I just reread my whole story, and I think my writing then was really stupid and messed up. Just to clear the mess up, I decided to rewrite most of the chapters.

I won't delete this story, but I'll upload the edited version of this story separately. Watch out for it!

Here are the things I might or will change:

1. The play (change it to something else)

2. The intro/prologue (make it a different format)

3. Some of the fluffs (instead, I'll try to put more of the other pairings in)

4. The bet (I'm making sure it goes into action, not like before!)

5. The contest (I'm definitely going to change that)

6. Other stuff that I haven't thought of yet.

I know I'm a HUGE perfectionist, but that's who I am! I have to make everything perfect! Don't worry, the main plot, the nightmare, and the past flashes won't change, just the parts that need cleaning up.

I hope any of you aren't mad at me right now! But the story in this state seems so...BLAH. Please understand this, ppl! I promise I won't do anything too drastic on it!


(P.S When I'm finally finished the edited version, I'll delete the original one for good.)