My True Love Given To Me

I. Christmas 1965 - Dance

When you have spent the last twelve months denying (to yourself and everyone else) that you fancy the tall, kind, red-headed boy in the year above, being confronted by reality at the Yule Ball is hard. Being confronted by reality in the shape of said boy dancing with your best friend is harder still.

"D'you want to dance, Moll?" Fabian had always been the gentleman of the family. Gideon, of course, was already dancing with the best-looking girl in his year. It would never occur to him to act the gentleman; certainly not towards his older sister.

Molly sighed as she let Fabian lead her onto the dance floor. Dancing with her kid brother while Arthur Weasley danced with Monica Springer was not what she wanted. But she'd never realised it until now.