...